Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Playing Catch-Up pgs 345 -371

OK so I'm needing to catch up since I took a day off to drive home from WI. (I had a wonderful time and didn't want to come back though) and you guys were a chatty bunch. I totally need a CRR.. but then I remind myself that's ME! LOL at least I'm the CRR reporter. I'm going to try and catch you up fast! so be ready for the whirlwind...must resist urge to comment on posts while doing the CRR
In case you didn't know there was a meet up in Milwaukee. it was a lot of fun! Sorry you missed it.
Curieuse is back and tempting us with lovely lovely dying! the babymaker er I mean Jedimeg is planning her days out. Lisakbye is sharing home remedies via video! and she  is tempting us with a fun fun bedroom! (I wants one)
CS is feeling better which is good! we were all sending good vibes her way for her tooth pullage. (that's the technical term)
Does anyone else besides me want to live near jajigirl? She's sharing some yummy looking pancakes. derricksdoll went to a concert and shared a photo and some videos. KrazyQuilts is sharing a list about her stash.
The dragon ladies (did we ever find a better name) have started showing their dragon progress. The mallet of sanity has made an appearance again. trainergirl shared more than her dragon progress. I'm feeling undercrafty at the moment. Now the mallet has a song. (where's my song? I want a song! something catchy.)
Fantasyflyte shared her DADA progress. Spartyliblover is almost done with all the classes. WOW! Chris01 shared some OWL progress. (I'm almost at 50% with mine so I thought I'd catch y'all up). Lupingirl had a great trip and I'm loving her haul!
Butterbeer! and Pumpkin Juice! Darahmartin you rock! or is it roar? well you do both!
Meet Frick's new wheel! it's beautiful. CS is sharing her knowledge of spinning with us! and trying to make me buy another wheel..... and shared an AMAZING photo (2 really) that shows how much weight she's lost. She looks awesome! Then she shared a lovely roving she's thinking about spinning up for class. Frick's using her new wheel!

Ok I've caught you up..  I think next time I will be able to be more detailed with my CRR b/c I won't have 30 some odd pages. Now I'm off to catch some knitting time.
Be excellent to each other!

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