Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May Ancient Runes Suggestions

This month Ancient Runes is focusing on the Elder Futhark runic symbols.  If you didn't get in on doing the Loki-motion on the 25th (c'mon baby, do the Loki-motion...),  here's your chance to move to the head of the class by either crafting an object or spinning a yarn that is either derived from, or inspired by, the Nordic runes, Nordic mythology or the Nordic gods. For those who choose to go the Runic route (say that 5 times fast),remember YOU MUST STATE WHICH RUNE YOU USED AND ITS MEANING WHEN YOU TURN IT IN!!!!  Oh, and don't forget your house while you're at it...

Bonus points are given for impressive crafting, entertaining presentations, and for including at least one Futhark symbol in your project, as well as SSBPGM (Super Secret Bonus Points Garnering Method).

Elder Futhark Crib Notes:

-directionality is key; if the Runes are pointed in the opposite direction to the way they are supposed to be shown, it generally changes the whole meaning of the rune. Keep this in mind if you are charting your own symbols.
-Runes can be used singly, to demonstrate particular qualities, or in groups. Depending on your name, you may be able to spell your first or last name entirely in runes, which would give you an interesting item to interpret and explain, possibly scoring the elusive SSBPGM.
-For those of you who are stumped as to which rune to choose, there is always the ever-handy Gebo (X), meaning gift. A get-out of jail free card allowing you to pick any pattern.
-You can use runes to tie into virtually any pattern on Ravelry -- it's all in how you interpret the meanings.

Possible combinations of the first set of runes and projects:

Fehu (F): wealth, creation, fertility: baby items, Felted Poker Card Coasters, a pattern you designed.
Uruz(U): Understanding, wisdom, sexual desire, increased health/energy, change for the better: Owl items, naughty items/lingerie, change purse.
Thurisaz(TH):Catharsis, purging, cleansing fire; fertilization: baby stuff, Heart on Fire Knit Dishcloth, flames, phoenixes, projects you make as a means of acknowledging past hurts.
Ansuz(A): signals, inspiration, enthusiasm, power of words: Something that symbolizes your passions in life; something to do with books or writing
Raidho(R): Travel, relocation, evolution, vacation: Summer clothing, bikins, Travelling Woman shawl, Travel Jewellry Pouch.
Kenaz(K): Creativity, technical ability, transformation and regeneration, knowledge. This would be a great one for a reversible doll like Mini-Reversible Rabbit into Duck; Or to show off your skills on your most complicated pattern. Or design your own pattern.
Gebo(X): Gifts of all kinds, involving sacrifices, balance, generosity. Any gifts you want to make for other people, including charity donations would fit in here.
Wunjo(V/W) Joy, comfort, pleasure. Very open to interpretation; what would be a joy for you, might not be for me and vice versa. Comfort: cuddly things, warm items, dolls, blankets.

Any of the pairings listed above would work, but don't limit yourself to my interpretation here. Just be prepared to discuss your choice!  ;-)

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