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Chatty Chatty! pgs 16-45

Where I keep up with the common room so YOU don't have to! Let's just jump in...

There are a few more intros trickling in. FantasyFlyte, MindySue, Galena, Monkeybutton, Fr3ckles, Kjhhall, Aikaterini, Covington, CherrrySprinkle, Stuartsmom CommaSplice, Stacylovesyarn, DeannaJ,

TKJ is making progress on her world record scarf!!! Give Fuzzybritches some love and send her some airborne or a bubble to live in. something! Amazing courage Monkeybutton and what a scary story I'm so glad you're OK! (i know it happened a while ago) JaclynBailey has the best answer for anything. ever. She needs some help with her OWL planning. (the 2 links are for 2 owls) Our OWL examiner SadieLou stopped by to give some advice to PennyIA. FlyKitten has a question about some yarn. please go give her some advice. Autumnleaf77 is having a boy!!! Jaji reports that the gym is in full motion and she's lost her voice. Can you help FF fit the colors of her projects with a character? Oh nevermind she figured it out. and JB has her's mostly figured out too.. AnnaMarya is made of awesome! Check out PennyIA's 100 charity hats challenge she's started for herself. Autumnleaf77 is asking for some grafting help. Fricknfrack would like to call your attention to our Owl examiners this term.
Then a huge to cut or not to cut conversation got started you can feel free to follow it by clicking here at ground zero and following the comments or not. **We are all very open minded about it and not judging anyone so don't read if you're going to be upset!**
FlyKitten is breaking our eardrums but for a good reason. Lupingirl is behind the scenes getting things ready. NaturallyKnitty has an announcement. Help Wanted. Roaring Lion Award Help! Want to be a project expert? And another announcement but from me.
Got some shawl help or just talk for Noonee? TKJ is taking her scarf to boarders. (i sure wish there were one of those near me) CS has some good news from her aunt. send her the thoughts and prayers and good vibes!
Yarn Sale! We're all insanely jealous of Angiejude and Sparty unless you're one of the lucky ones who's been to the HP theme park. (unless I'm projecting my feelings on the whole house that is) SavvyKnits is counting down the hours till she can CO something. ::giggle:: aren't we all?!?
and with that you're caught up for the most part!
until next time..

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Welcome! CRR pages 1-15

cookies provided by katie1138
Hi and Welcome to a new term in Gryffindor! I'm your common room recap reporter, you may call me StarKnits, Allena, or hey you head girl, I'll answer to most anything.
I go through the CR and recap it so you don't have to read every single little post in there. And we chatter a lot, look at the CR now, we have only been open a day and we're 15 pages already. I love photos so if you  want in the CRR post a photo of you or something you made and I'm pretty sure it'll be in here somewhere. If you've got a question or have some help and advice to offer it will probably make the CRR also. So have fun and get chatting! Ok with out further ado.. lets get going.
If you read nothing else please read THIS post and then THIS one and THIS one and you're good. If you'd like to read more, follow me!

Everyone was enjoying the new common room and there are a bunch of ickle firsties! Then we got started with some intros  Jedimeg16, PennyIA, Stitchywitchy, StarKnits (that's me), Jajigirl, NaturallyKnitty, Adevinelife, Mauri, Slmoses, Spartyliblover, Cassie250, BellaMoon, LupingirlFabGrandma, HermioneWeasley, WoolenHorse, Frick, AnnaMarya, Kneady, AussieLeo, Vertigo1414, TheKnittedJuggler (tkj for short), M8land, dumelaisuzu, Angiejude, kimanneberly, Noonee, Katie1138,
Lupingirl has an announcement and AmyPC is able to knit again after a small injury. Attention all 1st years please read this post and click the links. and TKJ is hinting at something fun..... I know what it is but I'm not telling!!! IT's going to be AWESOME!!! The house Ghost stopped by and then was corrected by the Headmisstress. Woolenhorse reveals her mad plan! Noonee got engaged! Check out that ring and there's an update here. Jajigirl has announced the opening of the new Gryffie Gym!!!  Rockinsticks stopped by and asked 1st years to go here.
Today is Frida's birthday! Happy Birthday puppy!  Jajigirl has brought some coffee and cookies to enjoy.
And with that you're caught up! Until next time!

