Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Refocus or how to roast butternut squash! Episode 10

Mini cast!
yay for planning.... and refocusing!



for the knitgirlls SAL/KAL

Swap packages.... 
Swap thread.... check it out...
Allena's from stacylovesyarn: posted about here!

Jessica's from ShaylaMyst: posted about here!

Wrock Song-
 Underwater by the giant squidstravaganza.

Other links:
Yes... there is a Falkland wool.... one example...

the cupcakes Jessica made!

Merlin~ shawl by linuxchic!

Books, Midnight Movies and Christmas. Episode 9

 Mojo/no mojo
Green Susie's Mitts

Lion Jumper

technical socks, TdS #4

Dahila shawl ~gryffie swap
Tomten~ ootp

Fizzi~ shawl for my swappee!
Wallaby~ ootp

Spinning :
Sparkly~ overdyed

Ravenclaw Shores~ dyed & spun (merino/bamboo)

Jaji’s Challenge!

Congrats to the winner of our contest!!!

 Other links:
 reducio swap
The Dollar Tree 
Paperback Swap
The podcast thread~ come chat with us!
Google+..... it's the new FB... friend us!
Breaking Dawn.... pt 2 comes out in Nov... oops!
The Hunger Games.... and the trailer!
Septimus Heap- new book series to read?!

 WROCK song!:
 Like Snape Remix by Severus and the Snapes

Monday, November 7, 2011

MINI cast #1 Planning...

November Planning! 

OOTP-Madi’s Tomten(A) Gabe’s Wallaby(J)
OWL- card and spin(A) Leah’s mitten/charity mittens(J)
HM Challenge -Toothless (A &J)

Charms- Lion Sweater part 2(A) Socks (J)
Astronomy- Spring Leaves(A) Fizzi(J)
COMC-Spidey hat(A)
Muggle Studies- reducio swap project (A) Socks(J)
Divination- Staff swap project(A) Dye roving (J)
Potions- gryffie swap project(A) Socks(J)
DADA- Spin yarn(J)

KAL winner(s)!
Since it was so close we decided to use both Spring leaves and Fizzi! If you  want to partner up let us know and we can turn it in for Astronomy together!

Wrock song-
Expelliarmus Kid by Peeved

Sponsored by Alina Shea Creations
 Psst! there is still time to enter the contest.....

Friday, November 4, 2011

Grilling Lupingirl... episode 7

This month we’re sponsored by Alina Shea Creations

 Joined by our co-host becca aka Lupingirl!

 Mojo/No Mojo- 
  Stripey Scarf ~DADA
 Girly Baby ~ mug stud
 Baby Brim~ COMC
 Nylon Scrubbies ~ Potions

 TdS #2 socks ~ CoMC
 Tds#3 ~ Ancient Runes
 Trubie’s mitens ~OWL
 Chloe’s mittens ~OWL

bright vincas

Rememberall socks

Jekyll and hyde socks

Tomten- OOTP
 Man Socks
 Cathy’s Socks

 Q yule ball balls
 Gabe’s wallaby, aka my BROOM
OWL mittens~ Leah's mittens, charity mittens

Hedwig (big snowy owl)
Q ball ornaments
Dragons breath socks
trick-or-treat bag,   pattern page

 To spin or not to spin- 
Gradient or no?
TransfigUntempered Schism 311.8 yds (2ply) 15WPI
Owl – Carding it up

Gradient yarn

Sponsored by Alina Shea Creations! 

 Remember you have to listen to hear the coupon!
 (club members, as always, get an additional 10% off orders reimbursed through paypal)

  Contest: A Chance to win a Hogwarts is home kit. how to enter. Go to Alina Shea ( on etsy (or and come back to our podcast thread and share a link of what your fave item is. for a 2nd entry FB AlinaShea’s website or tweet it or any other social media and tell us about it in our thread.

 We’re going to put a poll in the thread for voting on a KAL... to get Allena to knit lace/shawl and use up some of that sock yarn. Go vote HERE in our podcast thread!!!

Wrock Song!
Run Free by Marked as his Equal.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last-Minute Finishing Touches

Hello, Gryffindor!

Today I really want to highlight some of our last-minute October projects, so here's a compilation of some spectacular projects that you guys turned in during the last 3 days of the month!

Naturallyknitty spun up this stunning purple yarn fractally for Arithmancy!

Savvyknits made this precious little snail for Transfiguration!

FantasyFlyte made this cute little skeleton bride and groom couple for Muggle Studies!

Knitknot submitted these impressive colorwork socks for Ancient Runes!

MrMagpie cleaned some socks for Potions! It's always good to have clean socks! ;)

Lupingirl's remembrall socks for Charms are just beautiful!

Mimocoyo finished this bright and colorful hat for CoMC!

For DADA, vsmedile spun up this beautiful yarn!

 For Detention, Kina8D finished this awesome hat!

And in Quidditch, for the 2nd Yule Ball Event, jwill knit up these adorable owls!

Keep it up, Gryffindor!!!! ROAR!

A Charity Roar, Featuring Mio!

This week, A Charity Roar is featuring Mio, otherwise known as Becky!

Becky crocheted up this hat (of her own design!) for September's DADA class to be donated to The Little Hats That Grew, which is a charity in Hamilton, Ontario that collects hats, scarves, and mittens for elementary school children. What a fun way to help out folks in your local area - I'm headed off to figure out if there's something similar here in Omaha!