Monday, January 31, 2011

Hat Hat Hat! Gryffindor ROCKED this Challenge!

So sorry it took me so long to get around to posting; we lost power with a big storm, and I've been frantically scrambling to catch up since!

Anyhow, I'm sure everyone knows how awesomely we did, but just in case, here's a recap of Gryffindor achievements.  :D

  • We earned a total of 2,243 points for the Hat Hat Hat Team.
  • TheKnittedJuggler earned the most points for Gryff, with 405 points all by herself, and no injuries!
  • A total of 64 baby hats and 109 adult hats were made.
  • All those hats added up to 8,551.7 yards!  (That's 4.86 miles, and well over the 5k line!)
  • Mauri earned an excellence award!
  • Also, lupingirl and adevinelife scored the overall 1st and 2nd Place Most Productive Hatter bonuses!  (Within our team, TKJ scored 3rd place!)

Whew!  What an amazing job, team!  LOVE YOU ALL!

A quick note from WoolenHorse:

Hello everyone I just wanted to say that everyone loves to make hats which often leaves charities short of the other items they dearly need so yes lets keep those heads warm also support the wonderful TangledMom campaign but please think about making some different items too. I am posting as I keep coming over more and more charities that make this point!

(The Ravenclaw in me would like to pause for a moment and acknowledge a fine example of a run-on sentence!  ;P)

Now, that being said, well, we have another CHALLENGE!  And yes, it is a HAT challenge!  Within Gryffindor House, Mauri has challenged us to A) match the number of adult hats (109) and baby hats (64) made by our HHH Team during the challenge, or B) match the yardage used by the HHH Team!  So, if you want to take WoolenHorse's words to heart, go for the Yardage Matching Challenge!  If you are still obsessed with HATS, though, go ahead and help us with the Hat Matching Challenge!  As always, post questions either in the Challenge thread, or in the regular Team Gryffindor Quidditch Thread.

We did rocking awesome, Gryffs!  My next post will be a list of free patterns, both crochet and knit, suitable for various charity knitting, and different ideas for charities to donate to.  If you have a suggestion, please PM me on Ravelry!

This is FlyKytten, Quidditch Reporter, signing off!  Until next time, GRYFFINDOR ROAR!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

January DADA Suggestions

This month we are trying to protect against hexes.  Since hexes are often not so nice spells there aren't very many specific hexes that we know of to try to protect ourselves against them.

While the class prompt specifically suggests trying to resist the Twitchy Ears Hex and the Toenail Growing Hex, there are a couple of others you could choose from.

Twitchy Ears Hex:
Pick any hat or head covering that also covers your ears, and you can protect yourself.

Toenail Growing Hex:
Any socks or slippers could fit here.  If you make mini socks, remember to make a pair.  The pair doesn't have to match, but there must be 2 socks.  Unless it is a stocking and you sell the story that it is for Mad Eye Moody to protect his one real foot from the Toenail Growing Hex.

Other Hexes:
Bat Bogey Hex - A scarf or cowl would work perfectly here, just as long as your nose is covered.
Hurling Hex - Thought to be the hex used by Quirrel to throw Harry off his broomstick, gloves that would help you hold on to things would fit quite nicely.

DADA is a Wildcard class for January for the Chocolate Frogs.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The last week of the month!!! pgs 170-211

I've gotten carried away working on classes, how about you? sorry about the lateness of this CRR... lets get started!

