Friday, February 18, 2011

A Massive CRR! pgs 276- 303

Hey all! sorry it's taken me so long to update everyone! It's been quite crazy around here. so on with it.......

Aikaterini is asking for some pattern choice help. JJ went to the MVP parade and shared photos with us! it looks like fun! FF got a great Owl Post package. Oh pretty pretty pretty! Jedi's got a plan! Mauri's updating her's KQ our spindle master has some spindle links for you to check out. NK's bringing out the laughs. OKC's shouting. and a Baby Bump! This is totally awesome. TKJ's dreams sound like fun! Color me jealous. NK's got some awesome batts and spinning going on. The magic of lace! SLL shares some great photos of ice sculptures. PennyIA updated us with her progress. Oh prizes! AmyPC's Owl is coming along very nicely. The headmisstress challenge is up. SLY updates us on her progress too. Jaji shared her son's beautiful wedding cake! So what do you think? Can Miss Piggy save the world? Congrats to Flykytten for earning a Roaring Lion Badge.  A quidditch report. Siriusly needs help fitting a project into a class. Are candles made from crayons safe? K1207 is 50% on her Owl! a ZhuZhu pet cozy. Pretty Rhondaletts! PennyIA's OWL is beautiful! More lovely spinning from NK
That should catch you up for now.

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