Thursday, January 27, 2011

January DADA Suggestions

This month we are trying to protect against hexes.  Since hexes are often not so nice spells there aren't very many specific hexes that we know of to try to protect ourselves against them.

While the class prompt specifically suggests trying to resist the Twitchy Ears Hex and the Toenail Growing Hex, there are a couple of others you could choose from.

Twitchy Ears Hex:
Pick any hat or head covering that also covers your ears, and you can protect yourself.

Toenail Growing Hex:
Any socks or slippers could fit here.  If you make mini socks, remember to make a pair.  The pair doesn't have to match, but there must be 2 socks.  Unless it is a stocking and you sell the story that it is for Mad Eye Moody to protect his one real foot from the Toenail Growing Hex.

Other Hexes:
Bat Bogey Hex - A scarf or cowl would work perfectly here, just as long as your nose is covered.
Hurling Hex - Thought to be the hex used by Quirrel to throw Harry off his broomstick, gloves that would help you hold on to things would fit quite nicely.

DADA is a Wildcard class for January for the Chocolate Frogs.

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