CS shared some photos to substitute  for the photos she and Sparty forgot to take at their meet up. Penny is doing awesome on her mid month status report. Stuartsmom shared some wonderful wonderful advice and info about panic attacks. Here's some more mid month updates: Stacy's update, Ajrox92, TG15, Mauri, and Stitchy. GG came over and shared some links to wrist stretches. TKJ brought cake for RG's birthday. TKJ also got her spot back. Congrats again! CS got new hair, pretty pink. I can't tell if this is funny or scary.  I guess it's kinda both. NK's getting ready for the Hat Hat HAT challenge in quidditch. Pretty handspun! CS is learning to hula hoop. Fabgrandma's first homework. DD finished some pants.Covington's asking for a favor. A totally unofficial tally of hats. Oh pretty fiber and buttons galore. JJ's got some great squares for Quiddy.
RayOLR has a Quiddy update for you to read. CS has updated us on her  OWL. So has RG. Here we go Steelers!  I really have no preference but I live in Steeler Country so I must add that in. (I must it's in the contract!) We all agree with FF, please don't volunteer us to make things WITHOUT talking with us first. I like Aikaterini's rules.  Siriusly you've got some cute little piggys. More Cake! (this one I want to see in person) A77 is looking for her brain, she'd like it returned rather quickly. CLMNJ got a new functional piece of wall art. (at least that's what it'd be at my house!) Please go vote in this poll. CK cracks me up! She's just as funny in RL people! Looking for a Quiddy project? Another progress report from TG15 (looking good) she also shared a wonderful children's knitting book. (it's now on my amazon wishlist) WH shared a link for the book. Look DD's got a cute little baby bump! Kate1138 got a roaring lion badge! AWESOME!!! remember this,  if you want to nominate someone. Penny's just updated us with her last week progress. AKK! only one week left. Oh pretty gryffie roving spun! Ajrox is halfway done with her flying. please keep Fuzzie and the baby ferret in your thoughts. Does anyone feel the need to stock up on the kitchen cotton? I could use some help placing a project in a class.
And that catches you up.
I hear a snow plow and it's past my bedtime. I'll chat with you all later!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Wow, can you believe it is already into the second week of the New Year.

Hope everyone had a wonderful month off and is ready to jump back into our lovely little Hogwarts school.

This month in Herbology, our Professors have asked us to go out in the cold, dark world of Hogwarts and find some colorful fungi.

Option 1: Knit, crochet, weave, spin, or dye something that is evocative of fungi.
Mushroom crochet
Mushroom knit

Option 2: Knit, crochet, spin, weave, or dye something that will turn you into a fun guy/girl.
Fun guy patterns (Hats) (toys) (other)

This class only accepts HPKCHC approved projects. Also remember that creativity in project or story may earn you bonus points. Don’t forget to add your yardage for possible extra points.

I’ve heard that this is the Wildcard class for the Chocolate Frog cards this month.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

whoops!!! it's that time again. pgs 132-169

Wow it's been like 30 or more pages. My computer needed a makeover/fixerup and I've been spending all my time re-downloading everything and now I'm restoring my files and it's taking FOREVER!!! ARUGH!!!
Sorry about that. Lets get on with the CRR!

Lupingirl shared a video of the backwards loop cast on. DerricksDoll is kicking butt with her classes this month! TKJ shares with us the update of her scarf... then some sadness go and lend a shoulder for her! Aikaterini has an interesting question for you to ponder and help her out. Have you seen this? The swappers were matched. PennyIA needs some advice for a sweater. What's your sign? How about mythbusters? Woolenhorse has a plan.  and stacy brings the mallet. She also has a monthy plan. FantasyFlyte has bought some awesome yarn. DD got new hairs! we've got another spinner. (be careful it's catching) Oh WH sharing some pretty art yarn she spun. JB's moving and needs some brainstorming for presents. CS!!! this is beautiful! now I want to sew and not knit. LKB is in on it too! Totally cool though. I need stories people! Then we started the 15th off with our Qrobes. FF is spinning some mighty pretty yarn. There's lots of cake. Fabric Cupcakes. Fun photos. Look LEGOS!!! totally cool and looks just like the game!!! Go vote.  SavvyKnits is all organized! I love it. Lupingirl got a guitar!!! It looks lovely. Sparty, those are some pretty bags. I love the yarn fabric. Movie night news. OMB isn't that the cutest baby and most wonderful dress?!? Go congratulate stuartsmom! Look at this pretty awesome blanket! FlyKitten is asking about interest in gryffie roving. More pretty roving. Spinning talk.  and Videos. Spoiler alert. Link. it's for the movie so don't read if you're going to be mad. There may be a house in Jedimeg's future. (crossing my fingers for her) There was a great meet up!
and that will catch you up for the most part!
Until next time...

Lace Your Flyer: Interview w/ NaturallyKnitty

Have you heard that lacing the flyer on your spinning wheel will let you spin a more delicate/finer single? I have never done this myself but I have seen various people try it in different spinning groups with varied results.. our own NaturallyKnitty did however! She spun her very first 3ply sock yarn! She ended up with 473 yards out of 5.2oz, appox. 16wpi. Look how delicious it is! Read all about it in our little sit and spin.

