Sunday, June 27, 2010

This Humidity SUCKS! pgs 393 - 431

And we're back for another CRR.

CS shared her beautiful HOM homework. if you're looking for some good reading OKC suggests the Sookie Stachouse novels and I agree! Lisakbye showed us her haul from the black sheep gathering. we're all jealous!
Jajigirls is showing and telling of her fun. Krazyquilts finishes AR. it's beautiful. Mindysue is making us laugh.So is vanessaamn. Jedimeg and Ian are well on their way out of the hospital! CS is looking for some advice.why not go help her out? Savvyknits showed us her buttons. CS you're killing me. I sooooooooo need a carder now.. sigh my DH is going to kill me. FantasyFlyte's one amazing drop spinner. that's her first try!  Jajigirl's KIP and catching the show. there's been a lot of cake flying around the CR. Chris01 shared her vacation with us. Derricksdoll shared her awesome wedding cake. and now i want cake! and another gryffie is spinning! KrazyQuilts listed some good things about fingerless gloves. and so did Alexist.and Slmoses chimed in also. CS is sharing some amazing photography props she's knitting. Darahmartin shared some jewelry she made. beautiful isn't it? Naturallyknitty needs your love. Annamarya says there's quite a few of us who's already turned in 6 classes. Check out the lucius doll.  OKC applied for a job and finished her AR. Noonee's dragon progress is looking great! She needed some help fitting a class in but I think it was taken care of. Baby Jedi and family!!!!! is the CRR all about CS and her awesome projects? no not really, she just shares lots of photos. and I love photos! Oh My Goodness did you see Straayerliz's baby? he's so cute. autumnleaf77 finished some cute hamsterbeans.  Hermionejean has some great dragons finished! trainergirl15 did a marathon and bought a beautiful skein of yarn! CS's photography is amazing! OH look prizes!
more cute babies! and Frick got some beautiful roving to spin. Darahmartin will be getting a kitty soon. and Gryffindor is proud to produce another spinner!

and that should catch you up for the most part. Until next time! keep posting those photos and interesting stories. 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

it's a slow hot saturday. pgs 372 -392

Don't mind me I've been reading like crazy! both in the CRR and some library books. but you're here to read about the CR so lets get to it.
Alexist shared what words we can write on ravelry and get fun little photos! that's quite a list! Derricksdoll's OWL squares are coming a long. i love all the colors!
Stacylovesyan and her mallet of sanity are always ready to whack someone upside the head. CS is sharing some vegan recipes she likes and some beautiful photos of the food she's made. Is anyone besides me thinking they should try to be a veg head? she's seriously tempting me! Frick is sharing her spinning with us. I love it!the DADA frog card is up. I'm soooo sad i missed it. darn freaking stupid socks... wasn't able to finish them in time.
CS is sharing some drop spindles. and I missed movie night....sigh stinkin headache.
Lupingirl got a new bag. it's pretty! jajigirl shared a photo of her drop spinning in public. (pay close attention to the guy staring) CS's spinning is beautiful! Straayerliz got a wheel! (we'll have to wait for photos!) and she finished a sweater and a pair of socks. I like that sweater, I may have to add it to my queue. Frick is sharing some beautiful spinning. and CS has some new roving to spin. I'm so jealous! Spartyliblover finished a hat. Straayerliz finished her charms and potions. Darahmartin shared a hilarious cat photo.
Just as we started taking bets. Jedimeg had her baby!!!! and it's a BOY!!!! whoo hoo. no photos yet but I'm all excited! and I'm sure she is also!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Playing Catch-Up pgs 345 -371

OK so I'm needing to catch up since I took a day off to drive home from WI. (I had a wonderful time and didn't want to come back though) and you guys were a chatty bunch. I totally need a CRR.. but then I remind myself that's ME! LOL at least I'm the CRR reporter. I'm going to try and catch you up fast! so be ready for the whirlwind...must resist urge to comment on posts while doing the CRR
In case you didn't know there was a meet up in Milwaukee. it was a lot of fun! Sorry you missed it.
Curieuse is back and tempting us with lovely lovely dying! the babymaker er I mean Jedimeg is planning her days out. Lisakbye is sharing home remedies via video! and she  is tempting us with a fun fun bedroom! (I wants one)
CS is feeling better which is good! we were all sending good vibes her way for her tooth pullage. (that's the technical term)
Does anyone else besides me want to live near jajigirl? She's sharing some yummy looking pancakes. derricksdoll went to a concert and shared a photo and some videos. KrazyQuilts is sharing a list about her stash.
The dragon ladies (did we ever find a better name) have started showing their dragon progress. The mallet of sanity has made an appearance again. trainergirl shared more than her dragon progress. I'm feeling undercrafty at the moment. Now the mallet has a song. (where's my song? I want a song! something catchy.)
Fantasyflyte shared her DADA progress. Spartyliblover is almost done with all the classes. WOW! Chris01 shared some OWL progress. (I'm almost at 50% with mine so I thought I'd catch y'all up). Lupingirl had a great trip and I'm loving her haul!
Butterbeer! and Pumpkin Juice! Darahmartin you rock! or is it roar? well you do both!
Meet Frick's new wheel! it's beautiful. CS is sharing her knowledge of spinning with us! and trying to make me buy another wheel..... and shared an AMAZING photo (2 really) that shows how much weight she's lost. She looks awesome! Then she shared a lovely roving she's thinking about spinning up for class. Frick's using her new wheel!