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Sign UP!!!

It's time to sign up for the next term. Here's the sorting ceremony. Click sign up and have fun!

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Common Room Recap pg 406 - 426

stacyloves yarn brings out the mallet of sanity for KrazyQuilts and clmj58. Angiejude went to see the doctor to confirm the news! OneKnittyChick had a great interview and tells us her fears of moving to MN! but she is still looking for positive energy and happy job vibes! jedimeg16 shares her story of when she first found out she was expecting with Angie.. trainergirl15 gives us a much needed laugh in the common room. I have a little bit of family stress going on :( but my Twinkie Chan book came and that makes me happy!! WoolenHorse gives some much needed light for those of us who need it and has a super scary plan! CrochetByClare gives us a doggy adoption update!

JasminJaquine temps us with a quidditch tshirt, but the link has since expired for the quidditch tee and is now another super cute shirt that also has a 24hr expiration limit.. but it's still enabling none the less! AmyPC is meeting up with stitchywitchy! Angiejude tells us of her parents reactions to the happy news. autumnleaf77 shares a super cute photo of a hat she's made.. and I have made some progress on my cupcake scarf! ZTAgirlknits has turned in an adorable little owl. CrochetByClare has finished the adoption paperwork for her pup!! WoolenHorse is asking you to help out in the quidditch department.. and just in case you are looking for a few more quick projects for quidditch or classes, here are a few! KrazyQuilts has some gryffie handspun!

JuliaV927 saw a pumpkin and thought of us! stacylovesyarn would like to remind you to check the dueling club. spartyliblover is also interviewing in MN! Dark mark cupcakes? autumnleaf77 has gotten a spinning wheel! I've just bought my first hot water bottle, with a little help from lisakbye! this could only happen to me... backwards loop cast on video.. WoolenHorse would like your help finding crochet squares.. Hogwarts castle cake for vanessamn's birthday! Galena's dr gives her the a-OK to knit! dueling club results are in. I finished my cupcake scarf!! stitchywitchy loves thimble doodads.. and she even shows us what hers looks like.. and PennyIA tells us where to buy them!

stitchywitchy has won a prize!! TheKnittedJuggler has another date! Madeleine is asking for your help with some boy Christmas gifts. FlyKytten pops in to tell us she loves spinning! Go poke StarKnits to make her get off the computer and start knitting! FlyKytten is asking for ivory wedding etiquette advice. spartyliblover tells us about the interview. Galena's husband has started yarn licking! Jajigirl tells us of her party!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Common Room Recap pg 321 - 406

and the final update! after this post you should be caught up and current in the Gryffindor common room happenings! :)

SR is taking FantasyFlyte to WEBS! spartyliblover finished her Luna apparel for Halloween.. and shes asking for a super fast fingerless mitten pattern. TheKnittedJuggler is being bothered by the drama llama.. so stacylovesyarn brings the mallet of sanity out to help! referencegoddess has suffered a loss :( lupingirl came back from vacation and she visited tons of places! JaclynBailey says shes traveled lots with metal circs.. however OneKnittyChick says shes had some issues. JaclynBailey shares her enchilada casserole recipe. Aesclinn wins a key chain from StarKnits! autumnleaf77 received a package from the owl post from Jensta79! My long awaited rainbow crochet hooks arrived.. and PennyIA lets us know that the covers she knit for her hooks didn't really work :(

naturallyknitty is now a paid designer! and is asking where she should put her lion.. vanessamn gives us a boy update! noonee shares some awesome crochet portraits with us.. jedimeg16 takes Ian to the aquarium! WoolenHorse shares her recipe for Christmas coffee.. and noonee tells us that karo (corn syrup) can be substituted for the golden syrup.. lupingirl says Gryffindor is still in the lead! CrochetByClare gives us a doggy search update! A few of us are already OWL planning for next term! but the UK yarn I was considering is not as price friendly for the yardage needed. My calculations with some extra yardage for the Lafayette blanket in Caron Simply Soft with the proper colors. StarKnits uploaded a pattern to ravelry and one won a prize on the Knitmore Girls podcast! FantasyFlyte made some really cute things. hermionegraner gives us an update. PennyIA shares a project shes considering for Herbology. DeannaJ is asking you to tell her to get back to work! Galena won a prize on the House Cup blog!

