Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May Ancient Runes Suggestions

This month Ancient Runes is focusing on the Elder Futhark runic symbols.  If you didn't get in on doing the Loki-motion on the 25th (c'mon baby, do the Loki-motion...),  here's your chance to move to the head of the class by either crafting an object or spinning a yarn that is either derived from, or inspired by, the Nordic runes, Nordic mythology or the Nordic gods. For those who choose to go the Runic route (say that 5 times fast),remember YOU MUST STATE WHICH RUNE YOU USED AND ITS MEANING WHEN YOU TURN IT IN!!!!  Oh, and don't forget your house while you're at it...

Bonus points are given for impressive crafting, entertaining presentations, and for including at least one Futhark symbol in your project, as well as SSBPGM (Super Secret Bonus Points Garnering Method).

Elder Futhark Crib Notes:

-directionality is key; if the Runes are pointed in the opposite direction to the way they are supposed to be shown, it generally changes the whole meaning of the rune. Keep this in mind if you are charting your own symbols.
-Runes can be used singly, to demonstrate particular qualities, or in groups. Depending on your name, you may be able to spell your first or last name entirely in runes, which would give you an interesting item to interpret and explain, possibly scoring the elusive SSBPGM.
-For those of you who are stumped as to which rune to choose, there is always the ever-handy Gebo (X), meaning gift. A get-out of jail free card allowing you to pick any pattern.
-You can use runes to tie into virtually any pattern on Ravelry -- it's all in how you interpret the meanings.

Possible combinations of the first set of runes and projects:

Fehu (F): wealth, creation, fertility: baby items, Felted Poker Card Coasters, a pattern you designed.
Uruz(U): Understanding, wisdom, sexual desire, increased health/energy, change for the better: Owl items, naughty items/lingerie, change purse.
Thurisaz(TH):Catharsis, purging, cleansing fire; fertilization: baby stuff, Heart on Fire Knit Dishcloth, flames, phoenixes, projects you make as a means of acknowledging past hurts.
Ansuz(A): signals, inspiration, enthusiasm, power of words: Something that symbolizes your passions in life; something to do with books or writing
Raidho(R): Travel, relocation, evolution, vacation: Summer clothing, bikins, Travelling Woman shawl, Travel Jewellry Pouch.
Kenaz(K): Creativity, technical ability, transformation and regeneration, knowledge. This would be a great one for a reversible doll like Mini-Reversible Rabbit into Duck; Or to show off your skills on your most complicated pattern. Or design your own pattern.
Gebo(X): Gifts of all kinds, involving sacrifices, balance, generosity. Any gifts you want to make for other people, including charity donations would fit in here.
Wunjo(V/W) Joy, comfort, pleasure. Very open to interpretation; what would be a joy for you, might not be for me and vice versa. Comfort: cuddly things, warm items, dolls, blankets.

Any of the pairings listed above would work, but don't limit yourself to my interpretation here. Just be prepared to discuss your choice!  ;-)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Potions May Suggestions

I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death -- if you aren't as big a bunch of dunderheads as I usually have to teach."-- S. Snape

This month,we focus on combining several elements into one whole in Potions. There are 3 options available.

Option 1: Knit or crochet something using at least 3 colours of yarn. This can be done using Fair Isle, intarsia, striping, holding multiple strands together, slip stitch patterns...the list goes on.

Posaible project options:

Option 2: Knit or crochet something with at least 3 pieces that need to be joined together. NB: You must include a before seaming and an after seaming photo for this option. Pretty much any toy would work for this, as would sweaters, tote bags (lined or with separate bottoms) etc.

Possible options:

          Mario Mushroom

Option 3: Spin at least 3 oz of fibre, using either 3 or more types of fibre, or making a 3 ply yarn.

Bonus points if you can relate the elements of your project to different potions ingredients, and for wowing the professor.

NOTE: You CANNOT use a single variegated or self-striping yarn in order to achieve the 3 colours.  You CAN use a self-striping or variegated yarn as one of the THREE colours, however. I recommend taking a pic of the yarns you are going to use in this case. Also, you CAN use different shades of the same colour, ie doing a project in different shades of pink, so long as they are all from different yarns. Again, I`d submit this with a photo of the yarns used.
Spinners not dying their own fibre yarn must make a 3 ply.Spinners can use a commercial yarn as one of their 3 plies in composing their new one.

