Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Attention Spinners!!!

Sometimes in our spinning we get into a little rut.. we spin the same way, the same style, and create the same type of yarns over and over again. This is not a bad thing. It's good to have consistency.. however, I am here to rock your world! Or rather shake up your usual spinning routine!

This term I am challenging you to spin art yarn. Yes, art yarn. Those of you who made it to chat tonight got to see some lovely examples (browse my favorites for handspun if you missed chat) of handspun art yarn and some unique projects you can make with them! You do not have to have made it to chat to participate, and this is open to all current Gryffindor students! Winner will be chosen for maximum fairness using random number generator, and will receive 1 pattern from their wishlist! Lets review the rules.. because every challenge must have rules!

1. You must be a current Gryffindor student (any year)
2. You must spin your own art yarn (any style of art-yarn, any materials, but you MUST spin your own)
3. Your yarn must be submitted for a class during term (excluding detention!)
4. You must make me (CherrySprinkle) aware of your submission by either earburning or messaging me with your final yarn
5. Yarns must be finished yarns (which means off the wheel, plied *if doing so* and skein'd up)
6. Winner is allowed to choose 1 (one) pattern from their Ravelry wishlist which must not exceed $10
7. Winner must contact me within 7 days after their notification of winning otherwise prize is awarded to 2nd runner up!

Now, get to spinning!!


  1. Oh how fun!!! I'm bummed i missed chat... but i can't wait to get spinning! Woot!

  2. Awesome! I'm afraid to check your fav'd handspun, though....I've got pounds of fiber that need spun already. I don't need any eye candy to make me buy more! lol Well, there IS that PA fiber fest next month....I need some ideas to look for there, right?

  3. How can I possibly choose a fiber to experiment with???? Then of course there is the time issue... lol ::off to look at possibilities::