Thursday, May 1, 2014

Start of term is HERE.

Ahh the morning of the 1st day of term. Crisp new classes to read, OWL proposals to deliver, Order of the Phoenix prompts to read. There is just so much to do is makes one just giddy with excitement.

Today is the 1st day of term, so don't forget if you want that shiny WIP the 1st badge you got to get your Detention in today. You can turn in detention any day of the month for the 10 points but if you want the shiny you got to turn in on the 1st.

There a bunch of things opening today to look, and a lot to keep up with. First day of term is really hectic and you can feel like you are losing your marbles trying to keep up. If you need help figuring out a class idea, don't forget about the Knight Bus Thread.

Remember keep an eye on the Announcements thread in the Seventh Floor for any big news. The Common Room is a lot to deal with, so much going on at once can be hard to keep up with. Prides listings are due out soon and we can settle in to smaller easier to manage groups.

Hope you have an awesome first day and here is to an Amazing Term


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