Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! pgs 46-69

Hey everyone! I hope you had a wonderful New Year's Celebration last night and are ready for classes! I know I am. so let's get you caught up in the CR....

We last left you singing or chanting the kitchener. Hey what ever works people! CommaSplice is loving KP and their customer service. (I do too!) Lupingirl is teaching us how to use the fabulous search part of ravelry. (it's amazing you should try it). DeannaJ found the back to her sweater. ::happy dance:: Fabgrandma shows us some fabulous sewing skillz! (that's right I used a z.. it makes it that much more muchier) CS shared some face merges of her and her DH of what their children may look like, and that started a convo about who babies look like and why. pretty interesting. Autumnleaf77 is making cookies. KrazyQuilts  is dazzling us with yarn. Lupingirl shares her feats of 10 in 2010. And HOLY COW Oriocookie! just beautiful! Did you know there's a Gryffindor Sock club? Video update from TKJ! Jedimeg's photos are beautiful. CaffeinatedKatie has a great resolution. Gryffindor Staff was announced. we all want one of these. Some interesting info about New Years and Gryffie undies.. I swear I'm not lying! Click this link to click another link to VOTE. do it now! I like lupingirl's better. There was a lot of OWL swatching going on.

Finally the new classes were going up and everyone was happy. Noonee would like help with her owl. Frick is firing today I wasn't sure you could do it but I don't blame her! Oh yay! things are looking up for her now! Lisakbye is cleaning and finding UFO's of all kinds. Mauri has a plan. (one of these days I swear I may just try one of these plan things) If you're good at socks and such JacylinBailey would like some help with her OWL.Chocolate Frog Card Announcement.Another Announcement
oh pretty drop spinning! And now Lupingirl is on on the plans. so is Flykitten. CS is telling us how she spent New Year's Eve, and asking you to share the same. (mine was lame) There's also a Quidditch Report.
Now you're all caught up. what are you doing still reading you should be knitting! There is HOMEWORK now.. go... go on.. do it!
Until next time....

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