The list of potions ingredients:
Aconite, Acromantula venom, armadillo bile, Ashwinder eggs, Asphodel,
Bezoar, Belladonna, bicorn parts, Billywig parts, black beetle parts, boomslang parts, Bubotuber, Bundimun secretion,
Chinese Chomping Cabbage, Caterpillars, Cockroaches, crocodile parts,
Daisy, Doxy eggs, dragon eggs, dragon parts,
Erumpent parts,
Flobberworm parts, Fluxweed, frog parts,
Ginger, Glumbumble parts, Graphorn parts,
Hellebore, horned slugs, horned toads, human parts,
Jobberknoll parts,
Lacewing flies, Leeches, lionfish parts, Lovage,
Mandrake, Monkshood, Moonstone,
Peppermint, Pomegranate, porcupine parts, puffer-fish parts,
Rat parts, Re’em blood, runespoor eggs,
salamander parts, scarab beetles, scurvy-grass, shrivelfig, Abyssinian snake parts, Sneezewort, Sopophorous, Spiders,
unicorn parts,
Wolfsbane, wormwood,
along with many others. Further information can be found here.
And also here

May Charms Pattern Suggestions

  Yes, it is T-minus 6 days and counting, and time to motor on the Charms class. To misquote Dorothy, "Rabbits and Dragons and Birds, oh my!" This is the chance for you to turn in anything related to birds, bunnies and dragons. Abstract or literal, three-dimensional or flat outlines, it's all good this month if the story's right.
Having said that, here' a bunch of suggestions for you to consider, in knitting and crocheting, by animal.

Birds: Spring is sprung, the grass is riz. I wonder where de boidies iz? Dey say de boids is on the wing; Ain't dat absurd? I thought da wing was on de boid!

Escher-esque Bird Hat          Sweet Little Bird          Bluebird          Ducks          Baby Owl         


 Caroline's Birds          Felted Tweety birds          Mauritius Dodo          Chicken Amigurumi Pattern         

 Rabbits: What do you call a line of rabbits hopping backwards?A receding hareline.

Baby snow bunny          Bunny blanket buddy          Miffy bunny

Dragons: Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.


Baby snow dragon          Seamonster Bookmark        Dragon Finger puppet                           

We're getting chatty again! pgs 229-250

Just to show you I've not been slacking and doing nothing while I'm not CRRing it up. I've brought a photo of my OWL spinning. I dyed the roving myself and now I'm on to the spinning part of the OWL. then I'll be Navajo plying it.... but this is a CRR not about me so lets get on with it....Basically just some random sentences and links for you to know what's going on.

Lupingirl is plotting a movie night! CS is enabling again!!! Then SHE got enabled! Go Lupingirl!!!  Vertigo1414 shared some photos of her lovely roving stash..(or some of it)
Stuartsmom had a birthday and she got cake from lupingirl and tons of HB wishes. Straayerliz shared a progress photo of her OWL. Then it was Covington's b-day and she also got cake!  Clmnj58 shared a photo from her daughter's bridal shower. AnnaMarya shared some stats with us, and Spartyliblover is the first Gryffie to turn in all 6 classes. Good job! Mauri shared her HOM homework with us.  Oh look, Lupingirl's new niece!  Noonee finished a ball!  PennyIA shared a link to the HPK/CHC google map. you need to be signed in to add yourself. Straayerliz has such a cute baby!!! Spartyliblover is knitting a scarf for quidditch.
AmyPc finished a cute dragon and turned it in for potions. OKC is learning to spin. she's doing a wonderful job. Lisakbye's fairy is soooooooo cute! Gawariel used the same pattern and made a house elf. Jajigirl made a cute bag for potions. Stacylovesyarn made a mallet of sanity. I think we could all use that on different people in our lives. Our OWL examiner dropped in to tell us if she missed your projects please PM her. Derricksdoll shared her FO's with us. I so HAVE to make that skull hot pad... hmmm maybe I'll do it for DADA.....
and with that we're caught up.

Monday, May 24, 2010

History of Magic

It's down to the crunch time, fellow Gryffindors. One week away from the first term deadlines, and you're still wondering whatever you are going to do for that seemingly limitless class? Project experts to the rescue!

