Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Herbology Class Suggestions

This months Herbology class follows the old rhyme - April Showers bring May Flowers

This class is another one wide open for interpretation because projects can range from as simple as a crocheted flower to pin on to a hat or shirt, or as complex as a shawl with a flower pattern, and everything in between.

The class has been split into two different options.  The first being to create a flower embellishment.  This is likely to be the quickest and most popular option, but also one with the most possibilities.  Each flower will look unique and different based upon the yarn chosen and the flower you pick.  Knit, crocheted, or needlefelted flowers will be accepted for this option.  The item that is embellished by the flower you create does not need to also be created for this class.  Making a sweater for DADA? Embellish it with a flower for Herbology, and you have two FOs together in one and class projects for 2 classes.  Purchased items and items made previously (House Cup or not) can also be embellished with the flower that you make, but the points are given for the flower only.

Option 2 is to create an item with a floral motif on it.  This is where fair isle socks (or iPod cozies or mug cozies, etc) would fit in, as well as lace items (bookmark, scarf, shawl, etc.) with a flower pattern.  Large or small, it doesn't really matter, as long as it looks like flowers.
If you are super inspired by a certain color and want to dye yarn or spin something, PM the professor because the biggest part of this class is flowers.
Below is a short list of potential projects as suggested by Stuartsmom:

springing up flowers - dishcloth
Knitted flower for bike helmet
fair isle flower sock - socks
upside-down daisy - hat

Flower Dishcloth
Headband with flower
Flower square - granny square
Hawaiian flowers - blanket
Modell 14 - Bolero - shrug
bloom scarf

As always, if you have questions, feel free to ask!

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