Sunday, May 23, 2010

holy crap! I need to update ya'll pgs 199-228

Well life has been busy at my house lately with the end of school and getting ready for school next year so I must apologize for not giving you an update sooner... I'm sitting here watching Jimmy Kimmels Aloha to Lost so it's a good time to update.
So lets get crackin........

Lisakbye is going to be making a hello kitty square and is wanting some others to crochet along with her. PennyIA is asking the dragon along, dragon ladies, (we need a name) where everyone is at with their dragons. I for one have my chart charted and I'm knitting the first sock. (in case you were wondering)
Lupingirl is asking for all you colorado gryffies if you'd like to have a meet up. For you newbie crocheters out there Jedimeg shares some words of wisdom! TheKnittedJuggler brought a merry beast.
DebPonzio is our newest Roaring Lion Badge recipient! go congratulate her!
Spartyliblover is teaching herself to knit. I think she's doing a great job. Kystina1207 shared some wonderful photos of her FO's!
Siriusly got a Roaring Lion Badge for stopping a fight at school! you are awesome!
PennyIA shared a photo of her dragon in progress. So did Trainergirl15! Then, Lupingirl got everyone started taking a HP personality test. If you haven't taken it you should it's a lot of fun!
Check out the awesome cake Lupingirl conjured up for Angiejude's b-day. Jajigirl is going to be in a magazine and she's going to make sure to talk about cardio knitting! AndiSocial shared a photo of her FO.
Derricksdoll popped in to share her next OWL square. Vertigo1414 is DONE!!And Lupingirl brought butterbeer, fireworks, and twins! Of course we had to give her some gerardCherrySprinkle shared her quilt top. it's lovely and now I am starting to get the sewing bug again...and I have to knit, crochet and spin, I don't have time to sew right now....eeek!
Covington shared a progress report. JaclynBailey shared some gryffie colored fireworks for the graduates. College Harry came for a visit. Vertigo1414 shared a charity she'd like you to think about if you're doing the baby boom challenge for Quidditch. TKJ had to do around practicing her ERECTO spell b/c she got in trouble.  So make sure you "behave" in class and don't laugh at the funny spells... at least don't get caught that is...
Jajigirl shared a lovely FO. CS is back with her FINISHED quilt. Then she started enabling. not that we mind. MrsForest shared a video. Mauri shared a lovely photo of some beautiful yarn.

and it's late gryffies so I'm going to catch you up from here tomorrow.

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