This month's class focuses on a trip down to the Chamber of Secrets. The conditions for a field trip are infinitely safer now that the basilisk has been killed, but it is still an incredibly spooky place, filled with llots of stone carvings, eery glows, and erratically carved chamber walls.

The key for this class is to tie in your work to either the conditions of the chamber as it currently stands, its current inhabitants, remnants of past inhabitants, or tools that you would need to take with you in order to successfully explore it. For those of you who have never been much for exploring underground, think of world famous explorers and archeologists in the Muggle realm. What would they need to survive, and/or remove artifacts without damaging them? Anything you find in such an enclosed area is likely to be very fragile, and prone to breakage if you are not careful. And it really won't look that great to make your class presentation in HoM with a handful of dust, telling the professor, "Well, I had wanted to show you this rare specimen of winged narwhal feathers, but..."

So, here's a selection of projects for both knitters and crocheters that will suit various interpretations of the theme.YMMV, but most of them should be doable in the time we have left.

Bones: Hey, basilisks aren`t the most genteel eaters in the universe. And I`ve never known one to work for Molly Maid. There are probably tonnes of different species down here to choose from, including unwary humans, for your personal project.

Dog bone toy
day of the dead crochet skull
Jolly Roger skull and crossbone patch
Felted skull

Dinosaur skeleton chart
Bones illusion wristwarmers
Synnoves pirate headband
We call them pirates

Stonework/Carvings: So far as Salazar Slytherin was concerned, the more ornate the better, especially if the carving was reptilian in nature. Nothing says "club hangout" quite like travertine marble renditions of your favourite pet! But don't let the fear of reptiles stop you from creating a stonework masterpiece; any kind of mosaic knitting/crocheting, cabling or textured stitchery should work out just fine here. Ornate celtic knotwork/fretwork patterns would knock it out of the park.

Weaved hotpad
Midnight swan book marker
Mosaic tile iPod/cell bag
Basketweave scrubby cloth
Picasso Pot holder
Box me in dishcloth

Endless knot socks
Tam of rassilon
Skully dishcloth
Celtic cable neckwarmer
Celtic knot work hat
Celtic trinity knot hot pad
Albem purse

Inhabitants: Certainly when you have a choice location such as the Chamber of Secrets going wanting for an owner, it won't be long before other magical creatures move on in. Many students have already discovered (to their shock/glee, depending) that a mass of Acromantulas have moved into the lair of their former enemy. You may find, by the time you do your field trip, that another magical creature has invaded as well. Or you may see evidence of past critters. Crafters, this is your golden opportunity to make dolls or other toys symbolizing the invading forces.

fone bone of boneville
Many eyed spider
Psychotic tomato

Felted Halloween bat
Toasty pocket creature
Abigail the middle-sized monster
Spider's away

Archeological Tools: Finally we come to the category of things the intrepid explorer just can't do without. What would it take for you to be a successful explorer of the CoS? (NB: Successful=not eaten) Or is there something some previous explorer relied on in the past, to their eventual downfall? Once more, it's all in how you sell it. A bottle of lemon juice may not seem like proper explorer gear, but if you spin it as something the Muggle archeologists would use to write secret messages back and forth, giving the coordinates of the new find of the CoS only to those in the know, it all suddenly works out. here's a list of some items you may find useful.

Dr.Horrible (or any character) goggles
Biffer duster wig
Paperless grocery bag
Dot's little ditty bag
Pirate Eye patch
Felted Crochet Booga Bag

Bombshell betty, version 2
Eye cord
A felted eye patch
Ruched sleep eyemask
Wine glass holder
Booga bag
Windmill bag
Brown bag

So, there you have it, fellow lions. How to tackle the Chamber of Secrets in a few easy lessons. Okay, time for me to get out of this tunnel, all these giant snake carvings are seriously starting to creep me out.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

holy crap! I need to update ya'll pgs 199-228

Well life has been busy at my house lately with the end of school and getting ready for school next year so I must apologize for not giving you an update sooner... I'm sitting here watching Jimmy Kimmels Aloha to Lost so it's a good time to update.
So lets get crackin........

