Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Charms Suggestions

With just two days left this month, you might be thinking "How in the world can I get something done for another class?"

If you haven't completed Charms yet, there are several quick and easy projects that you can make.

What about a baby hat?  Even if you don't have a little one in your home at the moment you can gift it to a friend or possibly donate it to a local hospital to put on a newborn.

What about fingerless gloves?  They give your hands protection while giving you freedom to use your fingers.

Maybe a finger mustache to disguise yourself while breaking into Gringotts?

The sky is still the limit!  You can do it!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey you!!!

Have you seen there's a scavenger hunt going on? go check it out!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Common Room Recap pg 147 - 188

I know why you're really here.. it's to see the hotties that have invaded our common room right? well look no further! err well no, I mean, continue reading the post, but for your hunk-fix this is the paragraph you want to pay attention to. Neville is growing up into quite a nice looking young man. Oliver Wood too! Goodness Draco, I barely recognized you! Ron & Ginny make an appearance too, my Ginny you have grown into a beautiful woman! There will always be Gerard in a hottie post! Jack, Zac, & Rob pop in too and a bonus hottie. Daniel came to the party as well as Aragorn came in twice! David & Boromir too!!

WoolenHorse likes her hotties on the more full side so Seth and Sean made an appearance and dragged Elijah along too! and then she shared an image of her ideal man or men? OneKnittyChick tells us that she knows Seth's gf and he really is a great guy, he doesn't just play one on tv! Vertigo1414 has directed us to a hottie site and asks for help fitting a project into classes when fosterson joins us! and talks of his awesomeness. stuartsmom shares where she found that awesome gryffie yarn. JaclynBailey found out she's going to be moving and there is a welcome party going on in Colorado! and talks baby wearing with a photo of her favorite carrier made from her husbands army uniform shirt and shares a photo of fosterson! Gosh, he's making a lot of appearance in this recap... are we sure he's a Slytherin? and she got a surprise from Spartyliblover in her mailbox!

darahmartin is looking for craft fair opinions.. Angiejude has 60% of her OWL done! and reminds us that the Gryffindor Swap is on! and celebrates Mexican independence bicentennial day with some of her favorite foods along with a recipe! she also started a citron and is looking for ideas on how to make it work for classes. Siriusly shared a link for all of us spinners to a 4oz fiber challenge group with lots of patterns! lupingirl talks the possibility of a meet up! I'm willing to host a Grand Rapids, MI spin/get-together! and shared a photo of my arithmancy homework. I found a way to make an OWL out of that sweater after all! and shared a super dorky photo of my deer hat! vanessamn might be the next Gryffindor to find love? Mauri reminds us that the chocolate cards have a hint thread here. First year BEGreen introduces herself! Don't be shy BEGreen, jump right on in!

spartyliblover shares a photo of those awesome needles I was coveting that StarKnits had! and the info is that you can buy them at Hobby Lobby! stitchywitchy shared a photo of her adorable mouse, I never thought I would actually say that about a mouse! and Charlie. FantasyFlyte asks for good thoughts and wishes for her parents due to possible job difficulties and she posted some delicious Gryffindor color yummies! and shes got new pretties! and tells us of Luna Lovegood's life after Hogwarts. TheKnittedJuggler expands a little on her TJ situation and she finds out he thinks shes cute! and he's now her boyfriend!

stacylovesyarn offers frick the mallet of sanity. jedimeg16 is pondering her patronus, she says none of her results really fit her. she's found a yoda bottle cozy for you star wars lovers out there with babies! and shared a photo of herself in her costume for anime central. Covington shares a founding fathers quiz and she made the cheer-leading team! Congrats!!! fuzzybritches shares a photo of a baby bib she made. AmyPC had a devastating accident to her OWL project involving a child and some scissors.. I gave her some advice on repairing but I think she has decided to start over.

clmnj58 is wondering where the 1/2 way point is on her fall/winter shawl.. anyone doing it along with her care to help her out? Jajigirl has an adorable little puppy!! FlyKytten pops in to introduce herself and ask for some spinning help and I was glad to link her to some instructional videos! and she's looking for info on a cute guy! Jensta79 shared a photo of her beautiful shawl!!!

puffygriffinclaw shared a photo of her oy dressed as Dobby, who made his big brother jealous because all the girls gave him the attention, who could blame them? look how adorable he is! Tonks makes an appearance in our common room, no wait, thats referencegoddess! and Madam Hooch! no, that's puffygriffinclaw! Gosh, you ladies had me convinced! vanessamn jumps on board in her Gryffindor garb too! puffygriffinclaw an StarKnits have won gifts! lupingirl shares her thoughts on the disagree button. I really think frick is Marry Poppins.. can you believe that mess she cleaned up? but came home to terrible news :( and the funeral details for hamster.

