Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Weasley Sisters - I Heart Wool-Epi #2

Sorry it’s so late. Editing takes a long time when you’re on vacation!  

Show Notes:
Jessica’s stuff
Charms OWL Project page
Arithmancy OWL- Withdrawn
Super Secret Swap Project now done! Turn In Post as project page is not updated.
Carrot Spinning Stash page

Allena’s stuff
Not-so Fingerless Mitts (now finished) Project page
Diamond Wrap Socks self design rewriting for KnitPicks Project page
Broomstick Lace Using mystery sock yarn writing pattern for class Project page

Allena's stuff

Reducio SocksProject Page 
Chapstick Cupcake Project page 
Dyeing for Charms/swap Stash page
Overdyed dyeing Stash page

Jessica's stuff
Sewing FO Turn In 
Make your own using this tute 


Allena's Stuff
Charm’s Owl – spinning 8oz organic merino from squoosh fibers got in a destash! Project page 
Drop Spinning (is now done) Stash page

Jessica's stuff

Newt from previous term photos of everything she dyed, combed and washed and knit and spun. 
Jessica got fiber from these at the fair photo
Photo of cormo fleece she bought

 Other Things mentioned: (please forgive us if we missed something)

Questions Contest!!!!
Look at this wonderful box bag made from upcycled walmart bags! It's definitely one of a kind.  Additional photos here
Dimentions.  8.5” long 4” high 4.5” high.
How you can win the bag:
  1. 1.Ask us a question to be answered on the podcast,  in the Weasley Sisters’s thread here
  2. 2.Tag your post with WSQCJuly’11 for easy finding
The prize will be awarded in the next podcast episode! We'll use a RNG to pick someone. So get your questions in!

We Are Wizards 
Wrock Song of the Podcast: A Pensieve Full of Unrequited Love by The Mudbloods 

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