Thursday, May 6, 2010

DADA to date

To continue my highlights of projects handed in in the first few days of class I am now going to turn my attention (and yours!) toward DADA! We Gryffs really do hand in some fantastic projects!

We have Marushka handing in her FIRST EVER assignment a pretty little headband:

AmyPC also handed in her FIRST EVER assignment, a broomstick bookmark:

Yet another Firstie handing in her first ever assignment, we have Derricksdoll turning in her crazy cute Pop Tart Cell Phone Cozy!

, another firstie, turned in her FIRST EVER SHAWL:

Sweetsound, who I am pretty sure is a first year, turned in a delightful trio of Headphone Whales:

(you guessed it! ANOTHER first year!) turned in a clutter control basket:

Rounding out the Gryffindor projects handed in for DADA we have Lisakbye's Nougat-y Granny Square! (which for the record is one of her first crochet items ever!) Lisakbye is the only non-firstie to hand in a DADA project for Gryffindor so far! Go Lisakbye!:

Well that is that thus far in DADA! More to come later!

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  1. Way to go guys!!! All you firsties, ROAR!!!!

    and Lisakbye too ;)