Knit Picks is having a sale! swifts $50 and 40% off books! and noonee is looking to re-home her swift, PM her if interested. fuzziekit posted 2 awesome projects! autumnleaf77 shared a chocolate pudding recipe, it's vegan and I am going to have to try it!! alexist is looking for natural/food safe ways to get gryffingor colors. StarKnits shared her red attempts.. and its soooo pretty! Quidditch at muggle schools!!!! and Harry Potter has joined Hogwarts! autumnleaf77 greets him with a chocolate frog that I am going to have to make myself! Luna Lovegood also popped in to say hello.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Common Room Recap pgs 82-147

Gryffindor has been very chatty of late! Lots of birthdays have kept the common room busy as well as some news of the recent changes (see note below).. OfAvalonia has turned in another class and is working on Charms! and then she tells us that she has completed all 8 classes! I'm beginning to doubt that she's human! StarKnits shared some really beautiful quilts she got from her grandmother and I continue to poke at her to get her swatches done! stitchywitchy reminded us that tattoos and MRI's have been proven safe thanks to the Mythbusters and shared a very cute turtle blanket! derricksdoll is on a roll with her amazing hats! and look how adorable these are! and shes looking for a Gryffie who makes lots of dish cloths.

a few hotties have stopped by our common room as of late! here, here, and here! stuartsmom reminds us that 9/19 is talk like a pirate day arrr! and she found some awesome gryffindor yarn on the cheap! where are all these yarn deals when I am looking?! Covington is looking for advice on her house unity project. TheKnitteduggler has met a boy! and gives us the deets! fuzzybritches has some adorable babies!! stacylovesyarn turned in an adorable house unity project! and brings her mallet of sanity out for stutchywithy, lupingirl asked for it to be at the ready, on me for time management freak out, and StarKnits for the lack of OWL swatching.

Jensta79 shared her amazing Ishbel shawl with us.. naturallyknitty shares 3 amazing projects, including some handspun for the Kromski Train project!! and the loot she scored at the fiber festival. CrochetByClare gets the party started! and shares some scans from her Japanese crochet books. Jajigirl gives us an update about the fall fitness challenge. Kate1138 brings an adorable lion cake! lol right after a fitness update, ack! spartyliblover shared some of her projects. cupcakes34 links us to all of ravelrys images! I spent far too much time there trying to figure them out! frick finished that amazing peace sign hat!

I finally figured out the thumb on my mittens and have finished one!.. well.. almost.. then shared some photos of my Bella's Mittens, telling everyone they knit up fast and easy! Galena reminds us how long we have until Christmas! ack! JaclynBailey won a KnitPick's pattern from the House Cup blog! eagallant also has an adorable little baby!!! and while we are on the adorable baby talk, look who CommaSplice posted! Covington found some really awesome yarn deals! and shared a monster daughter poem. nearly an entire page of harry potter jokes! referencegoddess posted some cute christmas socks, I am really in love with that yarn color!

trainergirl15 has suffered a loss in her family and she could probably use your support right about now. a forced reminder that Gryffindor students have gotten lost in my queue! enter it at your own risk! fosterson joined us wih his mallet of sanity! Angiejude shared an adorable pug photo! and another one here! look how adorable Pomo is! and then she shared her 'happy place' playlist.

I cannot remember who asked me about changing the needle brands for your OWL and the need to run it by the professor, so I hope you saw my question, I have lost your message :( however, the answer was as I suspected, not if the size and gauge are the same. Gryffindor word search! I've made it my life long vow to poke StarKnits into oblivion if she does not swatch and post BOTH of her OWLs...vanessamn gave me a new awesome word - Yumtastic! and thinks we should change the nike poster to just knit it! and so I did!! FantasyFlyte posted her first class! and finds the joys of swatching! CrochetByClare is showing some adorable puppy photos of puppies she might be getting! here and here.

