Tuesday, January 18, 2011

whoops!!! it's that time again. pgs 132-169

Wow it's been like 30 or more pages. My computer needed a makeover/fixerup and I've been spending all my time re-downloading everything and now I'm restoring my files and it's taking FOREVER!!! ARUGH!!!
Sorry about that. Lets get on with the CRR!

Lupingirl shared a video of the backwards loop cast on. DerricksDoll is kicking butt with her classes this month! TKJ shares with us the update of her scarf... then some sadness go and lend a shoulder for her! Aikaterini has an interesting question for you to ponder and help her out. Have you seen this? The swappers were matched. PennyIA needs some advice for a sweater. What's your sign? How about mythbusters? Woolenhorse has a plan.  and stacy brings the mallet. She also has a monthy plan. FantasyFlyte has bought some awesome yarn. DD got new hairs! we've got another spinner. (be careful it's catching) Oh WH sharing some pretty art yarn she spun. JB's moving and needs some brainstorming for presents. CS!!! this is beautiful! now I want to sew and not knit. LKB is in on it too! Totally cool though. I need stories people! Then we started the 15th off with our Qrobes. FF is spinning some mighty pretty yarn. There's lots of cake. Fabric Cupcakes. Fun photos. Look LEGOS!!! totally cool and looks just like the game!!! Go vote.  SavvyKnits is all organized! I love it. Lupingirl got a guitar!!! It looks lovely. Sparty, those are some pretty bags. I love the yarn fabric. Movie night news. OMB isn't that the cutest baby and most wonderful dress?!? Go congratulate stuartsmom! Look at this pretty awesome blanket! FlyKitten is asking about interest in gryffie roving. More pretty roving. Spinning talk.  and Videos. Spoiler alert. Link. it's for the movie so don't read if you're going to be mad. There may be a house in Jedimeg's future. (crossing my fingers for her) There was a great meet up!
and that will catch you up for the most part!
Until next time...

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