Sunday, August 1, 2010

End of Term last CRR pgs 579-590

So it's the end of term and my job is done... this is the last CRR of the term. So grab your courage badges and wear them with pride.  I've smallified them for you to use as ravatars.

so lets get to it.
NaturallyKnitty finished her 2nd OWL. Darahmartin got some lovely stuff in the mail! Knicknacks finished her potions. Derricksdoll is crafting like a mad woman and turning out wonderful things! Frick visited a new LYS and some roving followed her home. (guess who' jealous) Trubie's growing into a little man sooo cute after his first haircut! Mindysue rocks the scarlet with a crazy month. Good job to you and everyone who's earned a badge! Check out the hat Derricksdoll made on the cute little baby!
ok and that brings you to Aug 1st.
Good Job Gryffindor! you guys ROAR!