Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dirty Cool

Mojo/ no Mojo



pumpkin hat

Crocheted baby sweater

Thin Ice Shawl

80's~tastic arm-warmers

bunny nuggets

Cardio knitting washcloth
Redico Socks
New Purse

Mini Pigmy Puff
Baby Sweater

Diamond Wrap Socks

Don't blink washcloth
Dalek washcloth


OWL~ mittens(3 stranded, 2 plain jane)
Traveling scarf.....
crocheted dishcloth (hello detention projects!)
Dye roving

Angles have the Tardis
Man Socks
Waiting for OWL wool to finish drying
Traveling scarves(have 2, 1 finished one to go!)

To Spin or not to Spin
Dyed some lambs wool 

TdF sock yarn

Allena is ROCKIN!
Jessica... not so much...
But... We both want to kick it up a notch... Join us in the Gryffindor Gym!

WE Announced our Winner of Jessica's handspun! listen to find out who won!!! A big thank you to all who have left reviews on itunes and all who have shared our podcast with others. Please feel free to keep sharing the love!

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Jessica at the theater for the midnight showing

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HP DH Pt2 Release date, Nov 11th!!

Wrock Song
Common Welsh Green by the Quaffle Kids


Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Make Butterbeer

Since the blog isn't being used as much as it used to be, I thought I may start sharing some recipes for everyone to try out. To start us off I've found a butterbeer video. LMK what you think!
. I know i'll be stopping at the store to get some ingredients to try it myself. LMK if you do try it out.

Monday, September 5, 2011

What's all that hype about Gryffindor? Episode 4

MoJo/NO MoJ0~
Nope, no FO'a for Allena or Jessica

Allena's SIP~ much further along than this :)

Diamond Wrap Socks

Green Posies Socks (used for detention)
2 dish cloths started for future detentions!

To Spin or not to Spin~
just drop spinning at parks
my sad sad broken spindle...

spinning at the park...

has been prepping fiber!

wool wool wool!

biking, hooping, walking! yay!

biking, some hooping... then I broke my toe :(


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Linkage for things mentioned:
Younger yarn Group KAL (a new sock KAL every month!)
Working on a Drum Carder
Gryffindor Babies & Blankets
Owl Post!
Marauders Missions

Wrock Song!~
Death Eater Tango by the butterbeer experience.
on youtube
on myspace

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