1.) Where did you first learn about lacing your flier?
I heard about it from Polcamilla in the Spinners End thread…“Yup. Lace that puppy up like a corset!” I was intrigued about spinning finer… i couldn’t quite get the thinness i wanted. Then in lion chat one day our lovely fiber enabler CherrySprinkle mentioned that she had seen a thread in a different group and linked me to it the next day. HERE is the post… and it’s how i figured out how to lace up my Kromski… It wouldn’t be as difficult on my Schacht because the flyer has hooks right across from each other and on the same side… but i’ve been favoring my Kromski lately!

2.) What made you decide to try it?
I decided to try it because i could never get my spinning fine enough to do a 3 ply sock yarn… I can spin fairly fine, but it was never super consistent. I thought, Why not?

3.) How did you do it?
I looked at the picture in that post and figured out how to lace it… and just went with it. I took out my Superwash merino roving in the colorway Butterbeer (from Younger Yarn, Pacasha’s etsy shop) and started! I was at my Grandmas house with no internet and visiting with Allena and her family… good times!

4.) Why did you choose this yarn to start with?
I wanted sock yarn… and had been wanting to spin up this roving for a while. These are not my normal colors but when i saw it i had to have it… So i thought it appropriate to use it for the first time lacing up the bobbin… first time spinning yummy butterbeer!

5.) Do you feel as if this method helped you achieve thinner, more consistent singles?

6.) Did you encounter any trouble when using this spinning method or anything making your spinning more difficult?
Only remembering how to lace it up… i kept having to refer back to that post or the picture i took of my own lacing ;) Actually it let me pack on the fiber super tight too… not a bad thing but good. I always had bumps on my bobbins from changing hooks and with this method i found that there were less bumps and it was much tighter than my bobbins normally were.

7.) Would you recommend it for someone who naturally spins fine? and what about those who spin bulky?
I think so. I know there are those out there who can spin quite fine on their own… but it really helped me. and i don’t think that i ever spun bulky… so I think it helped me stay more consistent. I think it would also help those who spin bulky naturally too… At least it’s worth a try! for all interested!

8.) Will you be trying it again? Soon?
Yes i will. I’ll be using this technique for one of my OWLs. I’m spinning up some superwash in Gryffindor colors to represent harry for my HoM… and i plan on lacing up the bobbin and then doing an Nply to get fun stripes! I am going to try and not go as fine as i did with the Butterbeer roving though, i want a bit thicker and squishier sock. This Butterbeer yarn is a bit hard, maybe i over spun it a bit when plying it (my first true 3 ply) but i think it will make for hard wearing socks, so i’m ok with it!

Congratulations NaturallyKnitty! It sure is beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us and your delicious yarn!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

House Pride Exibition!

Don Your Quidditch Robes and Head for the Pitch!

You heard me! Let's GO, GRYFFINDOR!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fly Like It's Quidditch!

Good morning, lads and lassies! Let's see what's what with our Quidditch report, shall we?

First, we have our Keeper, Beaters, and Seeker! Our keeper is Covington, our Beaters are StarKnits and ZTAgirlknits, and our Seeker is Aikaterini.  Thanks, all y'all!  :D

Next, we still need a B1 student for the Hat Challenge Team.  We do have two alternates, and one student from every other year!

We also have 7 students for the Crochet Sock Challenge, and 1 alternate.  Somehow I found myself volunteering to be one of the Crochet Sock participants!  Not sure how that happened, but I am delightfully excited!

We still need your help!  Go vote for the Gryffindor Quidditch Robes you like best!  And sign up for the International Date Line Challenge!  (I might just sit this one out.  ;P)

There have been quite a few Quidditch goals scored by now, but only one for Gryffindor!

Covington has announced a Gryffindor 5K Challenge!

As always, check out the Lion Pride Quidditch thread and the main Quidditch thread for more info!

This is Quidditch Reporter FlyKytten, signing off!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I could go for some chocolate! pgs 113-131