Voldemort made me crap my pants! Thanks StarKnits! I'm never going to get this song out of my head! I'm up to my old tricks and manage to enable the entire house with sock yarn etsy sellers! and it worked on FantasyFlyte! CrochetByClare tries to motivate StarKnits to get her swatches done. I let everyone know that I am easily motivated by something shiny and then I give an example. lupingirl has posted a list of the Triwizard Champions. CrochetByClare shared her art project with us! clmnj58 would like to remind you to post your finished objects in the trophy room. SadieLou stopped by to give us a lovely lion cake! Anna92 reminds us that the Gryffindor swap thread closes on friday!

::giggle giggle::
frick is doing lace surgery, please go give her chocolate and some love! slmoses is looking for some pricing advice on her jewelery.stitchywitchy is asking for some advice on felted words. Ravenclaw is welcoming us to their fondue party in the tower in honor of recent events (see note below). A hamster has come to live with StarKnits and she finished 1 OWL swatch.. now time to poke her for the second OWL... CrochetByClare has a really cute plant cozy!

NOTE: There have been many posts left out about the changes occuring in the House Cup. Many of these were concerns, hugs, fears, sorrow, and questions.. I will direct your attention to the post that started the whole ordeal, and the post about the remaining staff and the changes ahead if you would like to read about it these are the official threads.

Summary of Events

Gryffinor would like to move forward from this point. Most of you have already caught up on these events, so I felt no need to rehash them here in the common room upate. If you would like to read those pages of what happened after the changes thread, please view from this page to about this page.

In the spirit of moving forward, I didn't leave anything important out of the update, but I didn't feel the need to force you to relive it either! :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

September DADA Suggestions

Have you ever wanted to be someone else?

This month's DADA class will allow you to do precisely that.  Every student is to take a swig of Polyjuice Potion and turn into someone else in the House Cup.  As long as they are a current player in the House Cup every student is fair game.  It does not matter if they are in your own house or in a different house.

Just like Harry and Ron needed to borrow Crabbe and Goyle's shoes and larger robes from the laundry room when impersonating the larger boys, it would serve you well to know a little bit about the person you will be transforming into.

Are they married, single, dating?  Do they have children?  What kind of job do they have, or are they still in school?  Any outside hobbies beside knitting/crocheting/spinning/weaving?  Do they have a favorite color listed in their profile?  What about pets or a favorite animal?

Just pick a person who you might want to impersonate and look at their profile, projects page, and recent posts to get a sense of who they are.

As far as what project to make, that's the tricky part of this class because any pattern that you pick can help you transform into someone else.  A hat that makes you look like a juggler, or a pair of mittens to make your hands appear to belong to someone else.  Is the other person known for making a lot of toys, or maybe they make and wear a lot of shawls.

Something to keep in mind is that you must disguise yourself as someone else in the House Cup, not spouses or children.

When you turn in your homework don't forget to share who you are disguised as and how your project helps you to become a believable duplicate of that person.

As always, if you have questions as to if a project works, feel free to comment here, in the Class Suggestions thread in the Lion Pride group, or in our Common Room.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Common Room Recap pg 39-81

SavvyKnits has shared a photo of her tattoos and caffeinatedkatie shared her most recent one as well. OfAvalonia has turned in transfiguration homework and shared a link for a neat needle orginzer.. and then even posted some fabulous Gryffindor ravatars! noonee made her shawl in just one day! fuzzybritches can actually knit in her sleep! OfAvalonia shared some really adorable lion soakers! derricksdoll shared her amazing new doilie and then some photos of her tattoos to continue the tatt conversations.

I shared a photo of a blanket that I started in 1995 and lost that some how made its way back into my hands that I plan to finish in memory of my father. Mauri posted a photo of her DADA homework, it's brilliant! and talked about chocolate frog cards. OfAvalonia shared some really pretty nursing pads for you moms out there! OneKnittyChick shared her finished Sookie Stackhouse whisp, and its gorgeous! AmyPC shared her DADA & Charms homework with us. ZTAgirlknits is looking for a knitted flower pattern and has a question about swatches can you help her out? International Redhead Day was upon us! Lots of Gryffies spent their day designing shoes thanks to caffeinatedkatie. JaclynBailey shares her information on using lanolin to waterproof longies and soakers.. and then shared a link that helps with splitty yarns. She let her oldest boy walk to school all by himself, and will you just look at that adorable little face!

