Friday, May 14, 2010

April showers bring May Flowers

Our Herbology assignment this May is all about flowers and boy oh boy have we Gryffs been out their knitting up and crocheting a gardens worth of flowers!

Savvyknits turned in the first flower for our house with her Deep Sea Flower!

AmyPC turned her friends brand new baby into a flower!

AngieJude turned in a feisty little flower that has taken over her couch!

Straayerliz handed in a very pretty flower embellished baby hat.

CherrySprinkle handed in a seriously cute giraffe pea pod photo prop that is so cute it makes me want to rethink my decision to stop at 4 kids!

There were so many beautiful projects and more will be featured in the future! GO GO GRYFFINDOR!!!!!

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