Sunday, May 16, 2010

No Photos for you! pgs 175-198

Hey it's me again your faithful reporter... I hope I can keep you interested!
More Kitty pictures from Annamarya. Jajigirl shared a lovely photo of a shawl she's working on, the colors are beautiful! Cherrysprinkle is sharing some lovely bento box photos!!!! (squee! i love bentos!) Then she shared an awesome prop she made for herbology! then she shared some wonderful handspun! (drool)
AmyPC shared her to do list (which is more like a done list!) go girl! PennyIA turned in 4 classes! Aesclinn shared a wonderful photo of her kitty. NaturallyKnitty shared a great pattern for our bento boxes. (come on you know you want to get one!) Straayerliz got a roaring lion badge for knitting socks with her own handspun!!! Trainergirl15 shared a beautiful photo of some yarn she's spinning.
The visiting Fosterson shared a great story about a scary guy met on the train. we will now blame everything on the Reptoids! keep that in mind when knitting goes wrong or crochet bites back and spinning makes your head woozy. Frick shared her half done to-do list! Straayerliz is almost done too. Spartyliblover shared her list too. and I'm feeling very underachieverish. Vertigo1414 shared a wonderful photo of her drop spindle. it's beautiful!
NaturallyKnitty scored some awesome fiber finds at a yard/craft sale. I for one was totally jealous and convinced her to pick me up some! (she's a wonderful sister!)
SapphireRuby got some wonderful gryffindor yarn. Lupingirl got some kits, I see some awesome projects in her future! Mauri graduated! and got some knitting done while she was there. Derricksdoll shared another completed square for her OWL! ZTAgirlknits made her first ami and brought it to the CR for us to see. NaturallyKnitty found a spinning wheel for $33. best deal ever!
Anna92 is hosting a gryffindor swap in the Lion Pride. Go check that out! it's a great way to get to know your housemates.

And that should catch you up.

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  1. Thanks for another great update! I can't believe i missed Angie's b-day... oops.