CrochetByClare has turned derricksdoll & I into Twinkie Chan fans!
and look at this pizza scarf!! She kept the tattoo conversation going by sharing some images of her future tats..then shared a photo of a super awesome pencil scarf she made! I thought I had finished my peace mitten only to find later that I had to rip it out and start all over :( and I tried to explain how the thumb works here. In my grief I begged for some hotties to head my way.. and vanessamn sent Jacob over right away! I spent my night with two beautiful boys, while she spent her night with another sparkly vampire!

StarKnits is asking to be poked, so go on, poke her! AnnaMarya brought it to our attention that OfAvalonia has turned in all 6 classes already! and naturallyknitty awareded her with a roaring lion badge! stuartsmom has a coffee iv for OfAvalonia which lead her to show us an awesome project she has in progress! and then she decided that I needed a wine iv stat! and then asked for someone to paste Gerard's head & chest on another guys body and I was happy to oblidge! and then OfAvalonia shared some really cute patterns that have found their way into my queue.

OfAvalonia shared a great project a Puff made in Gryff colors! and I managed to finish my handspun thorpe! and shared a photo of some of my OWL spinning progress. derricksdoll shared a photo of one of her OWL hats that her husband and father are currently fighting over and a photo of her Transfiguration homework! SavvyKnits says that Gryffindor girls get naughty too!

CommaSplice shared her adorable flying project with us, Sheldon! autumnleaf77 is celebrating a birthday! and stuartsmom shared some really amusing laws with us! and will you take a look at Jajigirl's toxic socks!! amazing aren't they!? Deathly Hallows stills have been posted and TheKnittedJuggler is banned until friday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flying Ideas September 2010

Awright! This month as part of Rotation 1, we get to go flying!!!
Now, I know flying is not part of the natural order for lions. We tend to like to stay on the ground. Luckily, our profs this term have decided to introduce it to us slowly. Instead of expecting a full flight, we are to master only one aspect of flying and demonstrate it for the class.

Bloomingfeld: do something that will increase your speed. For knitting/crocheting/spinning find a technique that will help you finish your project faster. (knitting continental, crocheting tunisian, drop spinning instead of park and draft). Other things that have been approved for this include using a knitting machine, cabling without a cable needle, and knitting a project that is normally seamed in the round.
Youtube is a font of visual teaching information. Try querying it for any of these topics for examples of how to do the techniques.

Zapel loop: use a special tool. A pom-pom maker, cable needle, circular crochet hook, bottom whorl spindle instead of a top whorl or vice versa. this is the time to pull out that wacky tool that's been gathering dust and put it to good use. Knitting nancies, knitting looms, double ended crochet hooks, hair pin lace tools, knitting thimbles...heck, you guys probably have a more extensive collection than I do! Put 'em to work, and including a pic of the tool you used in making the project probably wouldn't go amiss.
Patterns to try: Pom-pons: C: ribbed-earflap-hat-with-pom-poms K: flakey-baby-hat-with-pompom
Cable needles: K: tweedy-cabled-cap   newsy-cabled-cap
Circular Crochet Hook: C: fools-the-eye

Hyman:  Knitting/Crocheting/Spinning: Show us 3 or more different techniques for your one project.(for example: 3 different stitch patterns for knitting and crocheting. For spinning: spinning, plying, dyeing in any order etc)
Here's some ideas for knitting and crocheting patterns which show 3 or more different stitch patterns.

Crochet: versatile-baby-sweater-2#  

Monday, September 6, 2010

Arithmancy Ideas

This month, our Arithmancy profs want us to show off our mathematical knowledge by creating an HPKCHC acceptable project that uses any Mathematical or Arithmantic system as the inspiration. However, no just turning it in with a picture and saying  " I made a toaster. " Make sure you state what math system you used and how it relates to your project. 

The profs have been gracious enough to give a few ideas of their own for systems to use.  So, for this class I will give a few suggestions for each of the ones they list, as well as any of my own.

The first recommendation I have is for anyone interested in doing this class to visit the Wooly Thoughts website.
99% of their designs are mathematically inspired and often illustrate complex (and simple) mathematical ideas in a creative manner. Website is here:
 The Ravelry group is here:

Now, onto the patterns!

The Fibonacci Sequence (1,1,2,3,5,8,13… where the next number is the sum of the prior two numbers) can be used to determine the number of rows in a striped scarf.