Lisakbye is going to be making a hello kitty square and is wanting some others to crochet along with her. PennyIA is asking the dragon along, dragon ladies, (we need a name) where everyone is at with their dragons. I for one have my chart charted and I'm knitting the first sock. (in case you were wondering)
Lupingirl is asking for all you colorado gryffies if you'd like to have a meet up. For you newbie crocheters out there Jedimeg shares some words of wisdom! TheKnittedJuggler brought a merry beast.
DebPonzio is our newest Roaring Lion Badge recipient! go congratulate her!
Spartyliblover is teaching herself to knit. I think she's doing a great job. Kystina1207 shared some wonderful photos of her FO's!
Siriusly got a Roaring Lion Badge for stopping a fight at school! you are awesome!
PennyIA shared a photo of her dragon in progress. So did Trainergirl15! Then, Lupingirl got everyone started taking a HP personality test. If you haven't taken it you should it's a lot of fun!
Check out the awesome cake Lupingirl conjured up for Angiejude's b-day. Jajigirl is going to be in a magazine and she's going to make sure to talk about cardio knitting! AndiSocial shared a photo of her FO.
Derricksdoll popped in to share her next OWL square. Vertigo1414 is DONE!!And Lupingirl brought butterbeer, fireworks, and twins! Of course we had to give her some gerardCherrySprinkle shared her quilt top. it's lovely and now I am starting to get the sewing bug again...and I have to knit, crochet and spin, I don't have time to sew right now....eeek!
Covington shared a progress report. JaclynBailey shared some gryffie colored fireworks for the graduates. College Harry came for a visit. Vertigo1414 shared a charity she'd like you to think about if you're doing the baby boom challenge for Quidditch. TKJ had to do around practicing her ERECTO spell b/c she got in trouble.  So make sure you "behave" in class and don't laugh at the funny spells... at least don't get caught that is...
Jajigirl shared a lovely FO. CS is back with her FINISHED quilt. Then she started enabling. not that we mind. MrsForest shared a video. Mauri shared a lovely photo of some beautiful yarn.

and it's late gryffies so I'm going to catch you up from here tomorrow.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

No Photos for you! pgs 175-198

Hey it's me again your faithful reporter... I hope I can keep you interested!
More Kitty pictures from Annamarya. Jajigirl shared a lovely photo of a shawl she's working on, the colors are beautiful! Cherrysprinkle is sharing some lovely bento box photos!!!! (squee! i love bentos!) Then she shared an awesome prop she made for herbology! then she shared some wonderful handspun! (drool)
AmyPC shared her to do list (which is more like a done list!) go girl! PennyIA turned in 4 classes! Aesclinn shared a wonderful photo of her kitty. NaturallyKnitty shared a great pattern for our bento boxes. (come on you know you want to get one!) Straayerliz got a roaring lion badge for knitting socks with her own handspun!!! Trainergirl15 shared a beautiful photo of some yarn she's spinning.
The visiting Fosterson shared a great story about a scary guy met on the train. we will now blame everything on the Reptoids! keep that in mind when knitting goes wrong or crochet bites back and spinning makes your head woozy. Frick shared her half done to-do list! Straayerliz is almost done too. Spartyliblover shared her list too. and I'm feeling very underachieverish. Vertigo1414 shared a wonderful photo of her drop spindle. it's beautiful!
NaturallyKnitty scored some awesome fiber finds at a yard/craft sale. I for one was totally jealous and convinced her to pick me up some! (she's a wonderful sister!)
SapphireRuby got some wonderful gryffindor yarn. Lupingirl got some kits, I see some awesome projects in her future! Mauri graduated! and got some knitting done while she was there. Derricksdoll shared another completed square for her OWL! ZTAgirlknits made her first ami and brought it to the CR for us to see. NaturallyKnitty found a spinning wheel for $33. best deal ever!
Anna92 is hosting a gryffindor swap in the Lion Pride. Go check that out! it's a great way to get to know your housemates.

And that should catch you up.

Friday, May 14, 2010

April showers bring May Flowers

Our Herbology assignment this May is all about flowers and boy oh boy have we Gryffs been out their knitting up and crocheting a gardens worth of flowers!

Savvyknits turned in the first flower for our house with her Deep Sea Flower!

AmyPC turned her friends brand new baby into a flower!

AngieJude turned in a feisty little flower that has taken over her couch!

Straayerliz handed in a very pretty flower embellished baby hat.

