Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last-Minute Class Ideas: Squares!

There are just a few days left in June, which means just a few more days to turn in a class project! Thankfully, there are plenty of places to turn in a quick square - perfect to donate to charity, and the perfect way to earn an extra 15 points for Gryffindor!

Potions - what would you do with your perfect day? Maybe you'd snuggle under a blanket (where this square features prominently), or maybe you'd spend your day snuggling babies (wrapped tight in a blanket made from this square and others)?

Charms - "Fight ugliness. Celebrate beauty. Make an item that makes someone look good. You define what “looks good” is but it must be for a human being." I'm pretty sure a blanket that uses the gorgeous square you've just worked up would definitely make someone look good!

History Of Magic - Squares actually fit into two of the options for this class! Under option 1, you can make a square in colors that remind you of Damara's robes, full of blues and silvers and greys. For option 2, your blanket square could be added to either a blanket for the coming baby, or for the mother herself!

Divination - another very open prompt! You can "craft the flame" for option 1 by either making your square in the colors of flame, or knitting/crocheting a flame into the square. Or maybe you saw a symbol in the flame (option 3) that you can represent on your square?

Herbology - for option 2, wouldn't a nice squishy square cushion a pot quite nicely?

Care Of Magical Creatures - Craft something that reminds you of the Ashwinder. Maybe your square is green and grey/silver to remind you of the serpent's colors? Maybe your square protects from heat/fire? Or maybe your square has the Ashwinder herself knitted/crocheted into the square's pattern?

Transfiguration - craft your animagus. This is the perfect time to whip up an intarsia square with an owl or dog in it!
DADA - study the boggart. Maybe you believe the boggart's natural form is just a flat square? Or maybe your square is so funny and happy that it will help defeat the boggart?

Remember -- story is key here! These are ideas, so you must take them and shape them and make them your own! Roar Gryffindor!

Friday, June 21, 2013

One More Week!

There's just over a week left in the term, Gryffs! It's time to start finishing up bigger projects, and maybe start  some quick ones to earn the house a few more points. Here, for your inspiration, are some of the amazing projects that Gryffindors have been turning in this month:


Illusion Dish Cloth

Kawaii Octopus Amigurumi


TdS2: Chicane Socks

KIP Scrap-happy Celebration Hat

image title

Iggy Coat

MH Dress


 photo JuneCharms2_zps105ca31d.jpg

Babby Fishie

Secret Fan Tour Sock 1

Angry Bird Hats

History of Magic:

Stars and Steel

Sweater for the Bean #2



Jam Topped

image title

bath mat

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Stupendous Sock Study

I don't know if you've been checking in with our study halls this term, Gryffs, but they've been producing some amazing work! There are study halls for many interests, and they are there to help you challenge yourself and improve your skills. Here are some of the beautiful projects being worked on in the Study Halls this month!!

Sock Study Hall:

Amy PC: Love the lace!
School Socks

Jkauder: What beautiful, intricate work!
Tour De Sock 2013 Stage 1 the secret fan

notjustar0w: Love these colors!
Toe-up Duckies

kmroberton: The beadwork in these socks is perfect!
Rivers Secret Fan
These look perfect for a cozy rainy day!
Raindrops Keep Falling

minsue: The cables on these look lovely in this yarn!
Curling Hose

This self striping yarn is so fun!
Self Striping socks

kbowman123: I love these little blue anklets!
Worsted Anklet Socks

What's on your needles, Gryffindors? Do you feel the sock knitting bug, or do you get stuck with second sock syndrome?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Class Ideas: Giving Away Hats

If making hats and giving them away fuels your needles, then this little guide should just about hit the spot! I've compiled a way you can knit a hat for every single class this month!

Charms - option 2 says to make something that embellishes hair or covers dirty hair. HAT!

COMC - create something that reminds you of the Ashwinder. I would go color here - the Ashwinder is pale grey, but her eggs are bright red. make a hat that’s one (or both!) of these colors! alternately, if you can make a hat in an hour or so, you can say that reminds you of the Ashwinder’s life span!

DADA - option 2 says to create something that provokes laughter. so you could make a “funny” hat - maybe a jester’s hat (like this one or this one or this one)?

Divination - this one is a pretty open prompt. I plan to use option 2, asking the flame what thing I most wish my son would want from me. The answer? A handmade hat! He hates wearing handmade hats, much to my chagrin! You can ask the flame a question where the answer is ‘a hat’ … like, what do babies in Ghana need from me? or what can i do with this skein of yarn?

Herbology - I’m asking if we can use option 1 to make something purple, even if it’s not necessarily large. but even if we can’t do that, option 2 asks us to create a container for the bulb. a hat can easily stand in as a container in a pinch … maybe photograph it with a bulb (light or flower or other)?

History Of Magic - option 2 asks for a baby item. BABY HATS!

Potions - this is another open prompt, asking you to craft something related to your perfect day. For me, a perfect day would involve knitting hats, all day every day. HATS!

Transfiguration - craft your animagus. At first I was stuck here, but there are tons of animal-themed hats out there! Maybe your animagus is a horse or a raccoon or an owl? a panda, a fox, a penquin or a dinosaur? Sweet Kiwi Crochet has like a billion different animal hat patterns, and while they’re not free, they are so fun, well written, and fit perfectly with this prompt! we’re talking monkeys and monsters and puppies and ducks and giraffes and zebras and frogs and …. wow!

I'll be back later today with some ideas for knitting squares for charity (think Gryffindor babies or Knit-A-Square)!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

World Knit in Public Days June 8th and 15th 2013

World Knit In Public Days June 8th and 15th 2013

Check your local yarn shops, they might be having special events. Perhaps, you could offer to help out or create an event.

You might sit outside the shop and knit and have competitions for prizes or a scavenger hunt in your yarn bag.

Take a lawn chair, a treat, and a friend and sit outside and knit, spin, crochet, weave or just gab.

Go to a coffee house, get your favorite beverage, plop down and knit away by yourself or with friends. When, I do this, someone inevitably stops and asks a question or just admires the hobby.

Knit in a library, bookstore, at a park, at the zoo, in the food court at the mall, in a restaurant,

For more ideas, check out the Facebook page for "World Knit In Public Day-the official site" I has the logo above.

Let us know what you do to pass on our craft. SHARE your ideas and plans with us.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Class Prompt Round-up, June 2013

Welcome to June, Gryffindors! A new month gives us new opportunities to do our best and bring the House Cup back to the lions! To make this a little easier, here's a quick list of this month's class prompts for you to refer back to as you start your craft planning:

Craft your animagus!

Craft something related to a Felix Felicis-created perfect day.

History of Magic:
Option 1: Craft something inspired by the night sky
Option 2: Baby Items
Option 3: Craft something inspired by love or romance

Something inspired by the Ashwinder

Option 1: represent the natural form of the boggart
Option 2: Craft something that makes you laugh

Option 1: Something large, purple, cumbersome, or bouncy
Option 2: Craft a container or basket

Option 1: Craft something that celebrates beauty
Option 2: Craft something that embellishes someone's hair
Option 3: Spin yarn with a spindle.

Option 1: Craft the flame.
Option 2: Craft something that represents the question you asked of the flame.
Option 3: Craft something inspired by a symbol you saw in the flame

What are you planning this month, Gryffindors?