Monday, January 25, 2010

The Curious Case of Curieuse

Ok, so the title is cheesy...but I bet you laughed anyway!
So here we are again for another Gryffindor interview, this time we're with Curieuse, another first year. She's another person that if you don't know who she is you haven't been in the Common Room. Here's just a few funny quotes from this girl:
"If the world of Star Wars had sheep, they would look like this"
"::fist shake:: Darned hooligans!"
"Wow. Tell her the yarn is clothes-to-be."
"D’awww look at the biddy biddy lumpkinn~
It reminds me of watching the sheep when I was little."
Now on to our main attraction:

What crafts do you do?

Ahah, it’ probably easier to ask what crafts I don’t do. I knit, crochet, spin, sew, and dye a little in the fibrey/textile section of the craft world. In the “art” section of crafts I paint, sketch, and write. I also use a whole whack of other mediums which makes my room a craft supply stockpile.

Do you have any other talents?
Depends on what you consider a talent! I have a knack for imagery, analogies and other such literary devices and one of my talents include poetry. I also have a knack for languages, and I speak four (though only two fluently).

Any other major interests?
Everything. No, really. I love learning about anything. I’ll usually find something to go on a kick learning about. Recent kicks include deep sea fish, psychology, anthropology and sheep.

What’s you fave HP Character?
I do love Dumbledore very much as a character. I think I relate to his random knowledge of things, his odd little quirks and just in general how peculiar he is. Ron is a close second though.

What’s your fave potter moment from either the books or movies?
“Alas, earwax.”
Gets me every time.

What’s your fave potter item/spell?
Hmm…my favorite item would naturally be the wands. It’s quite fascinating how each wood and core has certain purposes and qualities and I wonder if that’s rooted in the folklore of the countries in which they are found.

My favorite spell though… it would have to be either mobiliarbus, because I am lazy, or avifors because that would be just plain amusing, wouldn’t it?

What’s your fave HPKCHC class?
I don’t think I’ve really done enough classes to say which one would be my favorite, but potions, arithmancy and divination look like they are pretty compatible with my tastes.

How long did you stalk the Cup before being Sorted?
I’m not sure, but I think it would be maybe two weeks or so. I didn’t lounge about in the NQFY common room though, that’s for sure!

Have you applied for an OWL, if so in what and how’s it going?
I’m currently attempting to do a Potions OWL, but I’m not sure if my current muggle exam schedule will allow for it.

What’s your fave thing about the Cup so far?
I like the classes the most, though I don’t have that much time to do them. It gives me incentive to do projects I maybe wouldn’t do without them. It also gives me the opportunity to give my creative writing skills some use.

What’s your fave project of yours?
I would have to say my Pimping Nutkins. Sparkly, cute socks! My first ever “real” pair (read: the first pair that properly fit a human)

What’s your fave yarn or fiber type?
I love all fibres and yarns…excluding mohair. I had a run in with Kidsilk Haze. I do have a lot of merino and bluefaced leicester in my stash though.

Anything special you’d like the people to know?
I’m foreign, and I sometimes have an accent if I’m really nervous. I’m not ticklish unless I want to be. I was born on February 20th, which makes me a Pisces. Oh and apparently most of my friends greet me by petting me on the head or patting me on the belly. I have no idea why.

Who do you recommend for the next interview?
Starknits! She’s always taking the common room by storm ;D

With any luck I'll get her traveling scarf done before I interview her...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who's that posting in the Common Room so much?

Our next victim, um I mean interviewee, is CherrySprinkle, she's a first year and if you don't know who she is then you haven't been in the Common Room all term. This girl maybe single handedly responsible for us having more posts than Slytherian this term. Well her's what's up with her when she's not burning up the boards.

