Saturday, October 16, 2010

Muggle Studies

Continuing the theme of Mugglemania, this month also brings us Muggle Studies, and their hypnotic device, known as the TeeVee. Most Muggle homes contain this device -- some have as many as 7! Indeed, Muggles are so obsessed with these contraptions, they even have them in their eating establishments, issuing out a cacaphony of sounds while they eat. It must be like getting attacked by Screamers all day long!.
In order to better understand what the possible reasons for this obsession might be, our professors wish us to find a Muggle TeeVee and watch a single 'episode' of any 'program' available. Then we are to interpret what we see as either a knit or crochet project.

So how to do this? 
You could draw inspiration from something that you see the characters wearing on the show, the names of the characters, the type of things you think exemplify the characters/show/plot. The world is pretty much your oyster on this one. A story is going to count for a lot. Remember, the operative word here is TV show; no Sunday night replays of old movies. Has to be something that was originally designed for the boob-tube.
For further inspiration, check out , Youtube, or Google Images. Also, don't forget to check if your favourite show has any Ravelry groups dedicated to it -- they may already have the perfect pattern for you!

Bonus points: Both DevonC and Anna92 have fallen under the spell of several Muggle programs. If you manage to create a work inspired by one of their favourites, they have promised to reward you  with a bonus. Our professor, DevonC, seems to be inspired particularly by the works of a Muggle named Joss Whedon. He is responsible for several Muggle shows, namely Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Tru Calling. I suspect it is the first one on the list the prof is really enamored with. Here's a possible run down of projects you could make and tie into the show:

Firefly: firefly-jayne-hat
jayne-cobb-hat-5 Crocheted

Monday, October 11, 2010

Transfiguration October 2010

It's the month of October, folks, and you know what that means-- the Muggle holiday of Hallowe'en is nearly upon us. For people that don't believe magic exists, they are startlingly in love with the effects of transfiguration hexes and cross-species switches. So, this month in Transfiguration, we are honouring both the Muggle festival of Hallowe'en, and Nymphadora Tonks, a Metamorphmagus of high skill.

This month, your assignment, if you choose to complete it, is to create a costume that helps disguise you, your child/friend/live animal familiar, so as to be able to move freely on Hallowe'en night amidst the partying Muggles.
Now, this means that whatever you decide to ape (even if it's not an ape), has to be visible in some manner on your upper torso/head/legs. Nothing that gets hidden by pants/under shirts here. So sorry, but those awesome pirate socks Jajigirl did last month won't be eligible. You gotta see it to be it.

So, costumes....Here's a bunch to start you off right. Knit or crochet only for this class. As always, these are the free options; you may have greater inspiration with the application of a few Knuts, Galleons or Sickles to the Ravatron.

bokaclava - devil
ducky-slippers crocheted adult
skeleton sweater
Crocheted knight costume
Animal Familiars
  halloween-dog- Skull coat

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Common Room Recap pg pg 188 - 219

DeannaJ shares some blueberry coffee and coffee cake with us! and I had to rip back more rows in mohair!!! lisakbye has an earworm, can you cure her? and won the random friday prize! PennyIA lets us know she's ready for another food fight! and gives Harry some goodies.. and she shared a photo of her sweater! The Potter sillybands craze continues! and Madeleine shows off her loots. CrochetByClare shares a Sheldon Cooper video. Galena and her husband fenced over their wedding cake.. no really! She has pics to prove it!

lupingirl got a wonderful surprise gift from her fellow Gryffindor students! and announces winners in the Triwizard Tournament and a reminder about the Ravenclaw tower party.Vertigo1414 has caught multiplitis. derricksdoll decided to be me for DADA and shared an awesome photo! I bet you can't even tell us a part now! and look at this awesome rug she made! won't that be fabulous in her new kitchen?!

naturallyknitty made an ipod cozy for herbology. Voldemort made me crap my pants song!! earworm infection guaranteed... proceed at your own risk! Mauri lets us know that Hermione has some pretty awesome projects queued! StarKnits is asking if there is interest in her steeking argyle vest? CrochetByClare got a speeding ticket... but I think he was really just trying to get her address from her drivers license cause shes a hottie! and she shared a new project! and a photo of a somewhat suggestive crochet pattern!! Gryffindor's are really chatty and Siriusly has a chart to prove it! jedimeg16 brings us lion cookies!

StarKnits shared a photo of her death socks! and turns them in! and the group, if you're interested is the Death by Socks on Yahoo and I believe they have a ravelry group too? I kicked off a CherrySprinkle ravatar contest and though we had many, many awesome entries, I picked 2 winners! Hermione shared her first and second NQFY projects! and we celebrated her birthday! talk like a pirate day was upon us! and Stargirl09 shares a funny thread with us.. and should you be lost on the translations, this link should help you!

Jajigirl shares an awesome photo of her new hair color! and a photo of her adorable puppies along with a progress photo of her pirate socks! stacylovesyarn has been busy working on some really beautiful stockings! and a photo of her lovely yarn haul. I finally managed to get a somewhat decent photo of my deer hat. The mallet of sanity comes out! darahmartin woke up to find a surprise made by her son.. fuzziekit finished a dust bunny! and had a horrible first date! OneKnittyChick shares a photo of herself in a tabloid!

lisakbye shares a recipe for a southwest skillet!! TheKnittedJuggler has her first official date! and a photo of a beautiful colorful bird. DeannaJ is looking for a coconut bra! and jedimeg16 suggests this pattern. What kind of vampire knitter are you? There's been a lot of American Girl doll talk, follow this strand to read some of it :) referencegoddess shares a photo of her christmas socking. JaclynBailey needs some love and she shares a photo of her baby. spartyliblover shares photos of hummingbird banding.. jedimeg16 shares the sillyband package contents with us. FlyKytten has started spinning!