Ok I've caught you up..  I think next time I will be able to be more detailed with my CRR b/c I won't have 30 some odd pages. Now I'm off to catch some knitting time.
Be excellent to each other!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

DADA: The Mirror of Erised

In*tro*spec*tion  n. The act of examining one`s own thoughts, beliefs or feelings; looking into one`s own mind
See also navel-gazing; heart-searching; reflection; this month's DADA assigment. 

Yes, boys and girls, this month the redoubtable Scarlettb has decided to get all metaphysical on us. For this month, you are to create a project that symbolizes your heart's innermost desire. So, think long and hard, and come up with the answer to this question: If you were offered the chance to have or be any one thing, what would you choose? (No fair asking for more wishes!)

Some of us would wish to have children; others would wish to have no financial worries; others would wish for health for themselves or a loved one. Still others have wishes to find a job that suits them. Others have wished to love and be loved. All answers are perfectly acceptable.
Maybe you find being introspective to be too intrusive-sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings can make you feel most vulnerable. If so, take heart, and like Dumbledore claim that you want handknit socks. After all, who can deny the pleasure that having warm tootsies can bring? Surely, armed with a new pair of chausettes, you will find the strength to surmount any obstacle!

Keep in mind that you need to make two objects for this assignment. Those who make things that come in pairs only need to make one pair, e.g. mittens, gloves, wristwarmers, socks. Elsewise you need the object and its reflection. Scarlettb has approved of doing 2 different singleton socks, but not of doing a sock WIP that you do not need to start at the beginning for.

If you need any help coming up with ideas to symbolize the desired for object, maybe the following can help:

ASL I love you washcloth (K)
Love Bug Amigurumi (C)
True Love Socks (K)
First Love Baby Blanket (C)
Love Rocks Necklace (K) 
Country Love Potholder (C)
Possum Love Doll (K)
Love in 15 Baby Cap (C)
Love me Knot Illusion Knit Socks (K)
Lovely Reversible Bead Tapestry Crochet Basket (C)
Love Chinese Character chart (K)
Pop Heart (C)

Medieval Money Bag and Coins (K)
Money Budgeting Clutch (C)\
Felted Coin Purse (K)
 Daisy at the Bottom Coin Purse (C)

Jobs: The list of all possibles is endless. Here are options for 2.

 Teacher: Felted teacher tote (K)
Apple bookmark (C)
Twillight Apple Pouch (K)
Crochet Pencil Scarf (C)

Baby`s first DNA (K)
Earl Lenmeyer Flask Amigurumi (C)
Microbes! (K)
Lorenz Manifold (C)

Healthy Vibes socks (K)
Fresh Carrot (C)
Fitness Headband with Ponytail hole (K)
Om shanti Yoga Bag Mat (C)

Wise Old Owl Hat (K)
Smart Crocheted Gloves (C)
Ramp: Wheelchair Totes (K)
Amigurumi Graduation Owl (C)
Know it All tote (K) 
Cap and Mortarboard Snowflake (C)

Peace -- whether within yourself, or within the world.
Peace Baby Cap and Sweater (K)
Peace Sign (C)
Wings of Peace Shawl (K)
Peace Sign Granny Square (C)
May You Find Peace In Your Heart (K)
Baby Peace Bib (C)
Finding Peace Illusion Knit (K)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Herbology Project Ideas: Leaping Toadstools, or Dude, You Gonna Eat that?

It's that time of the month again, fellow lions. Time to knuckle down and figure out what you actually are making for this month! This month's Herbology has two options for your crafting pleasure. So, let's take a look at what's out there...

