Monday, January 10, 2011

I could go for some chocolate! pgs 113-131

So it's that time again.... I'm re-watching Dr Who and you're getting updated!
Lupingirl has a plan for house unity. CS shares some art yarn scarves and other projects. RayLOR would like you to check out the Quidditch thread. Jaji is sharing some cake. JB shared a heartwarming story about why she loves the Babysitters Club books. CS asked us a question of what would we do and got a convo going about it. (you'll have to follow the link) Then she shared some photos of quilts her gma made. They are very pretty! FabGrandma showed us some lovely yarn photos of the yarn Lupingirl sent her. Then  CS shared some lovely homespun and a great project she knit out of it. (I want a mug like that!) A NQFY stopped by to ask us what we liked about Gryffindor. It's Snowing! CrochetbyClare finished HOM. Sparty's having a ladder problem. Trainergirl is going to see the HP7 movie! Oh pretty socks! Awesome scarf! Cute little baby bump! Covington is proposing a 5K challenge. AmyPC would like some help, helping out a friend. The first Roaring Lion Badges! Congrats Jajigirl and PennyIA! Wear your badges with pride! Please go vote for our Quidditch robes! Also sign up for the Quidditch int'l dateline challenge. FlyKitten suggests a fun show to watch while knitting. TKJ has a poll and a lovely update! The dueling club partners have been made. JB gets to go see the HP7 movie on Thurs! There's a 3rd year grape cozy thing going on.. go check it out if you're a 3rd year.
and you're up to date.. for the most part!

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