Saturday, March 22, 2014

Featured Classroom Arithmancy

I have been away from the castle for awhile due to some things going on at my home, namely the moving of said home to a new location. I have been looking around trying to get back in the groove and see everything I have missed. It is going to take me longer to see everything then I thought, but I did drop into Arithmancy and grabbed a few great shots to show off today. There is talent from all over the castle, as always.

Slytherin definitely has talent in Arthmancy Shown off here by



Gryffindor did not slouch for this class either shown here by



Hufflepuff can do those number too shown here by



Ravenclaws didn't leave Arithmancy out either, shown here by



Our NQFYs made sure to show off their abilities too, show here by



These are just a few pieces picked to show off the works in the class. Be sure to stop by and see all the other amazing projects

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Around the Prides

This week in the Prides:

The Animal Crackers received a few swap packages as part of their Pride exchange, made a rose for Mom and then made some more to brighten the neighbors' days.

The Acid Pops started getting postcards from each other and had fun figuring out what the Whip-ma-whop-ma-gate was.  They discovered that not all patterns give you the expected result and it might not be your fault.

In the Sugar Quills a very first knitted project was turned in, Snape commented on the Dark arts, turned in a very toasty mission, while another mission is guaranteed to keep a small one warm.

The Canary Creams a set of mitts for a mission, submitted a beautiful wedding afghan for detention, and got taken by surprise on the Mission due dates.

The Fizzing Whizbees submitted two beautiful shawls for missions as well as a lovely vest and some colorful blanket hexes.  A lovely blanket for also submitted for an OWL.

The Pepper Imps turned in a very colorful granny square blanket eating up over 3200 yards of stash, a lovely shawl, a beautiful capelet, and a lot of socks.

The Exploding Bonbons turned in a mandrake and a lovely large mission shawl, shared some knitting jokes, and did such a good job turning in classes that Fernie died her hair green even without 100%.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Common room roundup

It was a quiet week in the Common room but that was apparently because so many people were completing their Advanced studies.  Completed OWLs were posted herehere, here, here, and here. 
Completed missions were announced herehere, and here.

  Some of the Gryffindors are interested in started a language practice thread, or maybe just do a trip  around Europe.  A useful sleep app was discussed.  There was an opportunity to find your patronus.    One Gryff dyed some incredible sock yarn, inspired by this blog post.  There was also some tips on dying cotton and a link to a good site with dying tips.  An interesting article was posted on allergies and alpaca.  Some free patterns are available until March 21st.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pride Roundup

Hello everyone! It's time to check in on the Prides again.

This week in the Animal Crackers, someone shared their finished Mission, and a few packages arrived. Some weaving was done, and some happy news was shared.

The Sugar Quills got caught up with Flat Ron and Flat Harry. They also shared a cooking adventure for the Headmistress Challenge, a finished OWL, and an OWL and Mission together.

The Canary Creams made some cute mitts, discussed the upsides of Slytherin, made a cute Yoda, and created an interesting sock pouch.

The Fizzing Whizbees were very quiet this week, though they did discuss Quidditch and have two nominated prize winners.

The Pepper Imps were also pretty quiet, someone shared their progress for the month and a collage of last month's turn ins, and an OWL was completed.

In the Exploding Bonbons, they discussed new contacts, made a headband for a class, and made a bargain involving green hair.

Last but not least, the Acid Pops laid out what they're doing in March, turned in a class, a gorgeous Mission was finished, and a few more classes were finished.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Study Hall Projects

This week we're going to check up on two of Gryffindor's study halls! First, let's take a look at some socks.

In February, the theme for the Sock Study Hall was Lavender Brown. Here are a few fellow Gryffindor's interpretations on that theme.






Spike wrote a cute and totally in character story to go along with her theme socks, check it out here.

There's also been great work happening in the spinning and dyeing thread. Here are a few handspun yarns turned in for classes this term.





One student got a little crazy with the kool aid and dyed this pretty skein.


The term is going to be over soon, but I'm sure there are some awesome projects in the wings for the rest of the month, and I can't wait to see them.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pride Roundup

Apologies to all for the delay in this week's roundup.  I have no excuses other than having forgotten what day of the week it was.

The Animal Crackers still have eight people in the running for their Quidditch participation prize, knit an impressive Colour Affection for Flying, sent and received swap packages, and posted an incredible number of children's hats for their OWL and some matching scarves too.

The Sugar Quills explained why Seattle is the Emerald City, experienced some serious snow this winter, and did a cute cat turn in.  Flat Ron showed off his trip to New Mexico and Flat Harry had a great time in California.

The Pepper Imps squeezed in a last class for February,  devised a great plan for March, and shared swap packages.

The Fizzing Whizbees turned in a lovely wreath, sent a swap package with new special stamps, and passed on love and best wishes for a Gryffie injured in a car crash.

The Exploding Bonbons were the only pride to make 100% participation in February, if they make it in March before the 15th Knitinferno will dye her hair green, proposed a lovely cardigan, and posted a link to an HP blanket.

The Canary Creams made a hat to match the cat, knit some impressive cables in a sweater, got a husband into knitting, used TV time to make a good start on a wedding afghan, and came up with a great idea for motivating kids on chores,

The Acid Pops received helpful suggestions about the over-dying rules, turned in 4 classes despite RL issues, awarded a prize to one of the five Pops who made 50%, and devised a plan for March.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Common Room roundup

Our Head of House lead off the week with a captivating photo of a class turn-in.  The Head girl awarded some prizes and provided a link for anyone wanting to donate some.  Recipes were posted for a Coke cake and a Dr Pepper Cake, both of which sound delicious.   A link was posted for badges now available in the Great Hall.  There was a concensus that Plarn was an acceptable material for class turn-ins.  Eleven more Gryffs turned in their 50% for their OWLs, two NEWTs reached 75%.

There was general agreement that it is worth the time to knit sweaters for kids, and they can often wear them both indoors and out.  Some good advice was also provided on how to successfully layer them.  A wonderful knitted Lion arrived as part of a swap.  Having reached 4 million members, Rav posted some fun statistics.  One Pride reached 100% class participation.  

Apparently knitting is good for your health.   These guys don't hurt either.   And finally, there were some fun suggestions for family reunion games.