Option One: create something using one of the edible plant fibers. Here's a partial list of what's out there:
Milk:   Rowan Fine milk Cotton 
            Viking of Norway Pure Milk Fiber
            Dye Version's Au Lait

Corn:      Kollage yarns Corntastic
   Fiber Fiend's Corn Sock  
  Fields of Fiber Ingeo yarn

Sugarcane :
  Queensland Collection Sugar Rush
Bamboo: S.R.Kertzer's On your Toes Bamboo
               Plymouth Royal Bamboo
              SWTC's Bamboo yarn 

Soy:     Anzula Soypaca
4th Gen Fiber Art Handspun Soy Silk
    Conjoined Creations Pastimes Too

Banana: Frabjuous Fibers Banana Silk Yarn
   Greater Banana Fiber Yarn
    Shangri-la Crafts Banana Fiber Silk

Coconut: Daruma's Cafe Coconut

Option Two: create a food-like object out of fiber. NB: For those of you who opt to do Helga Hufflepuff for HoM, this list can also be used for that class! 

Popcorn play food
Ice Cream Cone
Quick Cupcake
Hawaiian Fruit set
Amigurumi Apple
Bacon & Eggs handbag
Sushi Roll Scarf
Sunny Side Up Egg tawashi (charted; written in Japanese)
Movie munchies; Popcorn and pretzel
Crocheted Ice Cream Cones

Piece of Cherry-pie
Mrs.Saucy Apple
Autumn pumpkins
Baby Tart Hat
Schrute-beets Sushi toilet paper roll cozy

Anyone feeling hungry?

Keeping you up to date! pgs 325-344

First I wanted to share a photo of the meet up between Jedimeg, NaturallyKnitty, Aourai and of course me that happened yesterday in Milwaukee. It was a lot of fun!
Now for the CRR....
NaturallyKnitty is teaching us spells!
SuperM shared that there's a herbology inner-house unity project spinning milk fiber you can join if you'd like. NK is enabling us to buy some milk fiber.(i know i did!)
Jajigirl shared some photos of her WIP's. beautiful! Andisocial shared a really funny  and totally true list. My Dh esp liked #17. Jajigirls is enabling! Vertigo1414 got a new position at her job! CherrySprinkle shared a beautiful baby quilt. man I wish I was that talented! Mindysue shared some beautiful stash enhancements she's waiting on. Krystina1207 shared the new HP trailer. I'm so excited to see that movie! Gawariel shared photos of the cutest baby blanket! Jajigirl finished paying off her car! AnnaMarya got a roaring lion badge go congratulate her! Clmnj58 needs some help fitting a project into a class. why not help her? CherrySprinkle is enabling for spinning and magazines!
Frick's birthday just got better!!!
Dobarah showed part of her OWL that she's finished.

and that should catch you up for the most part! Until next time!
remember photos almost always make the CRR!

Monday, June 7, 2010

I've got the hook up! pgs 293-324

I'm enjoying my vacation with the family and loving the time spent with my sister but I realize I need to not forget my job. I'm going to try and condense this one a bit... and then keep up better after that. I hope you don't mind.
So PennyIA thinks the jelly yarn is kinda scary. what do you think? Derricksdoll found some AWESOME thrift store finds. I can NEVER find such good stuff. never ever. Though I would be happy if the thrift stores out there change that.
CherrySprinkle is sharing some recipes. I fave'd the post so I can find it again.  There was a movie night that I missed b/c we were on our way to WI. Andisocial shared her FO. i like that hat btw. Covington is looking to see if we can have some pride rivalry. Autumnleaf77 started a fun talk about Star Wars with just a small question. you can click the link to read it all by following the posts. PennyIA's son is an honorary Roaring Lion Badge carrier. What a brave guy! Frick flashed some beautiful yarn.
CS pointed out that Dawn dish soap does some good with their income. (i know i'm planning on buying some when i get home) OKC is starting her own little campaign for the oil spill clean up. follow her to see how and what is happening. CS is getting involved, I'm sure you can too! the baby sprinkle quilt top is finished. and i think birds would make it too busy CS. but that is my opinion. and I'll have you know that since I'm away from the sewing machine my sewing bug has not finished, I'm just resisting taking over my mom's sewing machine.....for now...
PennyIA the force is strong with you! I must resist the urge to make one (at least until we have a boy)
Lupingirl is killing us with cuteness! Then ya'll try to KILL me!
Fantasyflyte has some pretty finished socks. i love the color. Lupingirl showed us she's good at sewing not just knitting. does anyone but me want another little girl to sew for?  Knitflix? It could happen! But maybe it should be called Knitstitx.or something like that. OKC is here with an update. DD's first ever doily and a doughnut! and I love her hair!!! Hey can you hook me up with hair like that?
There's a meet up in Milwaukee in just 3 days! and I'm sooo excited! if you're in the area and you want to come PM me!
ARUGH a Pirate! Will the baby boom challengers please stand up? it's Monday Night time for quidditch.
Siriusly is multilingual! Frick is progressing with the dragon! So is PennyIA. any other dragon ladies out there? show us your dragons people! Straayerliz that yarn is beautiful! FF found a portkey! (not sure if I spelled that right at all) Noonee has shared owl progress.
well that catches you up!
until next time gryffies! Remember I'm on vacation so don't be so chatty! and if you want in the CRR use a photo!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Planmakers and A Roaring Lion!!! pggs 278 - 292

