Tuesday, May 4, 2010

SRSLY!?! You Gryffies are going to kill me. pgs75-97

If we keep up the chatter I'm going to have to post a CRR every day! eeek! Oh well... anyways on to the recap

Pages 76-85
Please note, if you're going  to craft in house colors for bonus points this term, it has to be true house colors. see here and here. Our Owl examinner visited our CR and told us she's trying to keep on top of the OWL approvals. CS shared a WIP photo of her tea cozy. (don't you wish you could take as excellent photos?) Maybe we could get her to give us some tips we can use as laymen taking photos.... (hint hint) CS also shared some help for finding a project we want to make for DADA.
Krystina1207 had a wonderful idea to share her monthly plan broken into weeks. Then everyone started copying her and we all started thinking about how we're breaking our crafting into weeks.
Autumnleaf77 is asking for thoughts on her OWL swatch. go help her out. CS is enabling again. Binkette55 shared a photo of her finished socks.  Jajigirl jumped in with the enabling also! We love enabling!
Vicktor Krum came to visit.

Pages 86-97
Kanelbullen brought us some cookies but saved the good stuff for later. Lupingirl shared some funny funny options for ravatars and where to find them. Lisakbye found one and so did Crochetbyclare, she would like your input on her crocheted cowl.  Krystina1207 shared a FO! it's great. Vertigo1414 shared some links to  sunscreen for your head this summer.
Dobarah shared a photo of her back porch. It's INSANE how much snow!
Derricksdoll got her OWL yarn. it's lovely and she's rolling in it.
HapticTraveler shared her POV on Knitpicks zephyer needles.
Lupingirl made a few important announcements The first one was "PLEASE make sure you fill out the form that is linked in the header when you submit your proposal. Your proposal will NOT be approved without it, and SuperM PMd me to tell me that lots of Gryffs are forgetting to do it. It’s slowing down the approvals for everyone, so please, please, go fill it out if you forgot." (the link takes you to the 2nd one) Congrats to Marui and Naturallyknitty our new prefects! go give them some love!
KrazyQuilts is destashing some yarn if you're interested.

and with that we're at the end of page 97. soooo you're caught up!
Remember if you have anything that you'd like in the CRR  just pm me!

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