CherrySprinkle handed in a seriously cute giraffe pea pod photo prop that is so cute it makes me want to rethink my decision to stop at 4 kids!

There were so many beautiful projects and more will be featured in the future! GO GO GRYFFINDOR!!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We're making Nachos! Pgs 153-174

 I'm re-watching  the first season of Dr Who on netflix and eating peanuts so pull up a chair and join me as I walk you through the next few pages in the Common Room.
Covington finished her first ever in the round crochet project! Jajigirl is enabling! Binkette55 found a new dragon pattern if you want to join in our totally informal Owl Dragon-along! FantasyFlyte is getting close to the end of her hat and shared a photo. ZTAgirlKnits showed us some lovely lovely lovely yarn photos...trying to tempt us. Jedimeg16's whirlwind weekend 1 went ok and weekend 2 will go well and she's going to be taking photos just for me! (remember! you promised.) LOL.
Trainergirl15 is trying to KILL us all with jealousy. Check out the beautiful fibery goodness and drool! Derricksdoll finished another square. I'm thinking we'll all need to make a blanket like that. Kaggs shared a photo of her spinning owl it's going to be lovely! AnnaMarya got a cut cuddly little kitten. Crochetbyclare had a brainstorm! Straayerliz is asking for some advice go and help her out if you can. CherrySprinkle is teaching! Oh look, another kitty photo!
Jajigirl got a roaring lion badge!Congrats!
and that about catches you up! Short and Sweet today!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chit Chat Pgs 125-152

Well my goal of updating every 10 pgs isn't really feasible with how much we talk. So I'll just have to update you whenever. Like right now!
Vertigo1414 Started a great talk about Cascade Eco Wool. you'll have to click the link to follow that conversation.
AnnaMarya shared some great stats and confirmed what we already know; that We Gryffies ROCK! jajigirl shared a wonderful photo of her drop spindle. Jamygillespie shared an awesome sketch of her and her boyfriend that SHE drew! How amazing is that? my sketch would consist of 1-2 stick people and you wouldn't be able to see the difference between the two. Noonne shared a photo of her 1st sweater that she just finished. TheKnittedJuggler shared that she met an amazing juggler and he said she was amazing, she also shared a video of him for us to know who it was she met. CS shared a beautiful beach that i think we'd all like to go to. Lisakbye shared some awesome spinning she's done and a photo of her very interesting cat and then a photo of a very interesting spot. Lupingirl wants pajammeralls. Crochetbyclare did some remodeling. Vertigo1414 shared a funny clip from family guy, then photos of her new place. Did you know jajigirl is a trainer and does something called cardio knits? She's got tons of wonderful info for us if we just ask! we had a great convo about fake sugars and the like. there was some OWL talks. Mauri inspires us all with her goal to knit 1 sweater a month! jaclynbailey shared some lovely pink yarn she bought for her daughter and then shared photos of her lovely daughter.
Binkette55 shared a Wicked Awesome photo. We talked about yoga and working out. we're all getting warm butterflies in our stomachs with Fantasyflyte! Naturallyknitty finished her bunny and Trubie claimed it. (photo courtesy of natuallyknitty)
Jajigirl shared some of her spun roving (with her drop spindle) It's beautiful!
Darahmartin and her kids found a baby bunny, it's sooo cute! Fantasyflyte shared a photo of the yarn she dyed. It's lovely!

Well you're caught up and I'm watching The Time Traveler's Wife with my DH. so I'll see you around... same bat time same bat place!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

DADA to date

To continue my highlights of projects handed in in the first few days of class I am now going to turn my attention (and yours!) toward DADA! We Gryffs really do hand in some fantastic projects!

We have Marushka handing in her FIRST EVER assignment a pretty little headband:

AmyPC also handed in her FIRST EVER assignment, a broomstick bookmark:

Yet another Firstie handing in her first ever assignment, we have Derricksdoll turning in her crazy cute Pop Tart Cell Phone Cozy!

, another firstie, turned in her FIRST EVER SHAWL:

Sweetsound, who I am pretty sure is a first year, turned in a delightful trio of Headphone Whales:

(you guessed it! ANOTHER first year!) turned in a clutter control basket:

Rounding out the Gryffindor projects handed in for DADA we have Lisakbye's Nougat-y Granny Square! (which for the record is one of her first crochet items ever!) Lisakbye is the only non-firstie to hand in a DADA project for Gryffindor so far! Go Lisakbye!:

Well that is that thus far in DADA! More to come later!