What crafts do you do?
I knit, spin, crochet, quilt, and sew. I’d really love to get into scrap booking but that hasn’t happened yet. I also paint and do a little drawing from time to time. I have always loved art classes and in muggle school I started them at age 3. My family constantly supported my love of the arts and I decided to major in drawing and painting in my schooling. I took cartooning but I failed miserably on my finals because I lacked the humor in witting them but I aced the drawing aspect. I got my first computer at 14 and began learning digital painting. I think above all else, I just love to create things with my hands… whether its food, paintings, dresses, or working with fibers.. its a trade passed down from my mothers mother. She was a muggle but she created the most amazing wedding gowns and paintings I have ever seen.

Do you have any other talents?
I work in the muggle world as a photographer. I specialize in unique child portraiture. I started as out a doll photographer and then it evolved into working with real babies and children. I also love to bake. I am an expert fudge maker and people often ask me to make it for parties. I am also a pretty good Vegan cook and I am even a taste tester for an up-coming cookbook! I was also a dancer.. I took ballet, tap, jazz, Hawaiian, Tahitian, and belly dance.. I would have gone into teaching but I injured my knee & ankles and that put an end to my dancing career.

Any other major interests?(tv shows, books, wrestling monkeys?)
I don’t really have many tv shows that I find myself having to watch.. I enjoy Desperate Housewives and that is probably the only show I watch on a regular basis.. I enjoy Project Runway but I don’t watch it weekly. I really enjoyed reading the Twilight series (predictable right?) but I also love old Anne Rice, old Stephen King, and Tolkien. I really love art and photography and spend a great deal of my time admiring it. I also collect bento boxes… and I’m a huge hockey fan!

What’s you fave HP Character?
Without a doubt Fred & George. I don’t think I could choose one or the other. They both add so much to the movies and books that it just wouldn’t have been the same without them.. Second to them would be Luna.

What’s your fave potter moment from either the books or movies?
Man, that’s a tough one.. probably a cross between when Fred & George decide to leave Hogwarts but go out with a literal BANG! giving Umbridge something to remember.. or when Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville meet Luna on the carriage… or maybe any scene with Luna, how can you not love her?

What’s your fave potter item/spell?
Expecto Patronum! Who doesn’t love to see little glittery silver dancing animals filled with light running around the room?

What’s your fave HPKCHC class?
I would say its an even draw between Charms and Herbology. I have yet to participate in Herbology but from past years I can see that it’s going to be a wonderful class that fits right in with the leafy, flowery, vine plant type projects that I love to knit.

How long did you stalk the Cup before being Sorted?
Just a couple weeks but I spent a great deal of time in our common room even before being sorted. I was so excited making plans for things I wanted to knit first and for which classes. I was really excited to see the class projects posted.

Have you applied for an OWL, if so in what and how’s it going?
Oh, I absolutely applied for an OWL. I am relatively new to spinning, I just started in December. The fiber I am using for my OWL is my 3rd hand spun and first batt I’ve ever used. I knew immediately when I started spinning it that I wanted to make the Gail/Nightsongs shawl and that was my plan. I found that I needed another 1.2 batts to produce the yardage I would need to finish a full sized shawl so I plan to spin them along the way. So far its going very well. I have only had to rip back once and the yarn is holding up very nicely and producing a beautiful black and shimmery green variegated effect. Everyone said the charts for this shawl were challenging but I have found with the help of the uncharted version, I am able to grasp the pattern without a lot of trial and error. I did find that I had to go down 2 needle sizes to produce the type of fabric that I wanted.. but so far so good!

What’s your fave thing about the Cup so far?
Probably all of the people participating. I have found a lot of wonderful friends here in our common room and beyond and we all have similar interests and the encouragement everyone gives is just something I just haven’t found in other groups.

What’s your fave project of yours?
That would be my Russian Lace Scarf. I loved everything about it.. the yarn, the texture, the design.. I am sad to say that it has gone missing and seems doomed to forever be a WIP. I simply cannot bring myself to admit that it might be gone forever… I was always so very careful with it but someone who shall remain nameless ::cough-my-husband-cough:: cleaned out our closet while I was away for a weekend and moved my knitting bags and we both fear that he has thrown it out by mistake. I someday plan to knit it again, but right now my heart is still too heavy to even look at the pattern… it had my favorite pair of addi turbo lace needles attached as well.. My loving husband as offered to replace everything when I can bring myself to restart it.. but I just can’t yet. I have decided that if I find it once I start it again, that I will finish it and send it to live with my mother in law in Russia.

