Monday, January 3, 2011

This is where my head expoldes.... pgs 70-88

Alexist shares how she figures out homework for the classes. Flykitten is done already with one homework! (while i'm still wandering around trying to figure out what to make) Jedimeg is offering a sale on her pattern. (it's the hermione sweater and totally awesome) Lupingirl is finding my sock queue rather distracting! looking for some unity?  Fantasyflyte has some sock yarnlets if you'd like it. The Owl Post is open! Covington has a very attractive OWL proposal photo. Knitwit would like some OWL help. JaclynBailey points out that not all fungi are mushrooms. Adevinelife turned in a beautiful hat! There's a Planning Challenge going on for the ickle firsties. Derricksdoll has 2 classes submitted already! amazing! Stacylovesyarn taught her self magic loop! awesome!!! Lupingirl announces the house unity for the next 3 months. Remember that it's all optional! Lupingirl is sharing her HP Christmas gifts with us. (are those lego HP necklaces?or key chains?) There's a HOM house unity challenge going on. Peoples OWLs are getting approved left and right. The scarf now has a FB page. Send Clmnj58 some love please! Another finished homework! NaturallyKnitty got some awesome roving in a swap. I'm super jealous. PennyIA has a plan. Krystina1207 has a plan also! giggle. Chocolate Frog!!!  Spartyliblover is killing us all with her awesome photos! I so want to go there! Mauri is having yoke issues.
well until the next CRR you're caught up.

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  1. Mauri... you know the best way to make eggs is... ;P