Monday, May 3, 2010

Common Room Recap pages 1-75

Hey all StarKnits here with your CR Recap.There's no need to catch up with me around and I bring you lion cookies from kate1138! With the term just starting we've already got 75 pages of conversations and I know that's a lot to keep up with. So my hope is to help you not worry about skipping a bajillion pages  and just jump right in where we are. 
First things first: Be Sure if you read nothing else you MUST read post 1 and post 2 from our lovely HOH Lupingirl. After that you can rely on me to keep you updated for the most part.
Also if you have anything YOU think was noteworthy in the CR please feel free to PM me or send me an email and I'll add it in my next CRR!
Now for the recap

Pages 1-10
There was mostly chatter and intros from excited First years and returning students. (we love it)
be sure to check out post #66 for Gawariel's wonderful Gryffindor Pride ravatars and snag one for yourself if you'd like. We also talked about OWLs an what to do for them, where they were and what they were.
In post #110 Noonee talks about OWLs. if you're thinking about an OWL I say go for it!!
Ajdag shared how she got a dancing hamster in her post in #125. (it's a great way to liven up the CR). We also talked about the Lion Pride group and being "sorted" into our smaller mentoring groups. It's a great way to get to know your housemates! A first year AndiSocial, just finished a gryffie scarf right before being sorted into gryffindor how awesome is that scarf?? And CherrySprinkle is our resident enabler... she takes her enabler role very seriously!

Pages 11-20
Lupin girl shared some posting guidelines from the powers that be in post #273. And CherrySprinkle was at it again sharing a rather interesting looking drop spindle in post #289 and how to use a drop spindle in #301.
In post #370, JaclynBailey shared her tattoo. We chatted some more about OWLs and projects
Frick tried to sum up participation in the cup in post #394. There were some more intros and questions/speculations about classes. We did talk about how we can only turn in 1 project for 1 class. Not one project for 2 classes in the HPKCHC you can turn in the same project for 1 class in the HC and a different ravelry group though!

Pages 21-30
We had more intros and talks of OWLs. and blame er I mean talk of how CherrySprinkle got  most of us spinning in Gryffindor. FantasyFlyte did a great short and simple tute of how to link to pattern in our posts in post #600.  There was also speculation about the Prides. We got a visit from a former Gryffie Stitchywitchy who's now in Hufflepuff for the year. And CherrySprinkle started enabling spinning again! And Hemionejean jumped in also! Mindysue our Quidditch gal gave us a preview of this year's game. KrazyQuilts shared photos of her cute little doggies (i just want to cuddle them!)

Pages 31-40
KrazyQuilts' photo started talk about dogs mostly yorkies. Then vertigo1414 arrived on scene with Gerard and everyone smiled and started talking about shows they liked, Firefly, Buffy, etc. Jajigirl posted a photo of her using the drop spindle on a treadmill at work. it's amazing check it out! she also shared a no bake protein bar recipe. More CS enabling. The prides were sorted and made. Lisakbye made her first ever g-square. Jedimeg16 showed us a license plate we all wish we had! She also shared some of her costumes  that she made.

Pages 41-50
Lisakbye wow'd us with her first 2 ply. Lupingirl announced that Fantasyflyte will get the first Roaring Lion award of the term for making the roaring lion badge! More fiber goodness. She also announced the winner of the Courage Campaign badges. We started talking about classes and fitting our projects into them. and there was a House Unity Secret Pride message sent out to everyone. if you didn't get it PM your pride leader and get that info immediately!

Pages 51-60
If you signed up for an OWL before the links were live you need to go fill in the google doc.  CS shared a photo of her monster bunny in progress.  ZTAgirlknits shared some awesome stitch markers and a necklace that she got and just had to show us b/c we know how to appreciate it. JaclynBailey shared some great photos of Indiana Jones. which started a whole conversation about the newest movie and how we don't accept it. That lead to StarWars talks for a couple of pages.

Pages 61-75
Lisakbye shared her poptart.  And CS shared her gumpy bunny with a knife. Aras shared a cute cute photo of her baby niece wearing her sweater she knit. Spinning wheel enabling. Derricksdoll shared her poptart!

And that should catch you up for the most part. I promise I'll update more often from now on!  Just jump in and start talking in the CR you'll be glad you did!

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