TheKnittedJuggler and TJ broke up. JaclynBailey gives her some moral support.. and TheKnittedJuggler is feeling much better now. stitchywitchy says Atley had an accident that needed stitches! ZTAgirlknits got a big box of goodies! lisakbye has lost her sister :( spartyliblover shares a pic of her mitts! lisakbye found a spinning-bike! CrochetByClare shares a photo of a baby with an interesting diaper cover! trainergirl15 gives us an update and she's met a nice boy! I have cracked the Lafayette blanket edging! TheKnittedJuggler met Saving Abel.. and she's got a new boy interested! WoolenHorse is looking for a Caribbean meat casserole recipe.. CrochetByClare has some lovely beads! and shares her weekend doings. I'm asking for some very quick project advice for little kiddos. fuzzybritches may have caught my queue bug! and FantasyFlyte has caught a real one :( fuzziekit shares a pic of the gypsy scarf. darahmartin got a job!! GirlyPurl is thinking about doing the KP fall/winter seasons shawl.

Mauri is now my hero! she's test knit for Jared Flood (BrooklynTweed)!! Vertigo1414 needs some hugs. FantasyFlyte shares a pic of her mustache gloves. I share pics of my hats. TheKnittedJuggler shares costume pics. stacylovesyarn brings the mallet of sanity down on the head of that lady for Vertigo1414. alexist has an awesome crochet blanket pattern!! Cute newborn photo, just because. Vertigo1414 gets Monty! jedimeg16 shares a progress photo of her Hermione sweater! PennyIA found a really nice sweater pattern, possibly OWL material? Jensta79 is asking if you use twitter? stitchywitchy is getting health insurance!! ZTAgitlknits found Harry Potter quidditch curtains and says the HP bathroom is a go! FantasyFlyte is asking for good luck wishes! Mauri posts the great pumpkin escape! stuartsmom has found a sweater that may help PennyIA. lisakbye shares a video of a tree house of horrors! FantasyFlyte has/had free needles to a good home. Madeleine shares a duck tales video. Jajigirl has learned to use her spinning wheel! and shares some info about the cool stuff you can do in posts on Rav! WoolenHorse was asking for some yardage advice for mittens. derricksdoll makes an appearance in the common room! and Mauri seems to be catching the yuck that's going around :( chris01 went to a fiber festival and has some spindle questions.. and Jajigirl gives her some advice. FantasyFlyte has found a hand driven spinning wheel! and shares a pic of her finished hat. StarKnits has some pretty handspuns!

I share a pic of my OWL singles.. naturallyknitty is in a bit of NEWT panic.. JaclynBailey shares a tragic news story with us, the reason for her trip to CA.. Vertigo1414 had to let Monty go.. Jajigirl shows us her first ever wheel spun yarn.. naturallyknitty finished her baby lion pants! I finished my 50% Herbology OWL.. derricksdoll is looking to fit a hat into classes.. naturallyknitty posts a progress photo of her NEWT sweater. On my spinning wheel I can spin fine without lacing my flier.. but WPI tools help keep a consistent single.. and a little bit of info on how I spin.. Quietish says she may rejoin us in spring! TheKnittedJuggler has yummy cookies! Vote for Trubie to help naturallyknitty win! vanessamn needs some advice. Movie night schedule for November has been posted. OneKnittyChick has an interview!!!