Even Chat Can't Slow Us Down! pgs 98-124

CherrySprinkle shared with us an awesome FO of her's and also a list of her projected projects. (I'm thinking I should do something similar.) She also shared a WIP with a great flower! FantasyFlyte's phone works!!  NaturallyKnitty is making margaritas and inviting caffeinatedkatie over (they live in the same town and are BFFs).
Vertigoo1414 cast on some french press slippers and thinks the size 15 needles are a little weird.
Gerard! and it's always hard to follow that with any coherent thought....ummm... oh yes. recap. well we talked about the size of our queues and needle sizes and about OWL approvals and just life in general. (comparison photo courtesy of lisakbye)
Lisakbye came up with a new spell we must all try and learn! She also shared a photo of a felted scarf! TheKnittedJuggler shared an amazing photo. you must go and look! She also needs some help. CrochetbyClare is free!
Yarn therapy for FF! She also found a great deal and lovely knitting and some unventing! Chat started but we kept on talking. We all started brainstorming for Jedimeg's new t-shirt venture.
Noonee's got a crazy charted OWL go give her love and support she an totally do it!
Both CherrySprinkle and SavvyKnits  have a project in the prize thread. go vote! Derricksdoll shared a photo of her luscious yarn and her birdies. we had some sad talk about loosing pets but then we started sharing the good memories and photos of our loved furbabies! AmyPC found a turtle and is totally attached already!
Note this: if you work with Stacylovesyarn please stop eating her cream cheese!
Frick WON! take that you quilted jacket lady!  We all love angiejude's pug, I think it's b/c she's so darn cute and lets her take photos with props and hats and fun stuff! Needlesnswiffers found some soot sprites and set some traps so watch where you're walking.

OK so we're caught up for now! until next time (like tomorrow probably)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gryffindors are handing in those assignments!

We Gryffindors have been doing a fantastic job of handing in assignments!

In Charms we have had CherrySprinkle hand in a Killer Rabbit:

Oneknittychick handed in a kitty cheering up Owl

We have also had several First Years hand in several awesome projects!

turned in her first toy ever, a beautiful little bluebird!

TheKnittedJuggler turned in a dragon scale inspired pouch:

And WoolenHorse turned in a pretty little robin!

Be sure to let them know how cool you think their projects are!

Keep your eyes open for another post coming soon featuring some of the amazing projects we Gryffs are handing in!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Herbology Class Suggestions

This months Herbology class follows the old rhyme - April Showers bring May Flowers

This class is another one wide open for interpretation because projects can range from as simple as a crocheted flower to pin on to a hat or shirt, or as complex as a shawl with a flower pattern, and everything in between.

The class has been split into two different options.  The first being to create a flower embellishment.  This is likely to be the quickest and most popular option, but also one with the most possibilities.  Each flower will look unique and different based upon the yarn chosen and the flower you pick.  Knit, crocheted, or needlefelted flowers will be accepted for this option.  The item that is embellished by the flower you create does not need to also be created for this class.  Making a sweater for DADA? Embellish it with a flower for Herbology, and you have two FOs together in one and class projects for 2 classes.  Purchased items and items made previously (House Cup or not) can also be embellished with the flower that you make, but the points are given for the flower only.

Option 2 is to create an item with a floral motif on it.  This is where fair isle socks (or iPod cozies or mug cozies, etc) would fit in, as well as lace items (bookmark, scarf, shawl, etc.) with a flower pattern.  Large or small, it doesn't really matter, as long as it looks like flowers.
If you are super inspired by a certain color and want to dye yarn or spin something, PM the professor because the biggest part of this class is flowers.
Below is a short list of potential projects as suggested by Stuartsmom:

springing up flowers - dishcloth
Knitted flower for bike helmet
fair isle flower sock - socks
upside-down daisy - hat

Flower Dishcloth
Headband with flower
Flower square - granny square
Hawaiian flowers - blanket
Modell 14 - Bolero - shrug
bloom scarf

As always, if you have questions, feel free to ask!

