Saturday, October 16, 2010

Muggle Studies

Continuing the theme of Mugglemania, this month also brings us Muggle Studies, and their hypnotic device, known as the TeeVee. Most Muggle homes contain this device -- some have as many as 7! Indeed, Muggles are so obsessed with these contraptions, they even have them in their eating establishments, issuing out a cacaphony of sounds while they eat. It must be like getting attacked by Screamers all day long!.
In order to better understand what the possible reasons for this obsession might be, our professors wish us to find a Muggle TeeVee and watch a single 'episode' of any 'program' available. Then we are to interpret what we see as either a knit or crochet project.

So how to do this? 
You could draw inspiration from something that you see the characters wearing on the show, the names of the characters, the type of things you think exemplify the characters/show/plot. The world is pretty much your oyster on this one. A story is going to count for a lot. Remember, the operative word here is TV show; no Sunday night replays of old movies. Has to be something that was originally designed for the boob-tube.
For further inspiration, check out , Youtube, or Google Images. Also, don't forget to check if your favourite show has any Ravelry groups dedicated to it -- they may already have the perfect pattern for you!

Bonus points: Both DevonC and Anna92 have fallen under the spell of several Muggle programs. If you manage to create a work inspired by one of their favourites, they have promised to reward you  with a bonus. Our professor, DevonC, seems to be inspired particularly by the works of a Muggle named Joss Whedon. He is responsible for several Muggle shows, namely Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Tru Calling. I suspect it is the first one on the list the prof is really enamored with. Here's a possible run down of projects you could make and tie into the show:

Firefly: firefly-jayne-hat
jayne-cobb-hat-5 Crocheted

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