Classes have been posted and Ya'll are still chatting like crazy. I've been busy getting ready for my trip to visit my family..... ok really I've been reading the first Sookie Stackhouse book and loving it. whoever told me I needed to read them was right on!
Lupingirl shared some songs for Alexist's and Smitey's birthday. they're great HP fun! Mauri has a plan of attack for the month. Frick also has a plan. There's going to be a wizards duel. go check it out!
Straayerliz is still working on her plan for the month Krystina1207 also has a plan in the works. So does OKC. and vanessamn has it all planed out with LINKS to patterns... such a smart cookie!Jedimeg is on top of things also. all these plan makers are making me think about making a plan for myself...LOL..
Yakattack had a birthday with cake.
If you need help with HOM was awesome and put little blurbs about the Four founders: Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin, and Rowena Ravenclaw. Stuartsmom, for being so awesome and helpful I'm awarding you with a Roaring Lion Badge. wear it with pride.
Covington has a plan for the month too. So does Derricksdoll. NaturallyKnitty jumped on the bandwagon and has a plan down. Darahmartin made a plan. Straayerliz changed her plan a bit (it's looking good) I'm beginning to think that i should do it also. AmyPC has a plan and broken DPNs.(don't worry I've got the hookup!) PennyIA made half a plan she's going to get a full plan soon! She also shared a great idea for some classes. TKJ also has a plan mapped out. KrazyQuilts is going for the bigger projects. Spartyliblover is working on her plan. (I'm not talking about the weekly plans that started after this b/c it's making me feel very very inadequate and unprepared)
Look 2 Roaring Lion badges were just handed out.
Ok and you're caught up. I'll see you in WI people!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Short and to the point! pgs 251-277

OK sooo with the summer here we're spending more time outside, how about you?
The end of the month is here, which means new classes and turning the page in your calendar! Everyone did a great job and I'm loving seeing the photos shared in the common room and in the Trophy Room. (if you haven't been over there it's wonderful!) I hope everyone is concentrating on their OWLs at least for a day or two b/c we get 50 points for turning in 50% at the end of this month and it gets you where you want to be with your OWL anyways! Ok enough for my head girl talk... now on with the recap!
Covington turned in some wonderful themed washcloths this month. Annamarya shared some stats with us, few of us have turned in 6 projects, others 5, we're doing a great job! (we can totally win the HC this year!!!) NaturallyKnitty is charming us with cute photos of Trubie again! Stacylovesyarn shared a FO. Noone shared a cute knitted puppy! TheKnittedJuggler finished a cocheted juggler... LOL it's totally cute and I think it kinda looks like her ravatar. PennyIA needs some good vibes b/c her kitty is missing.
Sandyvern wanted to know what we think Gryffindor's smell like for her soap shop over at Etsy. why not click the link and respond to help her out. I told her what I thought. and we had a conversation as to what Ron smelled like.. b/c Hermione never told us in HBP. (keep reading from her post down to see what we think about that)
OK serious stuff here,  KrazyQuilts had to go to the hospital.  maybe we could all send her a get well soon card. what do you think? Here's an update she's out of the hospital. Here's another update.
EEEK! CherrySprinkle is adding to my urge to sew. And her Twin Derricksdoll is sharing her Peanutbutter Popcorn she's been talking about... (those two are dangerous I tell you!) A warning for spinners from CS.
Covington shared a video on single crochet. PennyIA won a TON of needles on ebay. it's amazing. Look at the batts that derricksdoll got in the mail. (warning they've got goo on them though and were over a month late) and CS's goo batt. so pretty  but not so nice to touch.
Covington's wondering if you'd like to sing with her. (I know I won't be doing it as I'd break your eardrums)
Lupingirl's overloading us with cuteness.  Alexist shared a really cute hat with us. Gawariel needs some advice on her blanket. Frick is proud to be a gryffie! (and so am I) A NQFY, TheHappyHours, brought a gryffie dog into the CR to share. Jedimeg's cat has been caught! Straayerliz got some beautiful roving. I can't wait to see what she spins up. Knicknacks shared a FO. Stacylovesyarn brought her herbology to show and her mallet of sanity. (anyone need a whack?) We've got the dread pirate Roberts. Lupingirl's blanket turned out beautiful! Jajigirl's headband and socks are beautiful too! StitchyWitchy stopped in to share her roving with us. CherrySprinkle has an awesome tea cozy! It almost makes me want to drink tea... almost.
Today's Alexist's b-day and she's got cake.
And you're caught up for the most part... remember work on your OWLs or grow your queue while waiting for the new assignments. Don't bug the professors or PO about points or classes they're doing their best so please be patient!