So it's that time again.... I'm re-watching Dr Who and you're getting updated!
Lupingirl has a plan for house unity. CS shares some art yarn scarves and other projects. RayLOR would like you to check out the Quidditch thread. Jaji is sharing some cake. JB shared a heartwarming story about why she loves the Babysitters Club books. CS asked us a question of what would we do and got a convo going about it. (you'll have to follow the link) Then she shared some photos of quilts her gma made. They are very pretty! FabGrandma showed us some lovely yarn photos of the yarn Lupingirl sent her. Then  CS shared some lovely homespun and a great project she knit out of it. (I want a mug like that!) A NQFY stopped by to ask us what we liked about Gryffindor. It's Snowing! CrochetbyClare finished HOM. Sparty's having a ladder problem. Trainergirl is going to see the HP7 movie! Oh pretty socks! Awesome scarf! Cute little baby bump! Covington is proposing a 5K challenge. AmyPC would like some help, helping out a friend. The first Roaring Lion Badges! Congrats Jajigirl and PennyIA! Wear your badges with pride! Please go vote for our Quidditch robes! Also sign up for the Quidditch int'l dateline challenge. FlyKitten suggests a fun show to watch while knitting. TKJ has a poll and a lovely update! The dueling club partners have been made. JB gets to go see the HP7 movie on Thurs! There's a 3rd year grape cozy thing going on.. go check it out if you're a 3rd year.
and you're up to date.. for the most part!

Divination -- January 2011

Our January assignment is to use divination to prepare for the events of the new year. We are asked to choose one of two options: 1) Use divination to predict how the year will progress and craft an item to assist with divining or show something that will happen in the future. 2) Create a spell that will help accomplish resolutions and explain how this will be helpful in the future.

What’s in store for 2011?

Maybe you have resolved to restore order to your belongings. Here are a few items to help you organize your jewelry, make-up, purse, or gadget chargers:
Knitted Lace Jewelry Frame (k)
Felted Cosmetic Clutch (k)
Pill Purse (c)
Detanglers (c)

Perhaps you will pursue a higher education this year. These projects will protect your electronics and provide safekeeping for laundry quarters:
Bobble Wrap Laptop Sleeve (c)
Cabled iPad Sleeve (k)

Pinwheel Purse (k)
Shell Coin Purse (c)

If the future presents a new career, you will need a place for your earnings. Here are a few ideas for purses:
Booga Bag (k)
Nordstrom Crochet Hobo Bag (c)

HP House Fair Isle Pouch Bag (k)

Health and well-being are perennial resolutions for many. Consider crafting one of these items to take to yoga class or to carry your produce at the grocery store or market:
Yoga Mat Carrying Bag (k)
Mesh Yoga Mat Bag (c)
Yoga Socks (k)
The Shetland Shopper (k)
Crochet Grocery Bag (c)

Some of you may have travel on your 2011 agenda. These projects will help with luggage identification, reading material, or a well-deserved nap:
Luggage Finders (k)
Kindle Cozy (k)
Travel Book Cover (k)
Sweet Dreams Travel Pillow (k)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

January Class Suggestions for Flying and HoM

Happy New Year (and new term) everyone! I’m spartyliblover and I’ll be here this term to bring you suggestions for History of Magic and Rotation 1 classes. I also make a google doc each month (normally on the first) with a summary of all the classes because I need it written down and I figure I’m not the only one. I’ll be marking my pattern links with a k or a c after to show if it’s knit of crocheted so that if you only do one craft you won’t be clicking things that are for the other!
Let’s get going on the class recommendations. First up: History of Magic.
This month History of Magic is all about house unity and hats. The Ravenclaw HoH has put out a request for hats for a fellow house cupper’s mom who is battling cancer. It appears that any size, color or yarn will be accepted and you can pm tangledskin with any questions about it and to get her address to mail a donation. So here are a bunch of hat patterns to choose from (although certainly anything would go):
Turn-A-Square (k)
Slouched Tuva Hat(k)
Urban Jungle Beanie (c)
In Bloom Beret (c)
Hermione Hearts Ron (k)
Autumn Slouch (c)
Shell Beanie (c) (Baby)
Sorting Hat (k)
Bad Amy Big Button Hat (k)
Not Another Weasley Hat (k)

And with house unity, anything incorporating house colors for each house (or an interpretation of that) is good to go. Here are a couple patterns that are designed with that in mind:
Knit House Unity Scarf (k)
Crochet House Unity Scarf (c)
A Set of House Mini Socks (k) (remember that mini socks come in pairs!)
Sweet House Gloves (k) (I might need a pair of these)
A Set of House Brooms (c)
Awesome House Socks (k)

