Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Short and to the point! pgs 251-277

OK sooo with the summer here we're spending more time outside, how about you?
The end of the month is here, which means new classes and turning the page in your calendar! Everyone did a great job and I'm loving seeing the photos shared in the common room and in the Trophy Room. (if you haven't been over there it's wonderful!) I hope everyone is concentrating on their OWLs at least for a day or two b/c we get 50 points for turning in 50% at the end of this month and it gets you where you want to be with your OWL anyways! Ok enough for my head girl talk... now on with the recap!
Covington turned in some wonderful themed washcloths this month. Annamarya shared some stats with us, few of us have turned in 6 projects, others 5, we're doing a great job! (we can totally win the HC this year!!!) NaturallyKnitty is charming us with cute photos of Trubie again! Stacylovesyarn shared a FO. Noone shared a cute knitted puppy! TheKnittedJuggler finished a cocheted juggler... LOL it's totally cute and I think it kinda looks like her ravatar. PennyIA needs some good vibes b/c her kitty is missing.
Sandyvern wanted to know what we think Gryffindor's smell like for her soap shop over at Etsy. why not click the link and respond to help her out. I told her what I thought. and we had a conversation as to what Ron smelled like.. b/c Hermione never told us in HBP. (keep reading from her post down to see what we think about that)
OK serious stuff here,  KrazyQuilts had to go to the hospital.  maybe we could all send her a get well soon card. what do you think? Here's an update she's out of the hospital. Here's another update.
EEEK! CherrySprinkle is adding to my urge to sew. And her Twin Derricksdoll is sharing her Peanutbutter Popcorn she's been talking about... (those two are dangerous I tell you!) A warning for spinners from CS.
Covington shared a video on single crochet. PennyIA won a TON of needles on ebay. it's amazing. Look at the batts that derricksdoll got in the mail. (warning they've got goo on them though and were over a month late) and CS's goo batt. so pretty  but not so nice to touch.
Covington's wondering if you'd like to sing with her. (I know I won't be doing it as I'd break your eardrums)
Lupingirl's overloading us with cuteness.  Alexist shared a really cute hat with us. Gawariel needs some advice on her blanket. Frick is proud to be a gryffie! (and so am I) A NQFY, TheHappyHours, brought a gryffie dog into the CR to share. Jedimeg's cat has been caught! Straayerliz got some beautiful roving. I can't wait to see what she spins up. Knicknacks shared a FO. Stacylovesyarn brought her herbology to show and her mallet of sanity. (anyone need a whack?) We've got the dread pirate Roberts. Lupingirl's blanket turned out beautiful! Jajigirl's headband and socks are beautiful too! StitchyWitchy stopped in to share her roving with us. CherrySprinkle has an awesome tea cozy! It almost makes me want to drink tea... almost.
Today's Alexist's b-day and she's got cake.
And you're caught up for the most part... remember work on your OWLs or grow your queue while waiting for the new assignments. Don't bug the professors or PO about points or classes they're doing their best so please be patient!

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