Friday, January 1, 2010

January Charms Ideas

This month we are studying the tickling charm - Rictusempra - because sometimes you need a good tickle to make you laugh.

This means we can either craft something that will literally tickle someone, like a feather duster that was mentioned in the common room already, or something to make the Professor laugh (which is supposedly easy).

Several hundred posts back a Gryff mentioned a dream she had that involved our own Oriocookie and cupcakes. This then turned into a brainstorming that we should all knit or crochet a cupcake of our own choosing. Charms would be the perfect class for all of us to make our cupcakes and to then turn them in right around the same time, instigating the first House Cup food fight on record.

The cupcakes can also fit into other classes, so don't feel pressured to change your crafting ideas to fit into our mischief, just join in by adding your cupcakes to the project you turn in for Charms. Because most of our talk regarding Charms has been focused on the cupcake idea, if you have any specific questions about if a different project would fit, feel free to comment on this post, ask in the common room, or PM me.

I am proposing that we aim to all have our cupcakes done by January 25th, which is a Monday for us to post/launch our cupcakes into the Charms classroom. Feel free to craft your cupcake(s) way in advance of this, but I'm setting such a late date for launch to accommodate as many busy schedules as possible.

The professor has not listed any specific way to earn bonus points for this class, but I think with as many of us working on this together could land us quite a few bonus points. Just remember that when you post your individual assignment that it still meets with the guidelines for class posting (username, house, picture, fun story).

Look for my post on the 25th around 6am PrincessOnica Standard Time (ie Pacific Time) for the craziness to begin!

Pattern suggestions:
Crochetted Cupcake
Another Crochetted Cupcake
Knitted Cupcake
Pretty Knitted Cupcake
Fancy Knitted Cupcake
Cupcake Dishcloth


  1. okay... so make them, but don't turn them in until the 25th... got it. This is going to be fun.

  2. I think if we can all photograph them as if they're being thrown, or in some contraption that would throw them (slingshot, catapault, etc), that'd add to the funniness and the food fightness :)

  3. Love it! Great idea Fantasyflyte!

  4. I'm in...this will be a great food fight...and if I get mine done, my two teens could pose for me!

  5. I can't wait... it's going to be so fun! I might even dress the kids up and have a knitted food fight with them... all for the cup of course;O)

  6. This plan keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. I love the food fight.

  7. Argh, why did I have to suggest a cupcake craftalong in the first place?

    Just joking. Love the idea.

  8. This is a GREAT! idea, you guys!!!
    I love it!!!!
    Should we link to cupcake patterns??? I'll look for them!

  9. Thanks for linking to specific cupcake patterns. I tend to just give broad suggestions to help kick start brain cells instead of deciding on specific patterns.