What’s your fave yarn or fiber type?
I really love to spin super wash merino batts mixed with a little firestar and angelina.. it spins up so soft and even. I would have to say my favorite yarn is angora. I love the soft fuzzy feel it has slipping through my fingers when I knit.

Anything special you’d like the people to know?
I love chocolate… my birthday is September 13th.. I am a Virgo.. I have double jointed thumbs… Mexican is my favorite food… and I have lost over 110lbs.. I am still dieting so that may be why I love knitted food. lol I love chocolate milk & rootbeer.. and butter beer actually is delicious.. and I am deeply attracted to anything rainbow colored, fairies, elves, and pixies.. Brian Froud is my favorite artist.. second to him would be Linda Bergkvist… I have a huge collection of Vegan cookbooks.. and I am currently in the process of redecorating my photography studio… that’s about all the random things I can think of at the moment someone might be interested in..

Who do you recommend for the next interview?
Curieuse, I think its quite fitting that you should follow me since we seem to do most of the talking in the common room.. so get your quills ready!

Well you heard her Curieuse, get ready!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gryffindor Owl-A-Long

Hello Fellow Gryffies! This term, we are doing an Owl-A-Long. All you have to do is make an owl themed project for a class (or your OWL), and post about it in the common room. You can also leave a comment on the blog here, and we'll offer advice, cheer you along and celebrate your awesome FO's!!

Let us know what class you turned it in for when you do, and we will all go oooh! and aaah! and show our Gryff support.

This KAL/CAL is in honor of Hedwig, one of the most noble Gryffs of all. So, be it owl cables, an owl sweater, an amigurumi owl, etc., show us your best representation of our feathered fellow fighter of you-know-who.

ETA: First one turned in: Vertigo1414 and her owl fingerless gloves!
And another: eyeamelise and her owly hat!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Oriocookie: the myth, the woman.

Well it's time to meet AngieJude's nomination for the next interview, Oriocookie! She's out HPKCHC Caretaker and a third year. She's also our Inspection Beater on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. So here's what she had to say.

Do you have any OWLS? what for?
I have 2 OWLs.
1. Arithmancy: I made 30 mini airplanes for a non-profit called PCI (Pilots for Christ). We were having our national convention and sold them for a fundraiser. Rav link here
2. Defense Against the Dark Arts: I made a very fiddly afghan for my Mother-In-Law as a Christmas Present. Rav link here

What crafts do you do?
I knit, crochet, spin, latch hook, cross stitch, paint by numbers (the really nice ones), and drawing occasionally.

Do you have any other talents?
I guess multi-tasking is my main talent, I also can tie a cherry stem with my tongue like Angiejude, I am called a human dictionary by my family, my husband might say there are a few other things, but you don’t need to know what those things are. LOL

Any other major interests?(tv shows, books, wrestling monkeys?)
I enjoy playing with my 23 mo old son, watching NCIS and Bones.

What's you fave HP Character?
My favorite character is Hermione. I identify with her the most.In fact, some say I am her. I also love Snape (Alan Rickman is Hot) and Ginny (so much power in such a little package, she could kick anyone’s butt).

What's your fave potter moment from either the books or movies?
My favorite moment from the movies is when Hermione punches Draco in PoA. I also love the scene in the book when Ginny and Harry finally kiss. My favorite line is when Harry and Sirius are leaving the Shrieking Shack and they are talking about how James suggested Sirius make the change to a dog permanent. “The tail I could live with, but the fleas are murder”.

