Monday, May 24, 2010

History of Magic

It's down to the crunch time, fellow Gryffindors. One week away from the first term deadlines, and you're still wondering whatever you are going to do for that seemingly limitless class? Project experts to the rescue!

This month's class focuses on a trip down to the Chamber of Secrets. The conditions for a field trip are infinitely safer now that the basilisk has been killed, but it is still an incredibly spooky place, filled with llots of stone carvings, eery glows, and erratically carved chamber walls.

The key for this class is to tie in your work to either the conditions of the chamber as it currently stands, its current inhabitants, remnants of past inhabitants, or tools that you would need to take with you in order to successfully explore it. For those of you who have never been much for exploring underground, think of world famous explorers and archeologists in the Muggle realm. What would they need to survive, and/or remove artifacts without damaging them? Anything you find in such an enclosed area is likely to be very fragile, and prone to breakage if you are not careful. And it really won't look that great to make your class presentation in HoM with a handful of dust, telling the professor, "Well, I had wanted to show you this rare specimen of winged narwhal feathers, but..."

So, here's a selection of projects for both knitters and crocheters that will suit various interpretations of the theme.YMMV, but most of them should be doable in the time we have left.

Bones: Hey, basilisks aren`t the most genteel eaters in the universe. And I`ve never known one to work for Molly Maid. There are probably tonnes of different species down here to choose from, including unwary humans, for your personal project.

Dog bone toy
day of the dead crochet skull
Jolly Roger skull and crossbone patch
Felted skull

Dinosaur skeleton chart
Bones illusion wristwarmers
Synnoves pirate headband
We call them pirates

Stonework/Carvings: So far as Salazar Slytherin was concerned, the more ornate the better, especially if the carving was reptilian in nature. Nothing says "club hangout" quite like travertine marble renditions of your favourite pet! But don't let the fear of reptiles stop you from creating a stonework masterpiece; any kind of mosaic knitting/crocheting, cabling or textured stitchery should work out just fine here. Ornate celtic knotwork/fretwork patterns would knock it out of the park.

Weaved hotpad
Midnight swan book marker
Mosaic tile iPod/cell bag
Basketweave scrubby cloth
Picasso Pot holder
Box me in dishcloth

Endless knot socks
Tam of rassilon
Skully dishcloth
Celtic cable neckwarmer
Celtic knot work hat
Celtic trinity knot hot pad
Albem purse

Inhabitants: Certainly when you have a choice location such as the Chamber of Secrets going wanting for an owner, it won't be long before other magical creatures move on in. Many students have already discovered (to their shock/glee, depending) that a mass of Acromantulas have moved into the lair of their former enemy. You may find, by the time you do your field trip, that another magical creature has invaded as well. Or you may see evidence of past critters. Crafters, this is your golden opportunity to make dolls or other toys symbolizing the invading forces.

fone bone of boneville
Many eyed spider
Psychotic tomato

Felted Halloween bat
Toasty pocket creature
Abigail the middle-sized monster
Spider's away

Archeological Tools: Finally we come to the category of things the intrepid explorer just can't do without. What would it take for you to be a successful explorer of the CoS? (NB: Successful=not eaten) Or is there something some previous explorer relied on in the past, to their eventual downfall? Once more, it's all in how you sell it. A bottle of lemon juice may not seem like proper explorer gear, but if you spin it as something the Muggle archeologists would use to write secret messages back and forth, giving the coordinates of the new find of the CoS only to those in the know, it all suddenly works out. here's a list of some items you may find useful.

Dr.Horrible (or any character) goggles
Biffer duster wig
Paperless grocery bag
Dot's little ditty bag
Pirate Eye patch
Felted Crochet Booga Bag

Bombshell betty, version 2
Eye cord
A felted eye patch
Ruched sleep eyemask
Wine glass holder
Booga bag
Windmill bag
Brown bag

So, there you have it, fellow lions. How to tackle the Chamber of Secrets in a few easy lessons. Okay, time for me to get out of this tunnel, all these giant snake carvings are seriously starting to creep me out.

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