Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to... pgs 89-112

So currently I'm watching HP4 with the fam. I'm all excited b/c I got my DH to start reading them finally after 10 or so years trying to get him to read them and he actually understands my feelings about the missing parts in the movies. (I'm still working on getting him to join the cup!)
Random thought: You'll notice that I don't always write out your names, it's b/c I'm lazy or I'm married to a military man (acronyms r us). But we can call it affection for you guys, please don't be offended if I don't do your whole rav name!  LOL... anyways on to the recap! enjoy!

ZTAgirl wanted some provisional CO help and at the same time NK and Mauri answered her. Do you need a laugh? Lupingirl is just sharing all the good ones today. (poor neville). Everyone quite Mauri is on the edge of a knitting psychotic break. Not that I blame her though. CS is showing off her amazing photo skillz again! (I so wish I could take awesome photos like that). Want to see knitted potter puppet pals? click the links! There's also fingerpuppets! We have a new ghost in the house.. Nearly Headless Arther. KQ shared some awesome gauntlets. (i sooo added them to my queue) Jaji got some awesome roving in the mail! it's soooo pretty! A yarn lottery! speaking of a yarn lottery that sounds like a fun type of game... hmmm.
TKJ brought the cake to the CR 
Giggle TKJ! Woolenhorse has jumped on the plan wagon. Stitchy did also!  CS got an awesome swap package. Can you help inspire Jedimeg? then it was my birthday and the CR filled with wishes (i linked to my thank you post for the 1st half of the wishes after that i replied to the wishes at least i hope i did, if i missed you sorry! thank you so much for making my day griffies!). Some Quidditch beaters are needed. Sparty has her plan for the month. So does SLY. The dueling thread is open. Chris01 is quoting from a knitting book! Frick is dazzeling us with some lovely spinning! PennyIA needs some help fitting a sweater into transfiguration. Which started a convo about the babysitter's club. I used to love reading those books. I can't get my daughter to get into them yet.. we'll see.
Galena may actually join a real life quidditch team!!! It sounds so awesome! CS announced the movie night theme. FlyKitten found some gryffie roaving. I'm so wishing it were payday.. hmm maybe I have some undyed roving here to dye similarly...and for a class! Crocheters! a pattern to test if you'd like. Art yarn photos. FF has shared the KnitPicks is now selling wheels and looms!!! CS found eyeball yarn. (i love it!) Aikaterini would like some help picking a movie tonight. (it may be too late by the time you read this) Stitchy would like some help finding patterns for her new pretty yarn. Fuzzi would like some help figuring out here COMC owl for next term. Look a knitted mustang! and that will catch you up!
same bat time? same bat place?

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