Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chit Chat Pgs 125-152

Well my goal of updating every 10 pgs isn't really feasible with how much we talk. So I'll just have to update you whenever. Like right now!
Vertigo1414 Started a great talk about Cascade Eco Wool. you'll have to click the link to follow that conversation.
AnnaMarya shared some great stats and confirmed what we already know; that We Gryffies ROCK! jajigirl shared a wonderful photo of her drop spindle. Jamygillespie shared an awesome sketch of her and her boyfriend that SHE drew! How amazing is that? my sketch would consist of 1-2 stick people and you wouldn't be able to see the difference between the two. Noonne shared a photo of her 1st sweater that she just finished. TheKnittedJuggler shared that she met an amazing juggler and he said she was amazing, she also shared a video of him for us to know who it was she met. CS shared a beautiful beach that i think we'd all like to go to. Lisakbye shared some awesome spinning she's done and a photo of her very interesting cat and then a photo of a very interesting spot. Lupingirl wants pajammeralls. Crochetbyclare did some remodeling. Vertigo1414 shared a funny clip from family guy, then photos of her new place. Did you know jajigirl is a trainer and does something called cardio knits? She's got tons of wonderful info for us if we just ask! we had a great convo about fake sugars and the like. there was some OWL talks. Mauri inspires us all with her goal to knit 1 sweater a month! jaclynbailey shared some lovely pink yarn she bought for her daughter and then shared photos of her lovely daughter.
Binkette55 shared a Wicked Awesome photo. We talked about yoga and working out. we're all getting warm butterflies in our stomachs with Fantasyflyte! Naturallyknitty finished her bunny and Trubie claimed it. (photo courtesy of natuallyknitty)
Jajigirl shared some of her spun roving (with her drop spindle) It's beautiful!
Darahmartin and her kids found a baby bunny, it's sooo cute! Fantasyflyte shared a photo of the yarn she dyed. It's lovely!

Well you're caught up and I'm watching The Time Traveler's Wife with my DH. so I'll see you around... same bat time same bat place!

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