Friday, June 11, 2010

Keeping you up to date! pgs 325-344

First I wanted to share a photo of the meet up between Jedimeg, NaturallyKnitty, Aourai and of course me that happened yesterday in Milwaukee. It was a lot of fun!
Now for the CRR....
NaturallyKnitty is teaching us spells!
SuperM shared that there's a herbology inner-house unity project spinning milk fiber you can join if you'd like. NK is enabling us to buy some milk fiber.(i know i did!)
Jajigirl shared some photos of her WIP's. beautiful! Andisocial shared a really funny  and totally true list. My Dh esp liked #17. Jajigirls is enabling! Vertigo1414 got a new position at her job! CherrySprinkle shared a beautiful baby quilt. man I wish I was that talented! Mindysue shared some beautiful stash enhancements she's waiting on. Krystina1207 shared the new HP trailer. I'm so excited to see that movie! Gawariel shared photos of the cutest baby blanket! Jajigirl finished paying off her car! AnnaMarya got a roaring lion badge go congratulate her! Clmnj58 needs some help fitting a project into a class. why not help her? CherrySprinkle is enabling for spinning and magazines!
Frick's birthday just got better!!!
Dobarah showed part of her OWL that she's finished.

and that should catch you up for the most part! Until next time!
remember photos almost always make the CRR!

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