May DADA Class Suggestions

This month, anything and everything is fair game for DADA.  With your Extendable Ears you are to dive into the queue or project page of another player in the House Cup, specifically a player in any house other than Gryffindor. 

The trickiest part of this assignment is to make certain that the person is a current player in the House Cup and that they are in a different house.  It is a little bit easier to find projects that have already been made.  CherrySprinkle first brought it up in the common room, and I'd like to expand on it here.  You may want to have multiple tabs or windows open for this, but it's not required.  First, bring up the pattern page for any item in your queue that you would like to make.  On the Projects tab for the pattern you will see two drop down menus just under the different tabs.  From the drop down menu on the right (Projects from all users is the default setting) you can select just the HPKCHC group.  This will show you projects made from that pattern by members of the House Cup group.  Not all members of the group are currently playing in the House Cup, so you will need to cross reference the person you wish to stalk with the master list for this term, found here.

The other option for finding a possible project to make is to look through someone's queue.  This is a trickier and more time consuming process, but is still doable.  The easiest way to find someone who you have a large number of projects in common with can be found on the main People tab of Ravelry.  Scroll down, and at the bottom you will see neighbors.  This area has a selection of people that you have both completed and queued projects in common with.  Again, these people might not be playing in the House Cup or even be in the House Cup group, so you would still need to double check the House lists.

When you turn in your final project, make certain to credit the person whose queue or project page you stalked.  ScarlettB and her TAs are trusting each of us to operate on the honor system that we did look through the queues and projects pages of others because it would be insane for them to try to cross reference and check that everyone is properly playing by the rules.
If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here, in the Common Room, or send a message to me or Stuartsmom, and we will do our best to help!

SRSLY!?! You Gryffies are going to kill me. pgs75-97

If we keep up the chatter I'm going to have to post a CRR every day! eeek! Oh well... anyways on to the recap

Pages 76-85
Please note, if you're going  to craft in house colors for bonus points this term, it has to be true house colors. see here and here. Our Owl examinner visited our CR and told us she's trying to keep on top of the OWL approvals. CS shared a WIP photo of her tea cozy. (don't you wish you could take as excellent photos?) Maybe we could get her to give us some tips we can use as laymen taking photos.... (hint hint) CS also shared some help for finding a project we want to make for DADA.
Krystina1207 had a wonderful idea to share her monthly plan broken into weeks. Then everyone started copying her and we all started thinking about how we're breaking our crafting into weeks.
Autumnleaf77 is asking for thoughts on her OWL swatch. go help her out. CS is enabling again. Binkette55 shared a photo of her finished socks.  Jajigirl jumped in with the enabling also! We love enabling!
Vicktor Krum came to visit.

Pages 86-97
Kanelbullen brought us some cookies but saved the good stuff for later. Lupingirl shared some funny funny options for ravatars and where to find them. Lisakbye found one and so did Crochetbyclare, she would like your input on her crocheted cowl.  Krystina1207 shared a FO! it's great. Vertigo1414 shared some links to  sunscreen for your head this summer.
Dobarah shared a photo of her back porch. It's INSANE how much snow!
Derricksdoll got her OWL yarn. it's lovely and she's rolling in it.
HapticTraveler shared her POV on Knitpicks zephyer needles.
Lupingirl made a few important announcements The first one was "PLEASE make sure you fill out the form that is linked in the header when you submit your proposal. Your proposal will NOT be approved without it, and SuperM PMd me to tell me that lots of Gryffs are forgetting to do it. It’s slowing down the approvals for everyone, so please, please, go fill it out if you forgot." (the link takes you to the 2nd one) Congrats to Marui and Naturallyknitty our new prefects! go give them some love!
KrazyQuilts is destashing some yarn if you're interested.

and with that we're at the end of page 97. soooo you're caught up!
Remember if you have anything that you'd like in the CRR  just pm me!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Common Room Recap pages 1-75

Hey all StarKnits here with your CR Recap.There's no need to catch up with me around and I bring you lion cookies from kate1138! With the term just starting we've already got 75 pages of conversations and I know that's a lot to keep up with. So my hope is to help you not worry about skipping a bajillion pages  and just jump right in where we are. 
First things first: Be Sure if you read nothing else you MUST read post 1 and post 2 from our lovely HOH Lupingirl. After that you can rely on me to keep you updated for the most part.
Also if you have anything YOU think was noteworthy in the CR please feel free to PM me or send me an email and I'll add it in my next CRR!
Now for the recap