Angiejude is expecting!!!!!!!!! naturallyknitty can now make her own professional grade coffee/espresso! and tells us how too.. and gives us a peek at her new pro coffee maker! The mallet of sanity came out again for trainergirl15! I shared a link about lacing the flier on your spinning wheel for finer yarns.. CrochetByClare has found another doggy in her search and she looks promising! lupingirl finished little girls wig! and shares another adorable pic.. Mauri has some really yummy yarn!! I am insanely jealous of lisakbye's new fiber stash! frick shares leftovers! OneKnittyChick is super cute and she can do anything! I nabbed some ASU fiber! vanessamn got some yummy yarn from Jensta79! spartyliblover made some cute stitch markers. My long awaited True Blood mug finally came and I shared a photo of some swap squares. StarKnits is stalking fiber destash and made a purchase! clmnj58 found some hidden icons.

Jajigirl shares her finished wheel spun yarn! Trick-or-Treat'ing in my neighborhood was a day early, and on hubby's birthday! frick shares some spooky photos too! KrazyQuilts shares photos her monthly projects.. FantasyFlyte is going to be losing some time with SR :( StarKnits dyed up some roving and is looking at fitting it into classes.. I suggested ScoobyDoo for Muggle Studies. clmnj58 shares her projects too.. StarKnits has taught her husband to crochet!!!! losingcount got her prize yarn! OneKnittyChick who has a gun! lupingirl wishes everyone a happy Halloween and she's having a root canal :( .. spartyliblover has transfigured herself into Luna Lovegood! fuzzybritches has an adorable tootsieroll.. fuzziekit has turned in midterm owl progress.. everyone in chat was dying to see a progress photo of my muggle studies spinning, so I snapped a quick pic!

I cannot believe I finished 6 classes and 2 50% owls... I am still in shock! AmyPC shared a pic of her Halloween costumes she made! naturallyknitty is super woman! Jajigirl is getting a redo of her sea turtle socks! Mauri says the staff is considering changing the grading system. StarKnits doesn't like Charlie Brown. stitchywitchy says Gryffindor yarn is on sale! StarKnits says my zombie self should be my new ravatar! CrochetByClare is asking for pup naming help.. a possible MN meet up is in the works! ZTAgirlknits has an adorable little Halloween babies!! Jensta79 is about to steek! Oriocookie had her baby yesterday!!

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Common Room Recap pg 220 - 320

Here it is! The one you have been waiting for! To make your reading a bit easier I have broken this update into 2 posts. This is Part 1. :) This is 100 pages of the common room condensed. The next CRRs from here on out will be in 20 pages or so.. no.matter.what!

JaclynBailey has started a poll and she suggests that Gryffindors use disagree as the jealous button.. and updates us on the hat stain issue. She wants to knit these socks and they would look like this! pretty aren't they?! She's talking about the AG dolls she likes. :) She also shares her desire to learn to sew... I think she and I must get together some time so I can teach her! She also gives her advice to those wanting to get pregnant! Some experience about charlies cloth diapering! and fuzzybritches weighs in too. referencegoddess talks front loaders. JaclynBailey shares a photo of her adorable one in a koolhaas!

Adorable Trubie photo! naturallyknitty shares her prize from lupingirl... and is asking for some button opinions.. she's finished her sweater! She also announces some prizes! stuartsmom shares some beautiful Wassily Kandinsky artwork.. and shares some spread sheet of awesome info! I shared some previous handspuns as an example of yardage for FlyKytten. We had a Gerard movie night! I shared some photos of the kitchen Mum is planning to redo next summer. I can't believe I finished those mittens!! I shared my monthly project list. Deathly Hallows posters!! Michigan Gryffies, I am putting together a get together! Movie night schedule for October. Birthday banter between my husband and I... and the dieting issues were slowly getting to me.. TheKnittedJuggler kissed TJ.. and gives us an update on her date with him.