 K fibonacci-felted-bag


Pascal's Triangle is the Fibonnaci sequence involving more than 2 numbers in any given row. Easiest to show a picture than to explain it in words:
Phi is a creates a natural spiral – take a rectangle with a ratio of 1/1.618, draw an extra line so you have a square and a smaller rectangle – the smaller rectangle will also have a ratio of 1/1.618.  This is also known as the Golden Spiral. You can see this shape in the curve of a nautilus shell, the intersections of a flower’s center or the spines on a pineapple.
This afghan by Wooly Thoughts shows s a perfect Golden Spiral ($)  (C)

These take the "nautilus" form in nature, which is a Golden Spiral. (both K)

These patterns are free, but not exactly Golden Spirals (although the brainwash bag comes close). The first two are C, the last K.

Pi is a mathematical constant whose value is the ration of any circle’s circumference to its diameter – 3.141593… this is a non repeating decimal. You could use the numerical value to create stripes or be inspired to create something that is circular. If you think Pi is apple or cherry… convince us! (NOTE: Profs are really not going to be happy with just a pie slice that you made, without a cool story. Needs to show the math, have the symbol stitched on it somehow...)

C:  amigurumi-pi 
bowtie-pi shawl

K: EZ-100th-anniversary-pi-shawl-gull-wings    

Binary is a numeral system using only two digits (usually 0 and 1) – you could make something that has two pieces, or use binary cables to spell words like someone’s name or something funny like “mine!” two pieces isn’t two items ie: two dishcloths are not to pieces just two items. Two pieces would be mittens, socks, top&bottoms baby outfit, etc…

 K: binary

C: Sorry, crocheters, no ready-made crochet patterns here! But keep in mind that things made with a single set of House colours are binary, as are socks, mittens... 
Also, check out this site for a list of letters and numbers in binary: Binary Alphabet

 Other methods for assigning numbers to letters are the Agrippan and Chaldean method – check out Wiki… you know you want to! ;-)

The Droste Effect is a special recursive picture where a smaller version of the picture is embedded within the original picture where you expect it to be, and an even smaller picture is embedded, etc. An archery target could be an example of the Droste effect because of the smaller and smaller circles one inside the next.

And anyone who has seen the Stephen Colbert painting he recently auctioned off for charity has seen an example of the Droste effect: 

This was covered in Arithmancy in January 2010. A link to that class is here: Arithmancy January 2010
Take a careful look at the header for examples and page through the class submissions.
Here's a few ideas in addition to that:


Geometry – make something that is inspired by a geometric shape and explain to us more about the shape.

Okay, basic geometry you learned in school. Two kinds of geometric forms out there: Regular polygons, where every side has the same length and angle between them, and non-regular polygons. For the sake of my sanity, and to keep from busting the server, I'm going to limit our examples to regular polygons only.

Geometric shape names: triangle, square, rectangle, diamond, circle, sphere, hexagon, octogon,  dodecohedron, heptagon, pentagon

Triangle: C: triangle-hair-scarf       K: ostrich-feather-lace-kerchief

Square: C:  arches-square            K: circle-takes-the-square hat
granny-square-market-bag              colorful-squares-scarf

Rectangle C:  perfect-purse          K: Rectangle-hat-knit

Diamond: C: diamond-granny-bag   K: diamond-fingerless-gloves

Circle: C: spiderweb-table-topper   K: felted-coasters-hot-pads-and-beverage-jackets

Sphere: C: deal-crochet-sphere  K: oh-balls

 Hexagon: : C:  phazelias-laptop-case K: coaster-2

Octagon: C: lotus-flowers-cuff K: victoria

Dodecahedron: C: celestine-crochet K: doddy ball

Heptagon: C: jewel-heptagonal-potholder K: heptagonal-wash-dish-anycloth

Pentagon: C:  amiga K:soccer-ball-2

Spinterview with darahmartin!

Bursting with pride darahmartin flounced in to the common room for her first spinterview with me, CherrySprinkle, Gryffindor's resident roving reporter. Over a large plate of lion cookies and a few tall glasses of butter beer I got all the juicy details about darahmartin's spinning hobby! She's a relatively new spinner but eager to learn more and we are all eager to see her finished wheel and a lot more yarn photos! Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me darahmartin, I had a great time getting to know you through our interview!

CS: What attracted you to spinning? How did it all start?
DM: Looking at all the beautiful fibers everyone else was spinning. I remember getting a spinning lesson in 8th grade at a “Pioneer Days” we had at our school. The instructor said I had very even tension and was impressed that I had never spun before.