What's your fave potter item/spell?
My favorite item is the wands. I would love to have my own. I believe Olivander would give me a wand made of willow with an elder wood handle and a duo core of unicorn tail hair and veela hair.
These are the stats:
10 inch : is for strength, individuality, creativity, a born leader, ambitious, active, innovator, and a winner
Willow: is swishy and nice for charm work, it is known as the tree of enchantment, good for healing and is a willing feminine wand wood. The swishyness of it makes it easier to learn with but not that powerful.
Elder: is not a common wand wood mainly because if it backfires it typically kills the maker/wielder. It is however very powerful and is my wood according to the Celtic tree calender. I believe it was coupled with my willow wand to give my spells a little more power, but since it is only the handle it won’t kill me if it backfires.
Veela Hair: very temperamental, but good for outdoorsy magic, divination, and charms
Unicorn hair: Great for Charms and Transfiguration. Also good for healing magic because of the healing properties in the unicorn blood.

What's your fave HPKCHC class?
My favorite HPKCHC class is all of them…LOL. I have a hard time deciding which ones I love so I do all of them. Both terms thus far I have done all 18 classes and plan to do the same this term.

What's your fave project of yours?
My favorite project so far is the pair of fingerless mittens that I am making for Divination right now. They should be on my project page by the time this is posted. The yarn is a merino/silk/nylon/silver blend. Rav link here

What's your fave yarn or fiber type?
My favorite yarn to knit with is fingering weight. I love making socks. For crochet, I prefer worsted weights. As for spinning, I prefer BFL for my wheel, but like working with merino on my drop spindle.

Anything special you'd like the people to know?
I wish I was a stay at home mom. Although my son becomes annoying after awhile, I would love to be home with him more. Also, my husband and I are trying for baby #2. We could use good thoughts, wishes and prayers that it happens soon.

Who do you recommend for the next interview?
I would like to hear from a first year to get their perspective on how things are going… how about CherrySprinkle.

Alright CherrySprinkle, the Quick-Quotes quill and i will get in touch sometime later this week!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Gryff Interview!

Ok, so to get to know some of our fellow Gryffindors a little better I'm going to be conducting interviews with some of them. My goal is one a week, and I'll be asking each person who they think should be next. Also if there are any questions I haven't asked that you think I should add feel free to let me know!
Now on to the fun. First up is our fearless leader AngieJude, first the basics. She's a third year and as well as being our HoH she's also the Rotation 1 teacher. (This month it's Arithmancy)

Do you have any OWLS? what for?
I have started a total of 2 OWLs and completed a total of 0.
I know… I really need to finish at least one!

What crafts do you do?
Knitting, crochetting, jewelry, painting, drawing, baking, sewing and clay modelling.

Do you have any other talents?
I can tie a knot with a cherry stem. Wait… isn’t that what you were asking?

Any other major interests?(tv shows, books, wrestling monkeys?)
Star Wars, Harry Potter (yes, unfortunately for some, in that order) Vampires (but not Twilight, I prefer Anne Rice).
My favorite shows of all time: Friends, Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Felicity, Spongebob Squarepants, Gossip Girl, Brothers and Sisters (I’m sooo in love with the brothers!!!) and My Name is Earl (it cracks me up!!!!)
My husband and two dogs are my life. I also love fashion and buy more magazines than I probably should.
I work with kids once a month (that gameshow with the 10 year olds) and I love them and miss them when we’re not taping.

What’s you fave HP Character?
The Weasley Twins. Fred, really. And then I think Luna.

What’s your fave Potter moment from either the books or movies?
“Not my daughter YOU BITCH!” Classic. Made me go “Yes!!! Yesss!!” all teary-eyed.

What’s your fave potter item/spell?
Ridikulus!!! Oh and I would love Molly’s knitting needles so I could finish those dang OWLs. The pranking devices are also a personal favorite… (Pride names, anyone?)

What’s your fave HPKCHC class?
I love DADA (but don’t tell the Slytherins) ;)

What’s your fave project of yours?
My fist socks (just finished them today!)
Here's a Ravelry link to that project page

What’s your fave yarn or fiber type?
Anything soft and natural.

Anything special you’d like the people to know?
I’m really happy to be Head of House. Let’s win the cup this term. ROAR!!

