Monday, April 18, 2011

Spinning Contest Winner!!

First and foremost, I am thrilled that each of you gave art yarns a try! I hope that you will continue to make them on occasion, and above all else, I hope that you really enjoyed creating something that is entirely uniquely yours!!

So without further adieu.. here are your entries.

#1 WoolenHorse

#2 PeggyIA

#3 naturallyknitty

and the winner is...

Congratulations naturallyknitty!! You can now send me (CherrySprinkle) a private message on ravelry with the pattern purchase of your choice! Any pattern on ravelry, not exceeding $10, and it will be gift purchased for you.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

a massive up date for this last CRR. pges 370-429

I cannot believe i haven't done a CRR in this long. i'm such a slacker... so here's a quick update...(meaning i'm scanning and posting the things that catch my eye)

Spartyliblover made a great hat. NK's hat for her daughter's Dr. Suess party is sooo awesome i want one! Autumnleaf77 finished her COMC OWL!!! I love it. and I'm not showing that photo to my kids b/c they'll most likely want one. Vertigo went to WEBS and shared her haul with us! and teases us with baby alpaca... lovely. TKJ is famous for pokemon. FlyKytten wants some resume help. Amigal would like some ribbon or yarn bits if you have any. Look at Jaji's puppies. CS shared a photo of her dog on her quilt. Looking for a fun new Rule's of hogwarts ravatar? here's a website. Check out JediMeg's baby! he's so big and totally adorable!! There was a poll. but it's ended but still fun to look at. A few winners were announced.  FG has some patience! Galena found a funny photo. Look at CS's beautiful quilt. Savy got a new drop spindle. a day in the life of TKJ. Mauri's shawl is finished. Look at FF's beautiful mittens and complete OWL. Look at ADL's baby bump! I was surprised to be nominated for a prize. CLMNJ is a grammy! nesterknitter's tale of woe... so sad. RG's wondering where this came from.. she can send it to me if she'd like! TKJ made a hat and a guy in a band wanted it. she gave it to him. Beautiful sweater AmyPC! NaturallyKnitty finished her OWL sweater. I got a new car/van and had to share. Oh Autumnleaf77 you're so cute! RiverCameron shared a photo of her son. GG wants us to see this. PennyIA those are HUGE squares! A77 has a question for your cloth diapering mommas.ADL finished her OWL. OKC is looking for graphic designers. Noonee that's a lovely sweater! NK i love that sweater. FF those are some great projects. WH those are pretty purple projects! Be proud of what you did finish this past term! AAHHH Puffy! A mini quidditch set. that is just awesome!!! Knitwit that is awesome, so is thisApril fool's day means it's the official end of term! But I think i'll continue and catch you up to the current then we'll start again next term.Oh pretty! Yay some roaring lion badges! Scary. Pretty.
Go frick with your NEWT proposal! Oh Vert that's a great pattern! Oh a HP scene.... check it out! Oh i did and Warner Bros' asked them to remove it.. bummer i didn't get to see it. a PSA of sorts. ((hugs)) and Love to our HOH. Lupingirl is starting 2012A with the help of some other friends... RS who's partying with Snape, DW has some spells. Cattiekins is rounding people up. CS has brought the hotties. and Seakame brought even more! NK lovely scarf/shawl/test crochet! Sparty is bringing more men. AI got the vanishing cabinet working! Vox8 is taking names and kicking butt. good thing we KNOW people to get our 2012A started right. Oh one more.
Straayerliz's newt was approved! Frog cards are going up. TKJ brought some trouble makers.

and that should catch you up for the end of the term! enjoy!