Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Someone Should've Told Me! pgs 212-240

I'm sitting here on this icy day on the computer. I should be knitting or something.. but alas... I'm procrastinating as per usual. I can't believe it's been this long since I've updated ya'll on the CR happenings. Well actually I can as it's the end of the month and EVERYONE (me included) is trying to finish up their projects. Well today is Feb 1 so that starts a new month. Ok on with the CRR.
CK shared a link to a book about a mitten. The great cupcake betrayal and a fun uplifting post shared by GG.
Here's a fun housewife's cure for strep throat. SM was looking for info on librarians and college courses. She got some wonderful insight and info. if you're interested please click the links and follow the convo. Covington has updated us on Quidditch. RayOLR encourages you to knit as much as you can for Quidditch and mentions an extra side challenge. NesterKnitter needed help linking her project page up to the pattern. and NK found it for her. She also knit some black socks. CS shared some pretty awesome fingerless mitts and that mug is AWESOME!!! (i sooo need to get one!) FlyKitten found her camera! RG is giving an English lesson. A77 had a poll as to what to knit. FK is using her handspun. Hey look it's my mom. Hey Sparty! This is your reminder! Work on your OWLs. FF, stay sane! we're here for you and we're crossing our fingers. CK had a b-day and NK gave her a card... well almost. JJ made some beautiful yarn. Have you guys seen how nice draco is growing up? Frick has a lovely reminder about those yardage bonus. Read it and then read it again and take it to heart! we want to win this term! Beautiful socks Siriusly! YOWZA Hot HOH! Oh pretty colors. I'm easily distracted by colors! Quidditch Report. Lovely Chris01. just lovely! CS that is beautiful! And that swap package is awesome! Lupingirl!!!! this diadem is AWESOME. Anyone hungry? Free Pattern Alert! Here come the planners: FK, Mauri, DD, DragonCelt, AiK, KJH,ADL, and SLY. (i'm not that organized) There was a short and interesting convo about Draco.. click the replies follow it. Chocolate Frog Announcement. Frick would like you to think outside the box. please! Tabbiekat that is awesome!
Don't get anxious please be patient with the Professors. Grades will be posted by the 7th.
and PG 240 is mostly me talking so i'm not linking. It just goes to show that I can't control myself when writing these CRR's I have to comment... sorry people! I'm a chatterbox. and you're caught up.
C-ya next time!

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