Saturday, January 8, 2011

History of Magic - January 2011

This month, our professors ask us to honor our beloved Hogwarts Sorting Hat by 1) crafting our interpretation of house unity or 2) crafting a hat.

Ravenclaw TangledSkein’s mom is fighting cancer. In her January HoH Challenge, isisonearth has asked Ravenclaw students to make hats for TangledSkein’s mom and other patients at the cancer center where she is receiving treatment. isisonearth has extended this challenge to all of us.

As Gryffindor prepares for the Triwizard Tournament, our house unity theme for January is Defeat a Dragon. lupingirl has invited us to join her and puffygriffinclaw in “roaring to the side of Tangledskin’s mom with swords drawn” to defeat the Dragon of Cancer.

What better way to unite the houses of Hogwarts and defeat a dragon than to craft a chemo cap for TangledSkein’s mom, a local cancer center, or a friend or loved one battling cancer?


Hurricane Hat
Parrotfish/Pomatomus Hat
Lace-Edged Women’s Hat
Race for Life 2009 Chemo Cap
Chemo Cap
London Beanie
Turn a Square
A Hat Fit for a Boyfriend
The Boy Hat

Chemo Cap
Divine Hat
Olivia’s Butterfly
Diamond Ridges
J.T.’s Favorite Stitch Chemo Cap
Crochet Shell Beanie Cap
Solid DC Skully
Reversible Strands

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