Who do you recommend for the next interview?
Oriocookie, she’ caretaker, she turns in a LOT of projects, finishes crazy OWLs and has a husband and kid… How DOES she do it?

Alright Oriocokie, you're next! Keep an eye out for that dancing envelope ;)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January Potions Ideas

In Potions this month we are looking at  aconite, a poisonous plant used in many potions.  A folk name for it is "Dumbledore's Delight", which leads to two possible options for class projects this month.

Descriptions copied from class header:
Option 1 - Craft something dangerous. A stuffed chainsaw, a bottle of poison, a whip, a scarf with the Dark Mark, something piratical - there are many options. Be creative! Your professor loves a good story, so use this as a chance to explain why that skein of fun fur is a threat to your very existence, or how entrelac weakens the structure of the universe.
Option 2 - Craft something that would delight Dumbledore. A good story is key here - sell it, and sell it hard!
Knitting, spinning, crochet, and weaving projects accepted.

Bonus points for highly entertaining posts/projects, house colors, and a Secret Method which is in some way related to a book that does not take place in the Potterverse.

So far there has been a lot of speculation about this "Secret Method", but so far no luck in figuring it out.  The best guess so far is that it does not have anything to do with Twilight either, but no clue other than that.

More projects have popped up for Option 2 so far with many people cluing in to the two knitting related comments made by Dumbledore in the books - in Sorcerer's Stone with the Mirror of Erised where he mentions that he sees himself with a nice pair of thick woolen socks, and in Half Blood Prince where he says his most famous line to us - "I do love knitting patterns."

Projects could be made to fit into both categories, but as long as it fits into one or the other, you are good to go.

Monday, January 4, 2010

January DADA Ideas

It happens every year at the end of December and beginning of January - we make resolutions.  Here in the House Cup we're not interested in resolutions that will be difficult to keep, it's all about the attainable ones.

What will your attainable resolution be?  Work on Christmas gifts throughout the year so you don't have a mad dash in December again?  Be a more fabulous you?  Get ready for a bunch of babies due in 2010?  (Can't you tell which is mine?  I know of 2 others due before me!)

Pick any resolution that you can realistically keep this year and knit or crochet any item that is a part of the resolution or is a representation of it.

Some pattern ideas tossed out so far include (but are in no way limited to) ipod cozies, necklaces, headbands, finishing up WIPs (but check with Scarlettb to make certain it's enough work to qualify for a full project this month), eye masks.  The sky is the limit!

Ways to earn bonus points are possible for projects in House Colors, good stories, or making the professor laugh.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

January Arithmancy Ideas

Arithmancy is our Rotation 1 Course this month and is taught by our lovely Angiejude.

This month we are studying the Droste effect.  Have you ever seen a picture of a room, with a picture on the wall, which is actually a picture of the room again, so that the room is repeated over and over again?  That's the Droste effect.  There are a couple of really cool examples in the header of the class thread as well as several links to projects that could be possible projects.
Also, both a spiral and helix are special kinds of Droste (the helix idea was confirmed in the class thread).

The following descriptions are copied from Angiejude's class description:
An image inside the same image (for example: triangles inside of triangles, circles inside of circles…) BE CREATIVE!!! If you manage to knit socks that have little socks inside, I would totally love that.  (Many blankets, like the Log Cabin style or a star shaped one have also been approved as they are shapes with the same shapes, especially with color changes.)
Spirals. (The Vortex hat has been approved as one example)

Spin a skein with at least 2 or 3 different colors. (Fosterson of Slytherin brought up the mathematical formula for fractal spinning, with an excellent link in post #33)

They will be awarded according to originality of the project. Surprise me and you’ll get bonus points.
Common sense, people, if you knit a sweater or a lace shawl, you’ll get more bonus points than if you knit a dishcloth. Although, I’ve seen dishcloths that look like works of art… so anything goes!
Babies and pets in the picture make me go “Aw” so you may want to include a couple of those for presentation.
I am trying to knit my first pair of socks this month, so nice socks will be appreciated.
Personal patterns will get you bonus points as well.

Scouring the thread will also lead you to several patterns that have been accepted or rejected.

