Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We're getting chatty again! pgs 229-250

Just to show you I've not been slacking and doing nothing while I'm not CRRing it up. I've brought a photo of my OWL spinning. I dyed the roving myself and now I'm on to the spinning part of the OWL. then I'll be Navajo plying it.... but this is a CRR not about me so lets get on with it....Basically just some random sentences and links for you to know what's going on.

Lupingirl is plotting a movie night! CS is enabling again!!! Then SHE got enabled! Go Lupingirl!!!  Vertigo1414 shared some photos of her lovely roving stash..(or some of it)
Stuartsmom had a birthday and she got cake from lupingirl and tons of HB wishes. Straayerliz shared a progress photo of her OWL. Then it was Covington's b-day and she also got cake!  Clmnj58 shared a photo from her daughter's bridal shower. AnnaMarya shared some stats with us, and Spartyliblover is the first Gryffie to turn in all 6 classes. Good job! Mauri shared her HOM homework with us.  Oh look, Lupingirl's new niece!  Noonee finished a ball!  PennyIA shared a link to the HPK/CHC google map. you need to be signed in to add yourself. Straayerliz has such a cute baby!!! Spartyliblover is knitting a scarf for quidditch.
AmyPc finished a cute dragon and turned it in for potions. OKC is learning to spin. she's doing a wonderful job. Lisakbye's fairy is soooooooo cute! Gawariel used the same pattern and made a house elf. Jajigirl made a cute bag for potions. Stacylovesyarn made a mallet of sanity. I think we could all use that on different people in our lives. Our OWL examiner dropped in to tell us if she missed your projects please PM her. Derricksdoll shared her FO's with us. I so HAVE to make that skull hot pad... hmmm maybe I'll do it for DADA.....
and with that we're caught up.

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