PennyIA has a 7yr old who is starting to ask "those" questions, have any advice for her? and a photo of her sweet pup! I am just amazed by all that she's completed! Starwars themed projects? a photo of her pup in the finished costume! frick shares her contribution to talk like a pirate day! and shares a super quick 2 hour (or so) hat in case you're looking for a fast project to fit in! SavvyKnits shares her DADA project, an adorable owl! and some super yummy treats she made! stacylovesyarn shared a truly touching story with us about a hat she knit too large and it finally found a home and is very much loved.. then brings out the mallet of sanity on jedimeg16 , on TheKnittedJuggler, OneKnittyChicks computer for hottie block out! jedimeg16 again for focus.. Some Deathly Hallows stills can be seen here , here , here , here , and here which sparked jedimeg16 to recreate it! then spartyliblover shares the trailer with us and an awesome deathly hallows cake!

jedimeg16 shares an adorable photo of her baby with his favorite blanket.. and then says she thinks she knows the model on the KnitPicks catalog cover! Here are some posts where she shares the recreation of the sweater chats. Then another adorable photo of Ian! She talks about her nacho craving.. FantasyFlyte is designing fingerless mittens.. and she found her harmony DPNs that have been missing for a whole year! She and SR were planning a trip together. She's finished her mittens. spartyliblover shares an update on the job search and again.. shares a photo of her bunny butt.. she's asking for some yarn advice on a traveling woman.. and shes on her way to meet referencegoddess! and shares a photo for JaclynBailey. CommaSplice shares a photo of her beautiful noro scarf! She also had a very misfortune accident and could use a lot of love. Jajigirl got some beautiful yarn! and so does FlyKytten! then lisakbye shares her fiber fest haul.. CrochetByClare shares some stash too! Jajigirl finished some amazing pirate socks!! She had some scary family moments.. but things are improving.. and continuing to improve. Madeleine's boyfriend made her some awesome DPN holders so now her needles won't come out of her projects in her knitting bag! then she shares how he made them.

Covington updates us on her cheerleading.. and a video that you can hear her singing on! Quidditch news, we had Slytherin pride days. stuartsmom gives FlyKytten some suggestions for her yarn.. and shares a photo the turkey hat! CrochetByClare shares a couple adorable photos of her and her husband. She's also sharing a video from rent! She has some hat inspiration.. Just in case you missed it straayerliz is expecting! trainergirl15 has finished her goodale! and shares her monthly projects.. and she got a very lovely gift from KrazyQuilts! She also tells us that KnitPick's acrylic tips are actually pretty nice! and even more goodies!! Hotties in the common room all over the place!! (every word is a new link to a hottie FYI!)

KrazyQuilts shares her flying homework, arithmancy and charms.. she also asks about some very pretty sparkly yarn for quidditch.. and then changes her mind.. eagallant shares some photos of her beautiful grand babies! StarKnits was asking for help fitting squares into classes, aren't they beautiful!? and a cute little owl key chain. She's done some t-shirt tye-dyeing! She also helps clear up some frustration with the new 8 class points rules.. and alexist helps too! DeannaJ shared a socks that rock coupon... and a link to BrooklynTweed's yarn! Jensta79 shares her projects with us and they are all lovely! she was looking for sweater patterns.. referencegoddess got a lovely gift from lisakbye! and shes asking for some Gryffindor color advice. She shares a progress photo of her Gail/Nightsongs and OWL stocking... and some yarn porn!

Mauri finished a sweater! Isn't it fabulous!! she also let us know that we are kicking some serious points this term! The great pumpkin escape! She also gives us a little insight on the chocolate frog cards. Galena found an adorable kitty.. MINDYSUE shares her monthly project list.. and a cute bunny hat.. and tells us that Gryffindor is in first place! OneKnittyChick needs some love! Kittehz have taken over the common room! lisakbye gives herself a little reminder... I probably should take her advice too! she shares a photo of a knitted Lucius Malfoy! knittinviola got the Harry Potter cookbook! and she has her eyes on a man! and has declared it is time to get up and dance! charliesdragon is asking for some pattern advice and KrazyQuilts & Vertigo1414 give some lovely examples!! then Vertigo1414 sent pee-wee to cheer up FantasyFlyte. autumnleaf77 has a beautiful family and shares some photos of her weekend!