CS: Was it difficult for you to learn to spin? Did someone teach you?
DM: YES!! I just watched a TON of YouTube videos and my DH helped calm me down when I couldn’t get it to work. Eventually it just clicked.

CS: Do you have a wheel or are you using a drop spindle?
DM: I started with a drop spindle because I was trying to save us money. I really wanted a wheel, but knew we couldn’t really afford one. 2 months later it was my birthday, so I begged everyone for one that I found on Ebay….and I got it!

CS: Do you prefer single or double treadle and why?
DM: Double, ummm…more evenly toned legs?

CS: Do you care to share with us where you purchased it?
DM: Ebay! (It’s a Kromski and I got all the contact info for New Voyager in case I have any problems…so it’s all good.)

CS: What is your favorite spinning fiber? and why?
DM: So far I’ve only been spinning on the wool log my DH found for me. It’s my free practice log until I get good enough to trust myself with the “expensive” stuff I got for my birthday.

CS: What do you like most about spinning yarn? How do you feel that handspun yarns compare to commercially available yarns?
DM: I like the creativity of creating my own yarn. It may not be as beautiful or as even (yet) as most of the commercial yarns I have in my stash. But I made it. There’s not another skein out there like it. I just love the personality and individualism that comes from handspun yarn. And anything homemade.

CS: What is your favorite spinning method? long draw, park and draft, etc.
DM: I’d like to learn to long draw, but right now I’m still on park and draft or my singles get really really thick!

CS: What about spinning has been the most difficult for you?
DM: That first day was awful. I was ready to chuck my wheel out the window because I couldn’t get the bobbin to take up. I just packed it up after about an hour and didn’t touch it for 2 days. Finally I was determined to conquer the beast and just went really really slow. Turns out I guess I was just treadling to fast so my singles were to thick to get through the orifice. Doh!

CS: How long does it usually take you to spin 4oz of roving or a 4oz batt?
DM: A couple hours (as long as the kids and the cats leave me alone.)

CS: What is your favorite handspun project? And what’s your favorite handspun yarn?
DM: I still haven’t made enough of a yarn that I think is good enough to make a project. I will be working on a hat for my first project eventually though. Darah’s First Yarn.

CS: Do you put any planning into your spinning ahead of time or do you just spin and what you get is what you get?
DM: I have BIG plans for my 2 nice batts, my practice log is just spinning for practice. I work on my tension and everything, but don’t stress if it’s not perfect. Plying makes everything better!

CS: Do you have a dream wheel or spindle?
DM: My wheel once it’s all decorated and finished. Hopefully my DH will finish it soon! (I was to impatient to wait to spin until he finished it first, and now he can’t get it away from me long enough to finish it.)

CS: Do you have any tips or tricks to share with us about spinning?
DM: Patience, and Practice. It’ll all work out in the end. And it’ll be beautiful!

September Transfiguration IDeas

Hi all !
It's September 6th, Labour Day. Hope you all are able to take it easy as much as possible today, and what better way to spend the day than by crafting some stuff for HPKCHC?

This month, Transfiguration is taking us all the way back to the beginning. Back to...the beetles! Yes, your assignment is to convert beetles into buttons. There are 3 methods by which this can be done for points this term.

Option 1: Knit,crochet, weave or felt an item which uses one or more buttons for closure. This means that both button(s) and buttonhole(s) will be present in your item. Possible patterns to use for this will be:



Option 2: Knit, crochet, weave, or felt an item which incorporates one or more decorative buttons into its design. This means that the button is called for in the pattern. The profs want to avoid someone just tacking something onto an object, without reason. Possible Patterns to use for this will be:


Option 3: Spinners have the option of working with tiny beetles to produce beads or sequins instead of buttons. Once you have done so, incorporate them into an art yarn. What you want the end result to look like is something like this:
This example is from rsuntop's collection on Ravelry. Other Ravellers worth checking out for inspiration include Weird, Velmalikevelvet, Jazzturtle and JoTanDesigns.

Last but not least, is the area of bonus points. The profs have expanded their list of ways to get bonus points this month to include showing a picture of the beetle(s) prior to being transformed. Easy peasy!
Copy some of the images I've included below, or look on the internet for more (wikipedia is a good source).

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Roar Roar GRYFFINDOR!!!!

Every term NQFY's shuffle into the sorting ceremony looking to join in the fun of the HPKCHC. Sadly some never participate for whatever reason.

