Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spinning and Giggling - Epi 3

Show Notes:
Mojo/No Mojo



And writing the pattern for them and the broomstick lace scarf

To spin or not to spin?
Sunset handspun - 394.81 yards 12 WPI Turned in for HOM

Underwater hand spun (using drop spindle only)- worsted 109 yds
Charms owl– 1896 total I’m getting about 34-35 WPI, 870.95 yds turned in

Be Mine 386 yards! Nply
Sock yarn: 469 yards, traditional 3ply
Gradient 473 yards, Nply
Skater Chick 332 yards, traditional 3ply
Spin in Progress:
Valentines Day, Turkish spindle, Merino, I dyed a few months ago...
Sock yarn on the Fly
The Carrot SW wool/nylon
Tiny turkish spindle (Who i'm calling Beast!)Merino

Other things mentioned:

We mention learning to ply on the fly:

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Wrock Song
Hallelujah by Talons and Tea Leaves

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