clmnj58 reminds us about the points we may earn per month doing 6 or all 8 classes.. and shares a photo of socks she was intending for quidditch. AmyPC has been under the weather.. noonee is thinking she has to do some knitting surgery.. and she was very successful!! fuzzybritches made a ton of cloth diapers! fosterson stops by to announce the prize thread was open (now closed). WoolenHorse shares some photos of period garments she is/will be working on.. and tells us that KnitPro (KnitPicks in the UK) has a rosewood set of tips and gives us a link! Siriusly has been a little under the weather.. and has been missed in the common room! alexist says we're leading by only 26pts!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Muggle Studies

Continuing the theme of Mugglemania, this month also brings us Muggle Studies, and their hypnotic device, known as the TeeVee. Most Muggle homes contain this device -- some have as many as 7! Indeed, Muggles are so obsessed with these contraptions, they even have them in their eating establishments, issuing out a cacaphony of sounds while they eat. It must be like getting attacked by Screamers all day long!.
In order to better understand what the possible reasons for this obsession might be, our professors wish us to find a Muggle TeeVee and watch a single 'episode' of any 'program' available. Then we are to interpret what we see as either a knit or crochet project.

So how to do this? 
You could draw inspiration from something that you see the characters wearing on the show, the names of the characters, the type of things you think exemplify the characters/show/plot. The world is pretty much your oyster on this one. A story is going to count for a lot. Remember, the operative word here is TV show; no Sunday night replays of old movies. Has to be something that was originally designed for the boob-tube.
For further inspiration, check out , Youtube, or Google Images. Also, don't forget to check if your favourite show has any Ravelry groups dedicated to it -- they may already have the perfect pattern for you!

Bonus points: Both DevonC and Anna92 have fallen under the spell of several Muggle programs. If you manage to create a work inspired by one of their favourites, they have promised to reward you  with a bonus. Our professor, DevonC, seems to be inspired particularly by the works of a Muggle named Joss Whedon. He is responsible for several Muggle shows, namely Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Tru Calling. I suspect it is the first one on the list the prof is really enamored with. Here's a possible run down of projects you could make and tie into the show:

Firefly: firefly-jayne-hat
jayne-cobb-hat-5 Crocheted

Monday, October 11, 2010

Transfiguration October 2010

It's the month of October, folks, and you know what that means-- the Muggle holiday of Hallowe'en is nearly upon us. For people that don't believe magic exists, they are startlingly in love with the effects of transfiguration hexes and cross-species switches. So, this month in Transfiguration, we are honouring both the Muggle festival of Hallowe'en, and Nymphadora Tonks, a Metamorphmagus of high skill.

This month, your assignment, if you choose to complete it, is to create a costume that helps disguise you, your child/friend/live animal familiar, so as to be able to move freely on Hallowe'en night amidst the partying Muggles.
Now, this means that whatever you decide to ape (even if it's not an ape), has to be visible in some manner on your upper torso/head/legs. Nothing that gets hidden by pants/under shirts here. So sorry, but those awesome pirate socks Jajigirl did last month won't be eligible. You gotta see it to be it.

So, costumes....Here's a bunch to start you off right. Knit or crochet only for this class. As always, these are the free options; you may have greater inspiration with the application of a few Knuts, Galleons or Sickles to the Ravatron.

bokaclava - devil
ducky-slippers crocheted adult
skeleton sweater
Crocheted knight costume
Animal Familiars
  halloween-dog- Skull coat

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Common Room Recap pg pg 188 - 219

DeannaJ shares some blueberry coffee and coffee cake with us! and I had to rip back more rows in mohair!!! lisakbye has an earworm, can you cure her? and won the random friday prize! PennyIA lets us know she's ready for another food fight! and gives Harry some goodies.. and she shared a photo of her sweater! The Potter sillybands craze continues! and Madeleine shows off her loots. CrochetByClare shares a Sheldon Cooper video. Galena and her husband fenced over their wedding cake.. no really! She has pics to prove it!

