Saturday, June 1, 2013

Class Prompt Round-up, June 2013

Welcome to June, Gryffindors! A new month gives us new opportunities to do our best and bring the House Cup back to the lions! To make this a little easier, here's a quick list of this month's class prompts for you to refer back to as you start your craft planning:

Craft your animagus!

Craft something related to a Felix Felicis-created perfect day.

History of Magic:
Option 1: Craft something inspired by the night sky
Option 2: Baby Items
Option 3: Craft something inspired by love or romance

Something inspired by the Ashwinder

Option 1: represent the natural form of the boggart
Option 2: Craft something that makes you laugh

Option 1: Something large, purple, cumbersome, or bouncy
Option 2: Craft a container or basket

Option 1: Craft something that celebrates beauty
Option 2: Craft something that embellishes someone's hair
Option 3: Spin yarn with a spindle.

Option 1: Craft the flame.
Option 2: Craft something that represents the question you asked of the flame.
Option 3: Craft something inspired by a symbol you saw in the flame

What are you planning this month, Gryffindors?

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  1. I haven't had a chance to read the new class prompts yet so I appreciate this list and just from this glance I have a couple ideas in mind! I'll have to be careful to spend ample time on my mission and OWL this month though!! :D