Pages 1-10
There was mostly chatter and intros from excited First years and returning students. (we love it)
be sure to check out post #66 for Gawariel's wonderful Gryffindor Pride ravatars and snag one for yourself if you'd like. We also talked about OWLs an what to do for them, where they were and what they were.
In post #110 Noonee talks about OWLs. if you're thinking about an OWL I say go for it!!
Ajdag shared how she got a dancing hamster in her post in #125. (it's a great way to liven up the CR). We also talked about the Lion Pride group and being "sorted" into our smaller mentoring groups. It's a great way to get to know your housemates! A first year AndiSocial, just finished a gryffie scarf right before being sorted into gryffindor how awesome is that scarf?? And CherrySprinkle is our resident enabler... she takes her enabler role very seriously!

Pages 11-20
Lupin girl shared some posting guidelines from the powers that be in post #273. And CherrySprinkle was at it again sharing a rather interesting looking drop spindle in post #289 and how to use a drop spindle in #301.
In post #370, JaclynBailey shared her tattoo. We chatted some more about OWLs and projects
Frick tried to sum up participation in the cup in post #394. There were some more intros and questions/speculations about classes. We did talk about how we can only turn in 1 project for 1 class. Not one project for 2 classes in the HPKCHC you can turn in the same project for 1 class in the HC and a different ravelry group though!

Pages 21-30
We had more intros and talks of OWLs. and blame er I mean talk of how CherrySprinkle got  most of us spinning in Gryffindor. FantasyFlyte did a great short and simple tute of how to link to pattern in our posts in post #600.  There was also speculation about the Prides. We got a visit from a former Gryffie Stitchywitchy who's now in Hufflepuff for the year. And CherrySprinkle started enabling spinning again! And Hemionejean jumped in also! Mindysue our Quidditch gal gave us a preview of this year's game. KrazyQuilts shared photos of her cute little doggies (i just want to cuddle them!)

Pages 31-40
KrazyQuilts' photo started talk about dogs mostly yorkies. Then vertigo1414 arrived on scene with Gerard and everyone smiled and started talking about shows they liked, Firefly, Buffy, etc. Jajigirl posted a photo of her using the drop spindle on a treadmill at work. it's amazing check it out! she also shared a no bake protein bar recipe. More CS enabling. The prides were sorted and made. Lisakbye made her first ever g-square. Jedimeg16 showed us a license plate we all wish we had! She also shared some of her costumes  that she made.

Pages 41-50
Lisakbye wow'd us with her first 2 ply. Lupingirl announced that Fantasyflyte will get the first Roaring Lion award of the term for making the roaring lion badge! More fiber goodness. She also announced the winner of the Courage Campaign badges. We started talking about classes and fitting our projects into them. and there was a House Unity Secret Pride message sent out to everyone. if you didn't get it PM your pride leader and get that info immediately!

Pages 51-60
If you signed up for an OWL before the links were live you need to go fill in the google doc.  CS shared a photo of her monster bunny in progress.  ZTAgirlknits shared some awesome stitch markers and a necklace that she got and just had to show us b/c we know how to appreciate it. JaclynBailey shared some great photos of Indiana Jones. which started a whole conversation about the newest movie and how we don't accept it. That lead to StarWars talks for a couple of pages.

Pages 61-75
Lisakbye shared her poptart.  And CS shared her gumpy bunny with a knife. Aras shared a cute cute photo of her baby niece wearing her sweater she knit. Spinning wheel enabling. Derricksdoll shared her poptart!

And that should catch you up for the most part. I promise I'll update more often from now on!  Just jump in and start talking in the CR you'll be glad you did!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

First Gryffindor Project of the New Term!

Hello, JaclynBailey your project highlighting reporter here!

I had planned on writing an introductory post letting you all know what to expect from me in the coming term. Then the term went and started on me before I could!

As you all know classes opened today. I was catching up and noticed that we have our first OFFICIAL class assignment turned in from our very own Hermionejean!

This is her project Gryffindor Diagon Cowl. She crochet this using her very own handspun!

Way to go Hermionejean! GO GO GRYFFINDOR!!!!!