Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gryffindor Progress!

This month is full of tricky homework prompts, but Gryffindors are rising to the challenge left and right! Here's some inspiration for project ideas you might want to consider for the second half of the month! Today we have projects from COMC and Potions to share!

Care of Magical Creatures:

Name: PatriciaO
House: Gryffindor
Option: 3) Provide a bit of home for the Lethifold by creating something that will remind him of his natural habitat in the tropics.
Project page: Deux Tourbillions
Wand movements (i.e. Yardage): 350 yds
tag: pride sugar quills
At night the tropics have a dusky purple hue with touches of teal and black. And the twisted vines wind around, wrapping the unsuspecting. These socks with a twisting pattern and dark colors should make our little lethifold feel right at home.

Deux Tourbillions
Name: pinkleo
House: Gryffindor, Pepper Imps
Option 2: Craft a blanket or blanket square/s to represent the feeding ground of the lethifold
Wand movements: 200yds
I have created a lethifold feeding ground..though I have NO desire to attract this creature anywhere near me. Thank goodness they do not dwell where I live, but just the thought…:::shudder:::

lethifold playground

Name: GypSee Art
House: Gryffindor, Sugar Quills
Option: Lily Evans
Yardage: 374 yards of single
Project Page: here
Explanation of how your homework fits the prompt:
I have spun a yarn inspired by Lily Evans. It contains a lot of yellow and orange colors inspired by Lily’s beautiful hair. Also with orange color I wanted to show Lily’s passion for life. My yarn also contains pink and purple colors to show Lily’s gentle and kind nature and loving character.

image title
Name: PinkLemons
House: Gryffindor, Pride Pepper Imps
Option: Lily
Yardage: 75.3 yards
Project Page: Blooming Twilight
Tag: S13Potter
Thank you for the once in a lifetime opportunity to talk to these three great legends. I spent most of my time chatting with Lily, because she was so warm and friendly.
In response to a question I asked about her most memorable moment with James, she told me of the time they had taken a boat ride down a river while watching the sunset. As she said this, I thought about how much like the sunset Lily herself was – beautiful, vibrant, widely appreciated and admired – and how the sun had set on Lily’s life far too early.

Blooming Twilight

Friday, July 5, 2013

Stop and Shop

Summer and vacation season has officially begun.

Part of summer tends to include trips whether near or far. Perhaps, you could consider include visiting a LYS at your destination. See what other locals have to offer in the way of fiber. You might find a gem that is not available in your area.

When you visit these LYS, let them know you are visiting. It's possible you might be able to join in some knitting fun that is not available in your locale. For instance, in our area, a visitor entered a LYS and let us know she was visiting. We invited her to an evening of knitting at a coffee shop that had a special event (music and poetry). Our visitor joined us and had a "BLAST".

It is easy to find local yarn shops, just google "yarn shops (name of the area)". Poof, you will find a wealth of information. Take your crafting with you, because you might have the chance to sit and knit awhile. I did this last year, and I learned new knitting information and ideas.

Take pictures of your new friends and share pictures of your knitting friends from the land in which you hail. People love to see pictures. Take pictures of some of your projects with you so you can share your treasure trove. Sort of a brag book can be a conversation starter.

Ask your new buddies information about sites, good restaurants, upcoming events, etc. You are likely to learn more intimate information about the locale that is not in the travel guides or your trip planner. It is a good way to learn what to do and what not to do in the area.

Taking these little side trip can take an hour or half a day. Either way, you will learn something different about your vocation spot. I have found that LYS people are very welcoming and more than willing to help.

Take some time this summer to explore new territory. Most of all, enjoy. Share some of your tales here with us about visiting LYS in new areas.