Then you get a standout first year like OfAvalonia.

In her first week of being a Gryffindor she has already handed in assignments for six classes! That means she has already earned us the full amount of base class points possible.

Herbology homework:
Mabon Mitts

Transfiguration homework:
Vabbian iPod Cosy (4)

DADA homework:
Proxy Foxy (1)

Potions homework:
Cat's Meow (2)

HoM homework:

and last but not least (especially since it fits our house unity project this month)

Flying homework:
To Hedwig!

Did I mention she is planning on submitting an OWL as well.... and already has some fingerless mittens on the needles for qudditch? Yeah.

This is Jaclyn Bailey, Your Projects Highlighter signing off to get to work! (since I feel like a slacker now!)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Common Room Recap pg 20 - 38

Time for another CRR and boy is it a big one!

I started off sharing my progress photos of my mittens & hat! Don't forget! If you're a Kromski spinner, we have a project thread for you! in which frick already completed a hat for! Mauri is asking for advice using elastic thread and socks.. Kate1138 has brought goodies again to the common room, this time its lion cookies, yummy coffee, & tea! Reminder that all Gryffindor students that wish to submit an OWL needs to fill out the form at the top of the OWL thread. PennyIA shared her OWL proposal with us. I found a hat that would be perfect for TheKnittedJuggler!

autumnleaf77 shared that she is expecting another little Gryffindor! Go and give her some love and encouragement! Aras has shared with us her plans and OWLs. OneKnittyChick let us know that the mallet of sanity is still doing its job! OfAvalonia has turned in her Herbology homework! Angiejude is still looking for some of that baby water, so if you have any, please give her an extra big glass. But autumnleaf77 suggested those who do not want to have the baby water, might do better drinking from a flast like Professor Moody... and stuartsmom is wondering if the lion cookies could possibly be the cause of the Gryffindor baby boom? But Kate1138 assures everyone that the cookies are in fact fertility-free cookies and USDA approved.

Aras is looking for some advice on how to match up hand painted yarns for her cardigan, while TheKnittedJuggler is learning trick juggling, stitchywitchy shared that she juggles time! and stuartsmom found an image to support her proclamations! and brought some butterbeer from Hogsmeade to share with us all. OfAvalonia has started a project for Quidditch, and look who made an appearance in her photograph and her ravatar! Does Vertigo1414 know about this?? and then OfAvalonia shared a picture of Gerard in some awesome knit wear!

naturallyknitty has just gotten her pattern published at KnitPick's! RayOLR is wondering if cotton and bamboo require blocking? lupingirl is asking all of Gryffindor to keep the OWL thread clutter free, and if you would like to comment on someone's OWL proposal, please post it in the Gryffindor common room and earburn them so that they know to read your post! :) Vertigo1414 proved that only Gerard can make a mullet look hot.

Jajigirl shared a photo of something she is making and its beautiful! derricksdoll has suggested to me that all Kromski owners should share a photograph of their wheels with the Kromski train group, and you can do that here. lisakbye and I have shared ours. Because I was on vacation, the first offical Lion Chat movie will take place next Thursday (Sept 9, at 8pm EST/ 5pm PT). I found another hat for TheKnittedJuggler and continued to enable her some more. lupingirl shared an awesome shawl pattern and she isn't even a shawl person!

jedimeg16 let us know that there is a broadway musical swap going on in the odd ducks of ravelry group. OneKnittyChick reminds us that with the holidays coming up larger projects can be used as an HoM OWL which will earn a lot more points than turned in for classes and lupingirl is curious about how you say the word "pudding" and then she shared some news about Cascade 22o Sport! derricksdoll shared her monthly plans while Kate1138 shared some more cookies, coffee, and tea for us all.

lupingirl let StarKnits know that the answer to life and everything is 42. Vertigo1414 has let us know that there has been a small update at the Owl Post Office regarding allergies.

In Lion Chat on Thursday (9/2) the subject of Ravelry's wishlist came up and we are encouraging all Gryffindor students to fill out their wishlists. spartyliblover shared her OWL progress, some fabrics intended to be needle cases, and some really yummy food! cre8vladyb is wondering why her yarn splits a part while she knits, can you help her figure it out? frick was awarded the first roaring lion badge, congrats frick!! and last but not least.. CrochetByClare shared an amazingly adorable transfiguration project!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sep 2010 Inspirations

Hello Everyone

WoolenHorse here for the first time as your Project Expert for Herbology, History of Magic and Potions, I have really enjoyed the process of putting this list together although it has been harder than I had imagined. I hope to be a little faster next time but for those of you still struggling for inspiration here are some thoughts.