Now onto Flying. This month flying is about keeping warm up in the air. So you can make something to keep warm, or anything that is at least 50% animal fiber (wool, alpaca, angora, mohair, ect. Silk doesn’t count).
Since pretty much anything will go for this class if it keeps you warm or it’s made out of an animal fiber, I’m just going to post a couple of my favorite things to keep warm with. Remember that hats, blankets (although this might be difficult to keep on a broomstick, but they do keep you warm), slippers, shawls, gloves, mittens, cowls, headbands, socks, sweaters, jackets, the sky is really the limit here.
Aboreal Cowl (k)
Palm Reader Mitts (k)
Dating is a Mistake Scarf (k)
Mary Jane Slippers (c)
Mock Brioche (k)
Crochet Mittens/Fingerless Gloves (c)
Old Man of Storr Shawlette (k)
Mittens with Pints On (k)
Tea Wrap (c)
Luna Lovegood Scarf (c)

Hope this helps those of you needing inspiration. I’ll be back next month (hopefully a couple of days earlier with suggestions)!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

History of Magic - January 2011

This month, our professors ask us to honor our beloved Hogwarts Sorting Hat by 1) crafting our interpretation of house unity or 2) crafting a hat.

Ravenclaw TangledSkein’s mom is fighting cancer. In her January HoH Challenge, isisonearth has asked Ravenclaw students to make hats for TangledSkein’s mom and other patients at the cancer center where she is receiving treatment. isisonearth has extended this challenge to all of us.

As Gryffindor prepares for the Triwizard Tournament, our house unity theme for January is Defeat a Dragon. lupingirl has invited us to join her and puffygriffinclaw in “roaring to the side of Tangledskin’s mom with swords drawn” to defeat the Dragon of Cancer.

What better way to unite the houses of Hogwarts and defeat a dragon than to craft a chemo cap for TangledSkein’s mom, a local cancer center, or a friend or loved one battling cancer?


Hurricane Hat
Parrotfish/Pomatomus Hat
Lace-Edged Women’s Hat
Race for Life 2009 Chemo Cap
Chemo Cap
London Beanie
Turn a Square
A Hat Fit for a Boyfriend
The Boy Hat

Chemo Cap
Divine Hat
Olivia’s Butterfly
Diamond Ridges
J.T.’s Favorite Stitch Chemo Cap
Crochet Shell Beanie Cap
Solid DC Skully
Reversible Strands

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to... pgs 89-112

So currently I'm watching HP4 with the fam. I'm all excited b/c I got my DH to start reading them finally after 10 or so years trying to get him to read them and he actually understands my feelings about the missing parts in the movies. (I'm still working on getting him to join the cup!)
Random thought: You'll notice that I don't always write out your names, it's b/c I'm lazy or I'm married to a military man (acronyms r us). But we can call it affection for you guys, please don't be offended if I don't do your whole rav name!  LOL... anyways on to the recap! enjoy!

ZTAgirl wanted some provisional CO help and at the same time NK and Mauri answered her. Do you need a laugh? Lupingirl is just sharing all the good ones today. (poor neville). Everyone quite Mauri is on the edge of a knitting psychotic break. Not that I blame her though. CS is showing off her amazing photo skillz again! (I so wish I could take awesome photos like that). Want to see knitted potter puppet pals? click the links! There's also fingerpuppets! We have a new ghost in the house.. Nearly Headless Arther. KQ shared some awesome gauntlets. (i sooo added them to my queue) Jaji got some awesome roving in the mail! it's soooo pretty! A yarn lottery! speaking of a yarn lottery that sounds like a fun type of game... hmmm.
TKJ brought the cake to the CR 
Giggle TKJ! Woolenhorse has jumped on the plan wagon. Stitchy did also!  CS got an awesome swap package. Can you help inspire Jedimeg? then it was my birthday and the CR filled with wishes (i linked to my thank you post for the 1st half of the wishes after that i replied to the wishes at least i hope i did, if i missed you sorry! thank you so much for making my day griffies!). Some Quidditch beaters are needed. Sparty has her plan for the month. So does SLY. The dueling thread is open. Chris01 is quoting from a knitting book! Frick is dazzeling us with some lovely spinning! PennyIA needs some help fitting a sweater into transfiguration. Which started a convo about the babysitter's club. I used to love reading those books. I can't get my daughter to get into them yet.. we'll see.
Galena may actually join a real life quidditch team!!! It sounds so awesome! CS announced the movie night theme. FlyKitten found some gryffie roaving. I'm so wishing it were payday.. hmm maybe I have some undyed roving here to dye similarly...and for a class! Crocheters! a pattern to test if you'd like. Art yarn photos. FF has shared the KnitPicks is now selling wheels and looms!!! CS found eyeball yarn. (i love it!) Aikaterini would like some help picking a movie tonight. (it may be too late by the time you read this) Stitchy would like some help finding patterns for her new pretty yarn. Fuzzi would like some help figuring out here COMC owl for next term. Look a knitted mustang! and that will catch you up!
same bat time? same bat place?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Attention Spinners!!!

