Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The last week of the month!!! pgs 170-211

I've gotten carried away working on classes, how about you? sorry about the lateness of this CRR... lets get started!

CS shared some photos to substitute  for the photos she and Sparty forgot to take at their meet up. Penny is doing awesome on her mid month status report. Stuartsmom shared some wonderful wonderful advice and info about panic attacks. Here's some more mid month updates: Stacy's update, Ajrox92, TG15, Mauri, and Stitchy. GG came over and shared some links to wrist stretches. TKJ brought cake for RG's birthday. TKJ also got her spot back. Congrats again! CS got new hair, pretty pink. I can't tell if this is funny or scary.  I guess it's kinda both. NK's getting ready for the Hat Hat HAT challenge in quidditch. Pretty handspun! CS is learning to hula hoop. Fabgrandma's first homework. DD finished some pants.Covington's asking for a favor. A totally unofficial tally of hats. Oh pretty fiber and buttons galore. JJ's got some great squares for Quiddy.
RayOLR has a Quiddy update for you to read. CS has updated us on her  OWL. So has RG. Here we go Steelers!  I really have no preference but I live in Steeler Country so I must add that in. (I must it's in the contract!) We all agree with FF, please don't volunteer us to make things WITHOUT talking with us first. I like Aikaterini's rules.  Siriusly you've got some cute little piggys. More Cake! (this one I want to see in person) A77 is looking for her brain, she'd like it returned rather quickly. CLMNJ got a new functional piece of wall art. (at least that's what it'd be at my house!) Please go vote in this poll. CK cracks me up! She's just as funny in RL people! Looking for a Quiddy project? Another progress report from TG15 (looking good) she also shared a wonderful children's knitting book. (it's now on my amazon wishlist) WH shared a link for the book. Look DD's got a cute little baby bump! Kate1138 got a roaring lion badge! AWESOME!!! remember this,  if you want to nominate someone. Penny's just updated us with her last week progress. AKK! only one week left. Oh pretty gryffie roving spun! Ajrox is halfway done with her flying. please keep Fuzzie and the baby ferret in your thoughts. Does anyone feel the need to stock up on the kitchen cotton? I could use some help placing a project in a class.
And that catches you up.
I hear a snow plow and it's past my bedtime. I'll chat with you all later!

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