First off Herbology

Think tidy but remember you need to be sticking to either gardening or yarn craft in your tool care. This is where my train of though led me. First there is that long list of needle cosies on the linky for you to peruse, then the pot cosy caught my eye and made me think "Mmmmm tea!!!", well I am English! So I thought cup cosy after all you need to keep warm outdoors so I found this for a Hoot! (K) perfect if you are looking for a pride project or the very pretty Patty (K) and remember it can always be used as an emergency mandrake warmer. Then for a bigger project I spotted a proper Garden Bag (C). Then going back off the wall again I saw this great Slug (K), my story is "You have terrible trouble with Flesh-Eating Slugs and have resorted to luring them to their doom with this pretty lady". Back on track again I found some lovely Mitts (K) and some even better Gloves (K) if your feeling brave. But for me it will be a fab perfect little Project Bag (C) which also has a version for Knitter's. For the DYERS out there you have a couple of choices but I have one word for you "Rhubarb!". And if you spin well String String String that has to be justifiable.

Next up History of Magic and my has this caused a lot of consternation!

I think the key here is that most things can fit if you think carefully but stick to the castle's magical interior. Moving stairs were the first thing to catch my imagination and the esteemed Escher (the man must have been a wizard) so how about some Escher inspired Socks (K) or even just a simple Staircase (K) pattern. Then there was the Great Hall where the roof may be Stormy (K), full of Stars (K) or dark as the deepest shadow with just one Evening Star (C). For all those hidden things secret passages or the room of requirement why not try your hand at a touch of Illusion Knitting (K) or for the Incurably Brave (K). Finally the pictures and a little lateral thinking brought me to a Moving Picture (C) or a Very Headmasterly Cap (K). I meanwhile will be Hedwiging (K) it to my pride project.

And finally to Potions ..............

........excuse me just taking a moment to remember the Dreamy Mr S! Where were we?

Well on this one it is a real case of anything goes you can fix and embellish or make a new and beautiful thing so I will just list a few things I find lovely. Dyers and spinners meanwhile the world is your Oyster.

Small, Little Flowers (C), T-Shirt (C),
Book Crazy (C), Sew Sweet (K), Winter Baby (K), or A Bit of Flare (K).

Large Scarflette (C), Loving Lace (K), Floral Fantasy (K), Cuddly Cowl (K), old Style Christmas (K) or Sexy Socks (K).

And what better to beautify your little corner of the tower than A Lovely Lion (C).

Hope that helps!!! Good Luck

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Common Room Recap pg 1 - 19

Wow, Gryffindor sure is a chatty bunch on the first day of term! Time to get started with the first CRR already!

Things stared off with the usual meet & greets and the sharing of class project ideas, until stacylovesyarn brought out the mallet of sanity to using it to thwack OneKnittyChick's & noonee's coworkers! Our fitness guru Jajigirl has a fitness challenge thread going in Lion Pride here, and she's welcoming everyone to join here. Jedimeg16 shared an absolutely adorable photo of her little boy here.

Kate1138 brought some delicious goodies to the common room to share with everyone! Cathymimi has joined us again after a brief hiatus and we are thrilled to have her back with us! Jedimeg16 is blaming me (CherrySprinkle) for her new spinning abilities ... I take my job very seriously as house enabler you know! I outlined the Wednesday chat times here.

MINDYSUE gave us an update about Quidditch including extra points here! I shared a photo of my Divination OWL swatch. stuartsmom gave us an over-view of the Quidditch rules to help you answer some questions you may have. KrazyQuilts was wondering if using Pi would be ok for Arithmancy and the answer seems to be yes!

Covington shared a photo of her beautiful blue dishcloth square and earned Gryffindor 15pts! and she is looking for some help fitting a project into classes. Madeleine reminded us that Gryffindor has turned in the first FOUR homework assignments here! Way to go Gryffindor!!

Mauri shared her awesome NEWT mittens. naturallyknitty shared her amazing handspun for her NEWT! lupingirl is asking Gryffindor to honor our fallen and is asking you to please consider honoring Hedwig by turning in an OWL themed project this month or referencing the Owlery, an OWL cable, etc.

.. and that should catch you up on what you missed on your first day in the Common Room!