Sometimes in our spinning we get into a little rut.. we spin the same way, the same style, and create the same type of yarns over and over again. This is not a bad thing. It's good to have consistency.. however, I am here to rock your world! Or rather shake up your usual spinning routine!

This term I am challenging you to spin art yarn. Yes, art yarn. Those of you who made it to chat tonight got to see some lovely examples (browse my favorites for handspun if you missed chat) of handspun art yarn and some unique projects you can make with them! You do not have to have made it to chat to participate, and this is open to all current Gryffindor students! Winner will be chosen for maximum fairness using random number generator, and will receive 1 pattern from their wishlist! Lets review the rules.. because every challenge must have rules!

1. You must be a current Gryffindor student (any year)
2. You must spin your own art yarn (any style of art-yarn, any materials, but you MUST spin your own)
3. Your yarn must be submitted for a class during term (excluding detention!)
4. You must make me (CherrySprinkle) aware of your submission by either earburning or messaging me with your final yarn
5. Yarns must be finished yarns (which means off the wheel, plied *if doing so* and skein'd up)
6. Winner is allowed to choose 1 (one) pattern from their Ravelry wishlist which must not exceed $10
7. Winner must contact me within 7 days after their notification of winning otherwise prize is awarded to 2nd runner up!

Now, get to spinning!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Transfiguration January 2011

Happy New Year everyone, the partying has slowed a little and classes have begun.

This month our Transfiguration Professors must of known how much we over-indulged last month, they are letting us relax in the library. Don’t bet on the relaxing part though as I’m sure there will be lots of Vampires, Werewolves, Psychopaths, Deadly Viruses and maybe even Birds suddenly appearing.

Our Professors have ask us to pick a book, Harry Potter books and other J K Rowling’s books are not acceptable. They have issued this ruling on Comic/Graphic Novels,

To make a sweeping generalization, if it comes in issues and is flimsy, it’s a comic and not allowed. If it is bound like a book, it is allowed. If anyone has a title to suggest that seems to be in a grey area, please let us know!

Once we have picked our book we must: 1)Tell them which book was picked. 2) Craft something related to your book. Must be an HPKCHC approved craft (knit, crochet, spin, weave or dye). This information and other FAQs can be found in the page section of the header. 3) Let them know how your project relates to your book. 4) Don’t forget to add your yardage to the post also.

Projects that fit this class are endless.


Green Eggs and Ham

Twilight Series

Splinter of the Mind’s Eye (Star Wars)

Call of the Wild

Moby Dick

Your project can be something a character might wear (sweater, socks, hat, mittens) or use (bag, washcloth, dishcloth) or part of a setting (blanket, pillow, flowers, birds)

The Professors hinted that there might be bonus points for exceptional book reports or picking a favorite book of the Professors. We need to start stalking these Professors, if you find out anything to help others please put your findings in the comments section.

Monday, January 3, 2011

This is where my head expoldes.... pgs 70-88

Alexist shares how she figures out homework for the classes. Flykitten is done already with one homework! (while i'm still wandering around trying to figure out what to make) Jedimeg is offering a sale on her pattern. (it's the hermione sweater and totally awesome) Lupingirl is finding my sock queue rather distracting! looking for some unity?  Fantasyflyte has some sock yarnlets if you'd like it. The Owl Post is open! Covington has a very attractive OWL proposal photo. Knitwit would like some OWL help. JaclynBailey points out that not all fungi are mushrooms. Adevinelife turned in a beautiful hat! There's a Planning Challenge going on for the ickle firsties. Derricksdoll has 2 classes submitted already! amazing! Stacylovesyarn taught her self magic loop! awesome!!! Lupingirl announces the house unity for the next 3 months. Remember that it's all optional! Lupingirl is sharing her HP Christmas gifts with us. (are those lego HP necklaces?or key chains?) There's a HOM house unity challenge going on. Peoples OWLs are getting approved left and right. The scarf now has a FB page. Send Clmnj58 some love please! Another finished homework! NaturallyKnitty got some awesome roving in a swap. I'm super jealous. PennyIA has a plan. Krystina1207 has a plan also! giggle. Chocolate Frog!!!  Spartyliblover is killing us all with her awesome photos! I so want to go there! Mauri is having yoke issues.
well until the next CRR you're caught up.