January Divination Ideas

This month in Divination it's all about palm reading.  The focus is on the shape of the hands and the proportions of the fingers to the palms instead of looking at the different lines found on your palm.

Earth palms - broad, square or rectangular shape, and palm length usually is equal to finger length.

Air palms - also square or rectangular with longer fingers than palms.

Water palms - often oval, width is usually greater than length and finger length is equal to palm length.

Fire palms - square or rectangular, finger length usually shorter than palm length.

This class is very open, with the only requirement being that you make an item that protects and covers the palms.  So any kind of glove or mitten (fingerless or not) will work.  There are plenty of choices, as the advanced search for Free Patterns in the Gloves/Mittens category yields 111 pages of patterns.  The first three are very popular patterns that are all fairly quick to knit- Fetching, Bella's Mittens, and Dashing.

Also, include which type of palm you are protecting with your project in your post even if the object is for someone else.  For instance, I am making Urban Necessity Gloves for my husband and he is a Fire Palm, so I would include that information.  But if I was making something for me, I would mention that I am an Earth Palm.

Friday, January 1, 2010

January Charms Ideas

This month we are studying the tickling charm - Rictusempra - because sometimes you need a good tickle to make you laugh.

This means we can either craft something that will literally tickle someone, like a feather duster that was mentioned in the common room already, or something to make the Professor laugh (which is supposedly easy).

Several hundred posts back a Gryff mentioned a dream she had that involved our own Oriocookie and cupcakes. This then turned into a brainstorming that we should all knit or crochet a cupcake of our own choosing. Charms would be the perfect class for all of us to make our cupcakes and to then turn them in right around the same time, instigating the first House Cup food fight on record.

The cupcakes can also fit into other classes, so don't feel pressured to change your crafting ideas to fit into our mischief, just join in by adding your cupcakes to the project you turn in for Charms. Because most of our talk regarding Charms has been focused on the cupcake idea, if you have any specific questions about if a different project would fit, feel free to comment on this post, ask in the common room, or PM me.

I am proposing that we aim to all have our cupcakes done by January 25th, which is a Monday for us to post/launch our cupcakes into the Charms classroom. Feel free to craft your cupcake(s) way in advance of this, but I'm setting such a late date for launch to accommodate as many busy schedules as possible.

The professor has not listed any specific way to earn bonus points for this class, but I think with as many of us working on this together could land us quite a few bonus points. Just remember that when you post your individual assignment that it still meets with the guidelines for class posting (username, house, picture, fun story).

Look for my post on the 25th around 6am PrincessOnica Standard Time (ie Pacific Time) for the craziness to begin!

Pattern suggestions:
Crochetted Cupcake
Another Crochetted Cupcake
Knitted Cupcake
Pretty Knitted Cupcake
Fancy Knitted Cupcake
Cupcake Dishcloth

January Transfiguration Ideas

This month you can put away your needles and hooks for Transfiguration!  Instead, class is all about organizing your queue and to learn how to fully use this function.

Most of us have used our queue as a basic place to toss projects we would eventually like to make.  This is our chance to organize things by tags and sets to locate specific patterns faster.

Both of these features can be accessed from the organize tab on your queue page.  Specific screenshots have been posted in the class thread already.  To find them faster click on the link next to the picture icon at the top of the thread next to where the number of posts is displayed.

The directions per the professors request are as follows:
The elements of an organized queue are:
~Patterns (at least 20) tagged for easy searching
~Next several planned projects (min. 5) moved to top of the list with any necessary notes made
~Categories (no less than 3) created with at least 3 patterns in each (eg: hats, baby items, toys)

The last set is to include a link to your queue or favorites page in your post.

For those of you who do not use your queue, you can tag items in your favorites instead.  The only difference is that sets/categories cannot be created in your favorites.

Because we're not actually crafting anything for this class, bonus points are up in the air as the professor has not stated any specific way to earn them.

While several of us have already completed this homework assignment already today, I hope this helps those who weren't 100% how to complete the assignment.