Sunday, June 2, 2013

World Knit in Public Days June 8th and 15th 2013

World Knit In Public Days June 8th and 15th 2013

Check your local yarn shops, they might be having special events. Perhaps, you could offer to help out or create an event.

You might sit outside the shop and knit and have competitions for prizes or a scavenger hunt in your yarn bag.

Take a lawn chair, a treat, and a friend and sit outside and knit, spin, crochet, weave or just gab.

Go to a coffee house, get your favorite beverage, plop down and knit away by yourself or with friends. When, I do this, someone inevitably stops and asks a question or just admires the hobby.

Knit in a library, bookstore, at a park, at the zoo, in the food court at the mall, in a restaurant,

For more ideas, check out the Facebook page for "World Knit In Public Day-the official site" I has the logo above.

Let us know what you do to pass on our craft. SHARE your ideas and plans with us.

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