lupingirl got a wonderful surprise gift from her fellow Gryffindor students! and announces winners in the Triwizard Tournament and a reminder about the Ravenclaw tower party.Vertigo1414 has caught multiplitis. derricksdoll decided to be me for DADA and shared an awesome photo! I bet you can't even tell us a part now! and look at this awesome rug she made! won't that be fabulous in her new kitchen?!

naturallyknitty made an ipod cozy for herbology. Voldemort made me crap my pants song!! earworm infection guaranteed... proceed at your own risk! Mauri lets us know that Hermione has some pretty awesome projects queued! StarKnits is asking if there is interest in her steeking argyle vest? CrochetByClare got a speeding ticket... but I think he was really just trying to get her address from her drivers license cause shes a hottie! and she shared a new project! and a photo of a somewhat suggestive crochet pattern!! Gryffindor's are really chatty and Siriusly has a chart to prove it! jedimeg16 brings us lion cookies!

StarKnits shared a photo of her death socks! and turns them in! and the group, if you're interested is the Death by Socks on Yahoo and I believe they have a ravelry group too? I kicked off a CherrySprinkle ravatar contest and though we had many, many awesome entries, I picked 2 winners! Hermione shared her first and second NQFY projects! and we celebrated her birthday! talk like a pirate day was upon us! and Stargirl09 shares a funny thread with us.. and should you be lost on the translations, this link should help you!

Jajigirl shares an awesome photo of her new hair color! and a photo of her adorable puppies along with a progress photo of her pirate socks! stacylovesyarn has been busy working on some really beautiful stockings! and a photo of her lovely yarn haul. I finally managed to get a somewhat decent photo of my deer hat. The mallet of sanity comes out! darahmartin woke up to find a surprise made by her son.. fuzziekit finished a dust bunny! and had a horrible first date! OneKnittyChick shares a photo of herself in a tabloid!

lisakbye shares a recipe for a southwest skillet!! TheKnittedJuggler has her first official date! and a photo of a beautiful colorful bird. DeannaJ is looking for a coconut bra! and jedimeg16 suggests this pattern. What kind of vampire knitter are you? There's been a lot of American Girl doll talk, follow this strand to read some of it :) referencegoddess shares a photo of her christmas socking. JaclynBailey needs some love and she shares a photo of her baby. spartyliblover shares photos of hummingbird banding.. jedimeg16 shares the sillyband package contents with us. FlyKytten has started spinning!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Charms Suggestions

With just two days left this month, you might be thinking "How in the world can I get something done for another class?"

If you haven't completed Charms yet, there are several quick and easy projects that you can make.

What about a baby hat?  Even if you don't have a little one in your home at the moment you can gift it to a friend or possibly donate it to a local hospital to put on a newborn.

What about fingerless gloves?  They give your hands protection while giving you freedom to use your fingers.

Maybe a finger mustache to disguise yourself while breaking into Gringotts?

The sky is still the limit!  You can do it!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey you!!!

Have you seen there's a scavenger hunt going on? go check it out!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Common Room Recap pg 147 - 188

I know why you're really here.. it's to see the hotties that have invaded our common room right? well look no further! err well no, I mean, continue reading the post, but for your hunk-fix this is the paragraph you want to pay attention to. Neville is growing up into quite a nice looking young man. Oliver Wood too! Goodness Draco, I barely recognized you! Ron & Ginny make an appearance too, my Ginny you have grown into a beautiful woman! There will always be Gerard in a hottie post! Jack, Zac, & Rob pop in too and a bonus hottie. Daniel came to the party as well as Aragorn came in twice! David & Boromir too!!

