Sunday, January 9, 2011

January Class Suggestions for Flying and HoM

Happy New Year (and new term) everyone! I’m spartyliblover and I’ll be here this term to bring you suggestions for History of Magic and Rotation 1 classes. I also make a google doc each month (normally on the first) with a summary of all the classes because I need it written down and I figure I’m not the only one. I’ll be marking my pattern links with a k or a c after to show if it’s knit of crocheted so that if you only do one craft you won’t be clicking things that are for the other!
Let’s get going on the class recommendations. First up: History of Magic.
This month History of Magic is all about house unity and hats. The Ravenclaw HoH has put out a request for hats for a fellow house cupper’s mom who is battling cancer. It appears that any size, color or yarn will be accepted and you can pm tangledskin with any questions about it and to get her address to mail a donation. So here are a bunch of hat patterns to choose from (although certainly anything would go):
Turn-A-Square (k)
Slouched Tuva Hat(k)
Urban Jungle Beanie (c)
In Bloom Beret (c)
Hermione Hearts Ron (k)
Autumn Slouch (c)
Shell Beanie (c) (Baby)
Sorting Hat (k)
Bad Amy Big Button Hat (k)
Not Another Weasley Hat (k)

And with house unity, anything incorporating house colors for each house (or an interpretation of that) is good to go. Here are a couple patterns that are designed with that in mind:
Knit House Unity Scarf (k)
Crochet House Unity Scarf (c)
A Set of House Mini Socks (k) (remember that mini socks come in pairs!)
Sweet House Gloves (k) (I might need a pair of these)
A Set of House Brooms (c)
Awesome House Socks (k)

Now onto Flying. This month flying is about keeping warm up in the air. So you can make something to keep warm, or anything that is at least 50% animal fiber (wool, alpaca, angora, mohair, ect. Silk doesn’t count).
Since pretty much anything will go for this class if it keeps you warm or it’s made out of an animal fiber, I’m just going to post a couple of my favorite things to keep warm with. Remember that hats, blankets (although this might be difficult to keep on a broomstick, but they do keep you warm), slippers, shawls, gloves, mittens, cowls, headbands, socks, sweaters, jackets, the sky is really the limit here.
Aboreal Cowl (k)
Palm Reader Mitts (k)
Dating is a Mistake Scarf (k)
Mary Jane Slippers (c)
Mock Brioche (k)
Crochet Mittens/Fingerless Gloves (c)
Old Man of Storr Shawlette (k)
Mittens with Pints On (k)
Tea Wrap (c)
Luna Lovegood Scarf (c)

Hope this helps those of you needing inspiration. I’ll be back next month (hopefully a couple of days earlier with suggestions)!

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