Quidditch Pitch!

Well, Dear Gryffindors, the Golden Snitch has been let loose!  Here's a quick run-down of this match's rules.

Everyone is a Chaser!  What do Chasers do?  Chasers craft for charity.  Any colour, any fiber, any charity.  We need your yardage, and as usual, there will be one turn-in post per Chaser.  Please tag your projects W11QGryffindor on your project pages!  Afghan pieces are accepted provided they meet class rules (minimum of 8"x8").  Things that normally come in pairs must be turned in in pairs!  And of course, everything must be finished properly.

We have House Teams!  RayOLR is Gryffindor Quidditch Team Captain, and she needs your help!  We need at least 7 crocheters for the Crochet Sock Challenge, and at least 8 students (one from each year!) to make Hats, Hats, and More Hats!  Follow the Port Keys for more information!

Mark your calendars for January 15th, February 15th, and March 15th when we will all wear our shiny new to-be-designed Gryffindor Quidditch robes and cheer for our house in the Pitch!  Also, March 25th is House Pride Exhibition; come cheer for Gryffindor and earn us points!

As things happen and more gets clarified and settled, I'll be back with more news.  Tallyho, good Gryffs!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! pgs 46-69

Hey everyone! I hope you had a wonderful New Year's Celebration last night and are ready for classes! I know I am. so let's get you caught up in the CR....

We last left you singing or chanting the kitchener. Hey what ever works people! CommaSplice is loving KP and their customer service. (I do too!) Lupingirl is teaching us how to use the fabulous search part of ravelry. (it's amazing you should try it). DeannaJ found the back to her sweater. ::happy dance:: Fabgrandma shows us some fabulous sewing skillz! (that's right I used a z.. it makes it that much more muchier) CS shared some face merges of her and her DH of what their children may look like, and that started a convo about who babies look like and why. pretty interesting. Autumnleaf77 is making cookies. KrazyQuilts  is dazzling us with yarn. Lupingirl shares her feats of 10 in 2010. And HOLY COW Oriocookie! just beautiful! Did you know there's a Gryffindor Sock club? Video update from TKJ! Jedimeg's photos are beautiful. CaffeinatedKatie has a great resolution. Gryffindor Staff was announced. we all want one of these. Some interesting info about New Years and Gryffie undies.. I swear I'm not lying! Click this link to click another link to VOTE. do it now! I like lupingirl's better. There was a lot of OWL swatching going on.

Finally the new classes were going up and everyone was happy. Noonee would like help with her owl. Frick is firing today I wasn't sure you could do it but I don't blame her! Oh yay! things are looking up for her now! Lisakbye is cleaning and finding UFO's of all kinds. Mauri has a plan. (one of these days I swear I may just try one of these plan things) If you're good at socks and such JacylinBailey would like some help with her OWL.Chocolate Frog Card Announcement.Another Announcement
oh pretty drop spinning! And now Lupingirl is on on the plans. so is Flykitten. CS is telling us how she spent New Year's Eve, and asking you to share the same. (mine was lame) There's also a Quidditch Report.
Now you're all caught up. what are you doing still reading you should be knitting! There is HOMEWORK now.. go... go on.. do it!
Until next time....

Quidditch Reporter Checking In!

Hullo, dear Gryffs!  This is FlyKytten, your official Quidditch Reporter, checking in.  Are your needles and hooks warmed up yet?  We want to be ready when the Quidditch Rules are posted, so that GRYFFINDOR can win the Quidditch Cup again this term!

Lions Raw (roar)


First, let me introduce myself.  I am FlyKytten, AKA Rach, Rachel, or RachOwl, and I am a First Year Gryffindor.  I knit, crochet, spin, dye, sew, and embroider, in addition to reading just about anything I can get my hands on.  I will be super busy with school this semester, but I am still planning an OWL, and at least 6 classes per month!  Plus Quidditch, of course!  Yes, I have signed up for St. Mungo's Express.  ;)

I will be posting at least twice a month, with recaps, highlights, and interesting tidbits from Quidditch, along with awesome Quidditch projects from GRYFFINDORS (!) and ideas for your own Quidditch projects.  I will be actively looking for and asking for suggestions, too!

Gryffindor Quidditch Pride

Rock 'n ROAR Gryffindor!  Let's make this term the absolute best!