WoolenHorse likes her hotties on the more full side so Seth and Sean made an appearance and dragged Elijah along too! and then she shared an image of her ideal man or men? OneKnittyChick tells us that she knows Seth's gf and he really is a great guy, he doesn't just play one on tv! Vertigo1414 has directed us to a hottie site and asks for help fitting a project into classes when fosterson joins us! and talks of his awesomeness. stuartsmom shares where she found that awesome gryffie yarn. JaclynBailey found out she's going to be moving and there is a welcome party going on in Colorado! and talks baby wearing with a photo of her favorite carrier made from her husbands army uniform shirt and shares a photo of fosterson! Gosh, he's making a lot of appearance in this recap... are we sure he's a Slytherin? and she got a surprise from Spartyliblover in her mailbox!

darahmartin is looking for craft fair opinions.. Angiejude has 60% of her OWL done! and reminds us that the Gryffindor Swap is on! and celebrates Mexican independence bicentennial day with some of her favorite foods along with a recipe! she also started a citron and is looking for ideas on how to make it work for classes. Siriusly shared a link for all of us spinners to a 4oz fiber challenge group with lots of patterns! lupingirl talks the possibility of a meet up! I'm willing to host a Grand Rapids, MI spin/get-together! and shared a photo of my arithmancy homework. I found a way to make an OWL out of that sweater after all! and shared a super dorky photo of my deer hat! vanessamn might be the next Gryffindor to find love? Mauri reminds us that the chocolate cards have a hint thread here. First year BEGreen introduces herself! Don't be shy BEGreen, jump right on in!

spartyliblover shares a photo of those awesome needles I was coveting that StarKnits had! and the info is that you can buy them at Hobby Lobby! stitchywitchy shared a photo of her adorable mouse, I never thought I would actually say that about a mouse! and Charlie. FantasyFlyte asks for good thoughts and wishes for her parents due to possible job difficulties and she posted some delicious Gryffindor color yummies! and shes got new pretties! and tells us of Luna Lovegood's life after Hogwarts. TheKnittedJuggler expands a little on her TJ situation and she finds out he thinks shes cute! and he's now her boyfriend!

stacylovesyarn offers frick the mallet of sanity. jedimeg16 is pondering her patronus, she says none of her results really fit her. she's found a yoda bottle cozy for you star wars lovers out there with babies! and shared a photo of herself in her costume for anime central. Covington shares a founding fathers quiz and she made the cheer-leading team! Congrats!!! fuzzybritches shares a photo of a baby bib she made. AmyPC had a devastating accident to her OWL project involving a child and some scissors.. I gave her some advice on repairing but I think she has decided to start over.

clmnj58 is wondering where the 1/2 way point is on her fall/winter shawl.. anyone doing it along with her care to help her out? Jajigirl has an adorable little puppy!! FlyKytten pops in to introduce herself and ask for some spinning help and I was glad to link her to some instructional videos! and she's looking for info on a cute guy! Jensta79 shared a photo of her beautiful shawl!!!

puffygriffinclaw shared a photo of her oy dressed as Dobby, who made his big brother jealous because all the girls gave him the attention, who could blame them? look how adorable he is! Tonks makes an appearance in our common room, no wait, thats referencegoddess! and Madam Hooch! no, that's puffygriffinclaw! Gosh, you ladies had me convinced! vanessamn jumps on board in her Gryffindor garb too! puffygriffinclaw an StarKnits have won gifts! lupingirl shares her thoughts on the disagree button. I really think frick is Marry Poppins.. can you believe that mess she cleaned up? but came home to terrible news :( and the funeral details for hamster.

Knit Picks is having a sale! swifts $50 and 40% off books! and noonee is looking to re-home her swift, PM her if interested. fuzziekit posted 2 awesome projects! autumnleaf77 shared a chocolate pudding recipe, it's vegan and I am going to have to try it!! alexist is looking for natural/food safe ways to get gryffingor colors. StarKnits shared her red attempts.. and its soooo pretty! Quidditch at muggle schools!!!! and Harry Potter has joined Hogwarts! autumnleaf77 greets him with a chocolate frog that I am going to have to make myself! Luna Lovegood also popped in to say hello.