Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feburary Class Recs for HoM and CoMC

Hello Everyone! Sorry I'm so late with these this month! Next month I promise to do better. Without further ado here are some suggestions for HoM and CoMC this month:

HoM is all about sweets this month. It can be something inspired by candy, or something that happens to you after you eat magical candy. Bonus points for using one of the listed holidays: Plum Pudding Day, Half-Price Chocolate Day, Gumdrop Day and Chocolate Mint Day.
Tiny Candy Corn (k)
Candy Cane Hat (k)
Candy Dish Scruby (k)
Candy Pillow (k)
Tiny Candies (k)
Pinwheel Candy (c)

Box of Chocolates (c)
Bon Bons (c)
Peppermint Coasters (c)

CoMC this month is all about the brightly colored Fwooper! Anything brightly colored/patterned works. Or anything that is beautiful or annoying. Or something to protect your ears from the noise. Lots of options here. Anything in a bright colored yarn would work, any type of hat (look at last month's recommendations for DADA, HoM and Flying for hat patterns) And then anything you find beautiful or annoying! Since it's nearly the end of the month I'm going to post a couple things in each category that shouldn't take too long to do. I'm not including anything for annoying since each person finds different things annoying, and for most people it won't be something quick!
Bright Colors (make these with bright colored yarn):
Heart Bookmark (c)
Bookmarks (k)
Basket weave Headband (k)

Beautiful (this is in the eye of the beholder):
Little Black Clutch (k)
Butterfly Washcloth (c)
Heart and Lace Mitts (k)Shell Stitch Baby Beanie (c)
Ear Protection:
Thorpe (k) (comes together very quickly)One Hour Ear Warmer (k)
Kirsten Hat (c)

Hope these suggestions help those of you looking for a last minute project to fit into a class!

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