Monday, February 7, 2011

Lets play catch up pgs 241-275

We continue to analyze the HP books. And we have one proud mama! (though who wouldn't be?) Frick is making me hungry! (I'm sure you are now too!) Give some applause to Tabbiekat she got a Roaring Lion Badge. CS wants to remind you about the spinning contest. Sparty's got a plan, so does Icejewel, WHStraayerliz, PennyIA,   We started talking about cupcakes of betrayal and all that jazz. Reality Check. Food Fight? Oh pretty Frick! Good thing RG is a knitter! Follow the links to find a list of all the books from Transfig. AI's first baby sweater. Rondaletts is making a shawl and she's got some pretty good progress on it so far! NesterKnitter finished some homework. AmyPc's first color work. It's awesome! Alexist proves it's super duper cold! Look at the twins. Look at them as kidlets. Can you suggest a good ball winder? A Roaring Lion Badge reminder. Fuzzie would like some help winning a prize. The quidditch reporter needs your help. Congrats Marui! I finished some of my yarn for my NEWT. it's so pretty I just had to share.Who was asking about warm mittens?
SM brought cake and fire whiskey. There's a few people taking about fan fic. A77 is 50% on one of her OWLs and almost there with her other! Good job! DD made a really cute hat! AmyPC made a really sweet bag. CS wows us with her amazing sewing skillz! The frog cards are starting to go up. You know what that means! The sock challenge started today. Awww how sweet. Superbowl adds. TKJ that is totally awesome!!! One more add.
And that catches you up
until next time!

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