Monday, January 31, 2011

Hat Hat Hat! Gryffindor ROCKED this Challenge!

So sorry it took me so long to get around to posting; we lost power with a big storm, and I've been frantically scrambling to catch up since!

Anyhow, I'm sure everyone knows how awesomely we did, but just in case, here's a recap of Gryffindor achievements.  :D

  • We earned a total of 2,243 points for the Hat Hat Hat Team.
  • TheKnittedJuggler earned the most points for Gryff, with 405 points all by herself, and no injuries!
  • A total of 64 baby hats and 109 adult hats were made.
  • All those hats added up to 8,551.7 yards!  (That's 4.86 miles, and well over the 5k line!)
  • Mauri earned an excellence award!
  • Also, lupingirl and adevinelife scored the overall 1st and 2nd Place Most Productive Hatter bonuses!  (Within our team, TKJ scored 3rd place!)

Whew!  What an amazing job, team!  LOVE YOU ALL!

A quick note from WoolenHorse:

Hello everyone I just wanted to say that everyone loves to make hats which often leaves charities short of the other items they dearly need so yes lets keep those heads warm also support the wonderful TangledMom campaign but please think about making some different items too. I am posting as I keep coming over more and more charities that make this point!

(The Ravenclaw in me would like to pause for a moment and acknowledge a fine example of a run-on sentence!  ;P)

Now, that being said, well, we have another CHALLENGE!  And yes, it is a HAT challenge!  Within Gryffindor House, Mauri has challenged us to A) match the number of adult hats (109) and baby hats (64) made by our HHH Team during the challenge, or B) match the yardage used by the HHH Team!  So, if you want to take WoolenHorse's words to heart, go for the Yardage Matching Challenge!  If you are still obsessed with HATS, though, go ahead and help us with the Hat Matching Challenge!  As always, post questions either in the Challenge thread, or in the regular Team Gryffindor Quidditch Thread.

We did rocking awesome, Gryffs!  My next post will be a list of free patterns, both crochet and knit, suitable for various charity knitting, and different ideas for charities to donate to.  If you have a suggestion, please PM me on Ravelry!

This is FlyKytten, Quidditch Reporter, signing off!  Until next time, GRYFFINDOR ROAR!

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